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ASIMO November 30, 2008

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Advanced Step in Inovative Mobility or in short, ASIMO is a special robotic project engineer by Honda ever since year 1986. After 22 years of hard work and effort, finally from E0 to ASIMO it evolved and is a dream not only for kids but everyone out there.

"He walks. He runs. And perhaps most importantly, he inspires us all to dream."


This week has been the week ASIMO making his appearance in Penang QBM since 27th Nov til 30th Nov. For the last four days, ASIMO will be showing off his ability to the people in Penang and of course to myself as well. He is able to walk, run and the best of all, he is able to balance himself on one leg. He too can kick, dance and response to human. It's very interesting to see ASIMO running as the way he run is very cute and the motion itself is funny yet it work on his ability. Well, I tried to snap some of his photo but you know la, with my hp camera, it's not very good quality furthermore I was not able to get clear view of it since the crowds was like crazy ... (mean ASIMO is very popular lol)

ASIMO walk to my direction

ASIMO about to paint

ASIMO running

ASIMO is truely another wonder of Honda. Kudos to Honda engineer.

The Power of Dreams


QBM Outing November 30, 2008

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Sunday, it has been many Sunday since both me and Jane went out for a walk since both of us were so busy with previously house stuff, then work stuff … finally both of us managed to slot in a short Sunday afternoon for a dating but only in nearby area, QBM.

Part of the reason of this outing was I wanted to see ASIMO showcase in QBM while I wanted to get myself some stuff there too. For ASIMO stuff, refer to the next post while this post will solely on QBM outing without ASIMO story.

Just a quick one, actually I wanted to get myself a pair of sports shoes since the Nike I’m wearing now already reaches its limit. 5 years, I think it’s already very worth it since it cost me nothing (Andy gave me as present for RM245). Royal Sporting House was having some kind of sales so we went there to survey. A bit embarrass to said, my budget for new pair of shoes was only RM150 and I know it’s quite impossible to find one at that kind of price nowadays. The reason was simple, I don’t want to buy expensive shoes for as my multipurpose shoes. I was lucky that actually I found one which I quite like it and was only RM155.60 after discount. Isn’t it worth and just a bit more than my budget? The only problem was it is not Nike which I used to wear. Now I’ve kinda like switch to Reebok instead as lately I’ve got myself quite a number of Reebok item.

Reebok Items

Since it was sales, you know I know la … the spending sprees just won’t stop. I went on with other stuff and finally got myself a Reebok polo shirt and bermudas while Jane opt for also Reebok shorts. Spend total of almost RM 270.00 there and then but worth it la, all also at least 40% discount.

We walk around for a while and almost dinner time. We went to Nandos for our dinner this time. There is new meal set which they call it Peri Kick Starter. It’s quite a huge set but definitely not enough for two, so we ordered additional quarter chicken with two sidelines. Errr, it’s nice I would say but I don’t have any specific word to describe it, just nice and ok.

Nandos Peri Kick Starter

Then final round of walking around to look for last item, clock. Can’t really find one decent looking clock so that’s the only thing we didn’t managed on the outing. Maybe next week we’ll try our luck in Gurney instead.

The New Mugen City November 29, 2008

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Wow, that’s the only word you can have when you look at the new Honda City installed with Mugen BK. It totally change the outlook of it, the look and feel become so aggresive and fierce. The whole ride just turn into I would say Euro Civic Type-R style.

Mugen Designed Honda City 2009

Honda City 2009

Look at the different of the two ride which one is original Honda City while the top one is Mugen designed Honda City. A truely amazing job by Mugen designer which I can’t see how Toyota Vios would ever transform into such a ride. Simply the best

Namewee New Song November 28, 2008

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Just another great song by great person. I really admire his gut and of course talent in expressing his feeling and thought through artistic way. Keep up the good job and we’ll always support you!

Why So Much Road Accident? November 28, 2008

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Hmmm, road accident seem like something ultra common in Malaysia because almost everyday it’s shown in the paper. Ever wonder why there are so much road accident in our country? Several obvious reason like the driver attitude, experience as well as kopi license people out there definitely is contributing to our country road accident rate.

However I think there’s another cause to it. After reading today’s Star Newspaper, I was very surprise and upset at the same time. In it news on “Driving Instructors Flunk Surprise Test”, it reported that out of 396 instructors was given a surprise test, only 35% or 139 of the total score pass while the rest failed. How could some one with such qualification been given the responsibility to educate motorist on road safety. After all, the test was a multiple choice question format. Now it seem like it should be less than 35% of the total score pass because there might be 10% of them score pass because they are lucky.

Just imagine in every 10 motorist, there are 7 of them graduated from unqualified instructor school while another 3 would be killed in the road accident cause by the 7. No wonder la our road accident rate is like a uptrend share!!!

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Just Some Photo November 23, 2008

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Well, Lil has been complaining that why I’ve yet to post any picture of the house for her to see … partly I’m busy and of course the house actually is still vrey original and I would love to snap after I’ve change some of the item first.

After a long thought, it could be interesting to have a before and after comparison and that is why I have all this photo snapped. Just a few selected on which taken from my handphone camera 🙂

Main Entrance

If you realise, the aquarium is stick with an esprit plastic bag. The reason was as mention earlier, I can’t have see through backdrop for my God statue and it will soon be removed and replace with original glass panel. Don’t worry, the glass panel has been stick with sand blast kind of sticker that make it non-see through.

Dining Area

That’s the table we bought from Kamay. It cost us RM2k but it’s a nice table set though. At the back, you can see white boxes which was actually Ikea shoes rack given by Alex and Suyee.

Main Living Hall

It’s very windy area here especially during the night. Nice place to rest after a long and tiring day in office

Secondary Living Hall

This is the secondary living hall I would call it, just a partition of the whole area and it’s nice for tea drinking session with guest and of course nice place for cards game as well 🙂


The kitchen is a bit empty isn’t it? Well, planning to add a few item here such as microwave, water dispenser and etc but those are small item which requires big item to be done then with left over budget, plan again lol.

Kitchen Wash Area

See those flowery windows? It was actually just installed a week after I move in because during the night, the whole house area is crystal clear view from outside and felt like privacy being invaded.


Just a small island in the house, planning to get two stool bar for it. See the empty spaces beside it? It is actually for my refrigerator which would be delivered only on 3rd December (very laku model).

Sticker Windows

This is just an up-close view of the window’s sticker which being installed.

Balcony View

Lastly, this is the view from my balcony … night view is amazing with lights from the bridge. Unfortunately my camera is not up to the standard to snap night view … maybe it’s good if you can come and experience it live.

Well, that’s a few of the picture of my house. No picture of rooms yet haha, a bit messy and empty too 🙂

Fall For You November 21, 2008

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Just another nice song which I was hoping the radio would play it whenever I drive. Enjoy 🙂

Toshiba or Panasonic? November 20, 2008

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Everyone will face dilemma once in a while if not always and now I am facing one myself. Unlike refrigerator, I have already lock my mind to go for Mitsubishi brand but on LCD, I actually open to myself quite a number of option until I trim it down to only two which I would consider worth to own.

Toshiba 37AV500

Toshiba model 37AV500 @ RM2600 while Panasonic model TX37LZ80MK @ RM2969 as current considering choice, it’s really hard to choose. Personally, on the panel I would believe that Toshiba would be better option but Panasonic of particular model is Full HD version. Though initially I thought it was TX37LZ800MK, it was actually not. Maybe you have yet to see the different, actually the offer being offered to me was LZ80 [eighty] while we thought it was LZ800 [eight hundred]. I try to get some information from SL and his only concern is on the warranty part. Maybe tomorrow I shall make another trip to the shop to enquire in details of both model before deciding.

Panasonic TX37LZ80MK

Kindly offer me your opinion regarding both model mention above or other better option in reasonable price range 🙂

Renovation November 18, 2008

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Renovation always go along with house. Yes, with new house though it’s a renovated house when I bought, still I believe everyone will have some preference which would clash with existing environment. Ah-ha, the tv cabinet of the current existing one seem to be something that I wanted to change even before I moved in.

Just a brief description of the tv cabinet. It come in set with the whole house cabinet design and this particular cabinet was designed for last generation TV which is rather huge especially the body width. Sitting right at the corner of the partition, I find it rather annoying and ‘space-eater’ that making the house look a bit smaller. With it’s size, I not too practical considering I would love to have my new LCD TV to be mounted on the wall rather than sitting on the cabinet. Apart from that, I need a space for my PC as well and if I’m able to clear off the current cabinet, for sure I’m able to locate my PC there. With that, Jane’s uncle recommended a guy to help us on this area and we custom made our new TV cabinet.

TV Cabinet

Other than TV cabinet, I also need to move the current aquarium to be replace back with glass panel which I’ve mention earlier the reason. All this would be expected to complete before mid of December and then, I think it’s time for house warming for my friends 🙂

Rashes November 16, 2008

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I never remember myself allergy to any kind of food or drink and since myself never drink (I mean alcohol), I think probably it’s some kind of dirty stuff that cause me suffer from rashes.

It started when I went to office after sending off Alex and Suyee to airport at 2:30pm. At around 4:00pm, I started to feel itchy on my shoulder and I just can’t stop scratching it until it turn real red. I didn’t realise it was rashes then and after leaving the office, I went to QBM with Jane to pick up her curtain for her room before heading home.

Once I reaches home, I feel uncomfortable and I think it’s better to get myself clean and have a good rest. That was then I realise that there are red spot all over my body and it seem so bad that part of my face was also infected. Without wasting anymore time, I take a quick shower then again I went to clinic to get some medicine. Doctor issued me a MC (which I was very happy) and as me to take some rest at home tomorrow.

Well, that night I had no good sleep as the whole body feeling real itchy that I keep on scratching it til it almost bleed. Sigh, real nightmare and til now, I still can’t figure out what had cause it to be so …