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Test Drive October 26, 2008

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in General, Interesting, Rides.

Car has always been my favourite and to be able to test drive any car is my privilege. As a Honda driver, I’m always into Honda and against Toyota though I have to admit that both product are equally strong and quality in term of wordwide recognition.

Ok, it’s actually my aunt is the one looking for a new car since her current Proton Waja is drinking petrol as if there’s a hole to the cup. In term of budget, she is looking at either Honda City or the new Toyota Vios. It’s quite a hard decision to make since her husband prefer Honda while herself is into Toyota. Since both of them is practically lock-up with the choices, they consulted me for opinion and of course since I’m Honda-ian, definitely I would go for Honda but to be fair, I ask them to test drive both to get the feel before decide.

Off we went to Honda Sales office and there is promotion going on for Honda City as they are now clearing stock for new Honda City model which would be launching in Mid December (If I’m not poorly informed). They actually offered RM5k of discount or RM3.5k discount with free V-Kool tinted worth RM1.5k. Either way it would make up totaly of RM5k. I was there for nothing actually so I went for a round of Honda Jazz test drive.

Honda City

Nothing much I would elaborate on Honda City test drive because I’m a Honda City owner myself. As for Jazz, yes, it’s nice but I miss the smoothness of City compare to Jazz on the gear transmission. Overall feel I would rate as 8/10, quite spacious and nice design. Powerful and easy handling but a bit light on the body. The price, is too pricey considering additional RM3k would earn you a Honda Civic 1.8. As a final rating with price taken into consideration, I think I would give 7/10 if you are looking for a sporty car and 6/10 if you are not because Jazz is a different class of car to be honest, Yaris is way way apart from that class.

Toyota Vios

Next we went to Toyota Sales office to test drive Vios. Hehehe, it’s actually the first time I take control of Vios either as driver or passenger. It give me a weird feeling of the design, centered tacometer, rounded exterior look (just like Dugong) and etc. Overall on design I would give 6/10. As for the performance, I can’t compare it with my iDSI but with the feeling of VTEC. Honestly I think the engine is quite noisy when I try to rev and the response is not as per what expected. I know it’s hard for a stock car to rev and response fast but the engine is rather lag and seem to force itself to pull the meter up. Price is not very nice as well, RM84k for G series and RM88k for S series. Overall I would give 6/10 (actually was 5/10 only) for Vios.

After much comparison and discussion, finally my aunt decided to go for Honda City VTEC based on following justification: –

1. City is better in term of fuel consumption.
2. City give RM5k of discount
3. City give 2 years or 40k km of free service
4. City is more powerful especially with VTEC engine
5. City always look nicer than Vios

Haha, don’t be offended for Vios owner, try to live with it.