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Honda Red Emblem October 16, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, General, Rides.

Red is furious. Red is racing. Red is Type-R. Haha, actually I’m searching for Honda red emblem that could fit onto my Honda City 4th Generation. It’s sad to say that the original emblem price is a bomb and therefore I’m looking for a replica yet not those Ah Beng or Ah Seng looking type of replica. I’m searching for what people called it ‘AA’ replica.

Honda Red Emblem

I’ve heard that there’s no standard Honda red emblem for Honda City model but EK and DC5 model emblem could fit nicely onto it. Wondering if anyone out there can recommend where and how can I get those emblem. I’m also looking for emblem for the steering as well as I hope I would be able to start on my car project some time next year. I’ve got myself a Mugen ‘AA’ replica emblem too for relatively cheap price lol. Please let me know if you come across any Honda red emblem for Honda City. Remember, not the Ah Seng or Ah Beng looking one lol 🙂

Honda Red Emblem




1. mar - October 22, 2008

hey, i hooked u up with my fren, kok fatt in facebook’s msg thread. i think he has some idea on the emblem. check it out whether it fits what you want or whether it is ah beng type or not ;p

2. ~ bjlcm ~ - October 29, 2008

yup, thx for intro me to another honda city member haha …
his ride is awesome … kaki kereta lol

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