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Oracle Database 10g Training October 15, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in General, Interesting, Techno Related.

From 15th October until 17th October as well as 23rd October until 24th October, I would not be in the office because I’m attending to Oracle Database 10g Training. It’s the first out of company training for me although the training venue is kind of near, nevertheless, I can now get away from all the users nagging and work issues 🙂

Oracle Database 10g Training

This training is attended by the whole ERP team members only and I’m sure you must be wondering why the ERP team is given database related training and not the Infra team. Well, I also do not know why but personally to me, I think it’s because we are dealing with a lot of database related standard or custom application, therefore the training is required in order for us to design our application better. At the same time, we are able to learn how the database actually work and how can we optimize or tune our application to perform best.

The training will cover total of 20 chapters in the five days duration and exercise is provided at the end of every chapter to test on our understanding on the topic (kind of standard training method right??). Today, we’ve managed to cover 4 chapters on some basic database introduction, installation and simple SQL query language.

Oracle Database 10g Training

A plus point of the training is that we get to have free breakfast and 3:00 pm tea time for free. At times, we can also make some coffee, tea or milo to refresh ourselves during the course of training and today itself, I’ve taken 3 cups of milo. The instructor is quite nice too, giving quite a details explaination and example, I think everyone should be able to absorb all the information given during the class. Anyway, the instructor name is Nasruddin, same as one of our ERP team member who attend to the training 🙂



1. Lil - October 15, 2008

company training! well i’m skipping a (free) motivational seminar that i signed up for, because it was done on impulse and when i tried to check it out online later, it looks more like of brainwashing with group chantings/high five-ing/hand waving as well as group hypnotism! ><


2. ~ bjlcm ~ - October 15, 2008

haha, sound like some kind of evil gathering more than seminar to me … haha
anyway this training could enable me to go for test … still thinking wanna go or not coz i’m not in infra side … maybe would be added advantages if i go hehe, see first

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