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Final Touch? October 29, 2008

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Fuh, the second is ticking fast and I hope tomorrow I would be able to put the final touch to officially own my house. Quite a hectic moment for myself as the month end is coming soon and my task in office will once again be like a heavy down pour but I’m taking half day tomorrow to transfer the ownership of the bills.

Now my only concern is still on the lawyer side. Personally they are not very efficient in term of follow up and response. Probably this is the only low point of the whole process but hopefully they would give me good new of the status tomorrow when I call them.

Can’t wait to move … 🙂


The Mini Simpsons October 28, 2008

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This has been one of best funniest car I’ve ever come across … it’s the Simpsons’s Mini. Coated with glossy yellow and white roof top, this Mini is just awesome and kudos to the owner. Hope he or she won’t mind I post it on this post. Just for sharing purposes.

The Simpson's Mini

The Simpson's Mini

The Simpson's Mini

The Simpson's Mini

If I’m not wrong, the owner should be from Thailand since the Mini number plate come with some Thai letter  lol. Nice Mini isn’t it? Now waiting to see what is in store of my buddy’s Mini. Hope it would be somewhere near to this lol 🙂

Happy Deepavali October 27, 2008

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I love festive season like Chinese New Year for sure as well as Hari Raya, Deepavali and etc because to me, it mean ‘makan’.  Unlike the Raya I need to support Month End, this time I’m able to get myself out of office issues and went back to home town to enjoy.

However as year goes by, it seem like this kind of big day is no longer celebrate with whole bunch of buddies instead. This year Deepavali, I only visited to Kharti’s house together with Hanif and Wan … as the rest is either busy travelling since it’s holiday or resting in at home after long and tiring working life. Sob sob sob …

By the way, big thank to Kharti’s mum for preparing such a nice foods to serve us and just like Kharti, I love the butter chillies very much. It’s the first time I had it and I don’t think it could be get in any shop outside. Probably I shall get the recipe so that I can make it on my own.

Unfortunately, I did not make it to Narin’s house (Happy Deepavali bro) cause I was in rush to fight the traffic to come back to Penang. I was suppose to visit him at 12:00pm but something came along and it was cancelled.

Whatever it is, thank you very much and Happy Deepavali 🙂

Test Drive October 26, 2008

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Car has always been my favourite and to be able to test drive any car is my privilege. As a Honda driver, I’m always into Honda and against Toyota though I have to admit that both product are equally strong and quality in term of wordwide recognition.

Ok, it’s actually my aunt is the one looking for a new car since her current Proton Waja is drinking petrol as if there’s a hole to the cup. In term of budget, she is looking at either Honda City or the new Toyota Vios. It’s quite a hard decision to make since her husband prefer Honda while herself is into Toyota. Since both of them is practically lock-up with the choices, they consulted me for opinion and of course since I’m Honda-ian, definitely I would go for Honda but to be fair, I ask them to test drive both to get the feel before decide.

Off we went to Honda Sales office and there is promotion going on for Honda City as they are now clearing stock for new Honda City model which would be launching in Mid December (If I’m not poorly informed). They actually offered RM5k of discount or RM3.5k discount with free V-Kool tinted worth RM1.5k. Either way it would make up totaly of RM5k. I was there for nothing actually so I went for a round of Honda Jazz test drive.

Honda City

Nothing much I would elaborate on Honda City test drive because I’m a Honda City owner myself. As for Jazz, yes, it’s nice but I miss the smoothness of City compare to Jazz on the gear transmission. Overall feel I would rate as 8/10, quite spacious and nice design. Powerful and easy handling but a bit light on the body. The price, is too pricey considering additional RM3k would earn you a Honda Civic 1.8. As a final rating with price taken into consideration, I think I would give 7/10 if you are looking for a sporty car and 6/10 if you are not because Jazz is a different class of car to be honest, Yaris is way way apart from that class.

Toyota Vios

Next we went to Toyota Sales office to test drive Vios. Hehehe, it’s actually the first time I take control of Vios either as driver or passenger. It give me a weird feeling of the design, centered tacometer, rounded exterior look (just like Dugong) and etc. Overall on design I would give 6/10. As for the performance, I can’t compare it with my iDSI but with the feeling of VTEC. Honestly I think the engine is quite noisy when I try to rev and the response is not as per what expected. I know it’s hard for a stock car to rev and response fast but the engine is rather lag and seem to force itself to pull the meter up. Price is not very nice as well, RM84k for G series and RM88k for S series. Overall I would give 6/10 (actually was 5/10 only) for Vios.

After much comparison and discussion, finally my aunt decided to go for Honda City VTEC based on following justification: –

1. City is better in term of fuel consumption.
2. City give RM5k of discount
3. City give 2 years or 40k km of free service
4. City is more powerful especially with VTEC engine
5. City always look nicer than Vios

Haha, don’t be offended for Vios owner, try to live with it.

The Facebook October 23, 2008

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I was very much in Friendster previously but after sometimes, it seem like Friendster is getting out of date and always loaded with all sort of junk. Much persuasion from Lil on Facebook, finally I switched to Facebook to expand my network coverage.


Well, initially I was a bit sceptical about it and it seem like a lot of thing need to be done in order to use Facebook. After sometimes, I find it actually is quite easy to use and it offer quite a flexibility to interact with those within the network as well as external. With the ‘Walls-to-Walls’, I’m able to shout at people for no reason and update all the latest information or status about myself. It seem like quite addictive because most of my friends now are Facebook-ing rather than Friendster-ing. Kudos Facebook 🙂

Almost Done October 21, 2008

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It has been quite sometimes and finally the day is coming fast … I’m moving to my new house soon. Today the bank just called and informed that all the document and etc has been settled and just pending on the lawyer side to finish with government stamping … then I would be officially own a house.

Can’t really wait to move in to be true. I’ve spend quite a few grand with some furniture as well as Jane too. There’s still quite a few thing we might want to change but I don’t want to jump into making decision which I might regret later, so we decided to make changes only after we moved in.

Ah ya, so far grandparent has sponsored me refrigerator while Sharon & co will be sponsoring me a LCD television but I might upgrade it to 37″ or maybe 40″ depending on my budget. Andrew said he do not know what to get for me, so he gave me RM1K to get some add-on to the house.

Here I would like to thank all those who sponsor me with various item for my new house. Thank you 🙂

Kiddies Item October 19, 2008

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Haha, sometimes when we look back at certain item, it certainly bring back some fond memories of our childhood which probably not part of the later generation who was born after the late 80′. Maybe it would help to remind you of your childhood as well.



Chewing Gum

Marble Ball

Toys Soldier

Card Games

Super Mario

Well, I think there’s definitely a lot more item out there during our generation if I were to list it out. Anyway nowadays I no longer see any kids playing with all those above lol. Now it’s all computer game or some high tech gadget instead of all this old fashion toys but it certainly bring back some fresh memories.

Honda Red Emblem October 16, 2008

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Red is furious. Red is racing. Red is Type-R. Haha, actually I’m searching for Honda red emblem that could fit onto my Honda City 4th Generation. It’s sad to say that the original emblem price is a bomb and therefore I’m looking for a replica yet not those Ah Beng or Ah Seng looking type of replica. I’m searching for what people called it ‘AA’ replica.

Honda Red Emblem

I’ve heard that there’s no standard Honda red emblem for Honda City model but EK and DC5 model emblem could fit nicely onto it. Wondering if anyone out there can recommend where and how can I get those emblem. I’m also looking for emblem for the steering as well as I hope I would be able to start on my car project some time next year. I’ve got myself a Mugen ‘AA’ replica emblem too for relatively cheap price lol. Please let me know if you come across any Honda red emblem for Honda City. Remember, not the Ah Seng or Ah Beng looking one lol 🙂

Honda Red Emblem


Oracle Database 10g Training October 15, 2008

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From 15th October until 17th October as well as 23rd October until 24th October, I would not be in the office because I’m attending to Oracle Database 10g Training. It’s the first out of company training for me although the training venue is kind of near, nevertheless, I can now get away from all the users nagging and work issues 🙂

Oracle Database 10g Training

This training is attended by the whole ERP team members only and I’m sure you must be wondering why the ERP team is given database related training and not the Infra team. Well, I also do not know why but personally to me, I think it’s because we are dealing with a lot of database related standard or custom application, therefore the training is required in order for us to design our application better. At the same time, we are able to learn how the database actually work and how can we optimize or tune our application to perform best.

The training will cover total of 20 chapters in the five days duration and exercise is provided at the end of every chapter to test on our understanding on the topic (kind of standard training method right??). Today, we’ve managed to cover 4 chapters on some basic database introduction, installation and simple SQL query language.

Oracle Database 10g Training

A plus point of the training is that we get to have free breakfast and 3:00 pm tea time for free. At times, we can also make some coffee, tea or milo to refresh ourselves during the course of training and today itself, I’ve taken 3 cups of milo. The instructor is quite nice too, giving quite a details explaination and example, I think everyone should be able to absorb all the information given during the class. Anyway, the instructor name is Nasruddin, same as one of our ERP team member who attend to the training 🙂

Just a wish list October 13, 2008

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It’s getting exciting as each day passes by and very soon, I’ll be moving to my very first own house lol. Wow, I can’t believe it that I’m actually got myself a house here in Penang. Although my preference is still on landed property, well a condominium for a starter is not bad either. A fully renovated and furnished property, I think it’s quite worth for every penny I paid (kind expensive lol).

Anyway, moving into a new place, people always tend to get something new for the house to make it look better. Though I’m not the religious type of person, well I’ve got myself an altar … a modern looking type altar (will post the picture once they delivered it to me) as the very first item for my new house. Apart from that, there’s a few item in my wish list probably you might want to sponsor me a bit (got it Lil? Remember to pass this msg to Andrew). The list is as below: –


(prefer Sony Bravia but still struggling to go for 32″ or 37″)
Dining Table

(found one is Kamay kinda nice, but expensive too lol)
L-Shape Sofa Set

(I love L-Shape sofa but I need only 8 feet + long type)

(Mitsubishi brand would do me good … anyway I’ve got sponsor for this)

(a needy item for me lol)

(a nice item to be included in the living room)

Of course above is just a few of the item in my wish list which is currently top priority but I still do have a few minor minor stuff especially electrical appliances. Well, feel free to sponsor because it’s always welcome 🙂