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This week morning, I woke up at … October 11, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, General.

3-3-1-2, I think this number probably will strike in one of the main lottery betting, I would got for Magnum 4D tomorrow on this. For this whole week, life has been tiring … I think not only myself but many of you out there too … coz work is hard.

This is not the first time I stayed up to do my work, I’ve been doing that ever since I was in the uni and it’s not much different for me now, or at least a cup of thick old town white coffee would do me a great favour. Probably you might want to ask if I’m really so busy? Well, I also don’t know.

I find it hard to perform something which I have no idea or at least a proper documentation for reference. I must admit I’m at fault too for my own attitude that does not like to ask around for assistance but the situation now is not very promising. I definitely have to get thing done fast or else, I’d probably see the end of myself around the corner which at the moment has not cross my mind just yet. For now, I don’t see it as a dead end but a challenges ahead of me … probably gonna be real tough.

I definitely need someone to get me through this and I hope all the words is giving me the strength to continue instead of putting a ‘NO GO’ sign on my path. Please speak for encouragement 🙂