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Just a wish list October 13, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, General, Interesting.

It’s getting exciting as each day passes by and very soon, I’ll be moving to my very first own house lol. Wow, I can’t believe it that I’m actually got myself a house here in Penang. Although my preference is still on landed property, well a condominium for a starter is not bad either. A fully renovated and furnished property, I think it’s quite worth for every penny I paid (kind expensive lol).

Anyway, moving into a new place, people always tend to get something new for the house to make it look better. Though I’m not the religious type of person, well I’ve got myself an altar … a modern looking type altar (will post the picture once they delivered it to me) as the very first item for my new house. Apart from that, there’s a few item in my wish list probably you might want to sponsor me a bit (got it Lil? Remember to pass this msg to Andrew). The list is as below: –


(prefer Sony Bravia but still struggling to go for 32″ or 37″)
Dining Table

(found one is Kamay kinda nice, but expensive too lol)
L-Shape Sofa Set

(I love L-Shape sofa but I need only 8 feet + long type)

(Mitsubishi brand would do me good … anyway I’ve got sponsor for this)

(a needy item for me lol)

(a nice item to be included in the living room)

Of course above is just a few of the item in my wish list which is currently top priority but I still do have a few minor minor stuff especially electrical appliances. Well, feel free to sponsor because it’s always welcome 🙂



1. thegossiplounge - October 14, 2008

I wish u got all of ur wish list! (“,)

2. Lil - October 14, 2008

geee you’re not asking for much, are you? 😛

3. ~ bjlcm ~ - October 15, 2008

hi thegossiplouge, I might not know you but thank you for your wish! I hope too 🙂

hi lil, that’s just a list, you and share with andrew for something small but probably cash is prefered since I can’t confirm exactly what and which item is required until I move in the house 🙂

4. Lil - October 16, 2008

lol… i’m sending him the link to this entry… 😉

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