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Almost Done October 21, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Family, General.

It has been quite sometimes and finally the day is coming fast … I’m moving to my new house soon. Today the bank just called and informed that all the document and etc has been settled and just pending on the lawyer side to finish with government stamping … then I would be officially own a house.

Can’t really wait to move in to be true. I’ve spend quite a few grand with some furniture as well as Jane too. There’s still quite a few thing we might want to change but I don’t want to jump into making decision which I might regret later, so we decided to make changes only after we moved in.

Ah ya, so far grandparent has sponsored me refrigerator while Sharon & co will be sponsoring me a LCD television but I might upgrade it to 37″ or maybe 40″ depending on my budget. Andrew said he do not know what to get for me, so he gave me RM1K to get some add-on to the house.

Here I would like to thank all those who sponsor me with various item for my new house. Thank you 🙂



1. Lil - October 29, 2008

i mentioned your wish list to aunt alice when i was home at weekend – she reckons we can chip in for something you want, within reason of course 😛

2. ~ bjlcm ~ - October 29, 2008

haha … from the wish list, currently the last thing I’ve yet to get is L-shape sofa but I think that would be too expensive … maybe something cheaper like microwave or something would do hehe

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