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They Just Don’t Learned December 31, 2008

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It’s very sad when the authority especially those Minister in the Government speak as they like without thinking of the other’s feeling.

Previously in my post on ‘Authority Circus Show‘ and ‘就事论事 – Bkt. Antarabangsa Tragedy‘ post, it has already shown how those authority personnel and minister word can’t be taken seriously as the trustworthy is no longer a mortage to our trust and faith.

This time around, it’s another minister in the Prime Minister’s Department making another pointless speech that lead me to believe my own personal opinion that this people just speak using no brain or practically they are brainless. Refering to case ‘Woman denies owning weblog insulting Prophet’, our dear Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (just another same Ahmad I suppose) blame the woman as a victim shall act immediately when the blog was uncovered earlier.

Several point here to our dear minister: –
1. The woman did not own the weblog
2. The woman is the victim, not the culprit

Based on the two points, the next time a Minister speak, please read carefully because in his statement, he state that “She should monitor her own blog. People are visiting it and she cannot put the blame on somebody else,” but didn’t he know that the woman did not own the weblog? Then how could she monitor? Afterall, she did report to police on this matter and it seem like they are pretty slow in acting. Apart from that, shouldn’t the Government review the method use to identify the culprit because it’s not something in the woman control but the Communication & Multimedia Commission to work closely with relevant parties in solving the problem. The point here is don’t just blame and blame if the Government can’t act fast.

As on point two, please do remember who is the victim and not to further add salt onto the victim wound as the whole statement given by the Minister is not helping at all in solving but only making thing worst.

I’m very much agree with Ipoh Timor MP, Lim Kit Siang on his view regarding the whole issues. Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, please learn to speak pointly and not blindly just to grab attention.

[1]. Woman denies owning weblog insulting Prophet
[2]. Zahid faults woman over blog
[3]. Authorities slow to act against blog: Lim


Brief Catch Up With Tin December 30, 2008

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I think she is probably the very late local friend that I’ve met but eventually become a very close friend who can speak almost everything. She’s Ngo Hie Tin.

I must say that it’s fated that we become friend because we met through Eden’s birthday back in year 2001 when Eden was having a simple birthday party. Guess what, she’s not Eden’s friend back then. She was brought along to the party by one of Eden’s friend who is also of course her friend lol (seem like lotsa friend and friend relationship that seem to be confusing lol). Anyway to make thing simple, Eden birthday was the day I met her. If wasn’t the event, we would have never come across each other.

Beejay & Hie Tin

The first time we met, it was a bit awkward because we were total stranger then. No much of conversation being channel through and fro apart from some silly question (those silly ques like ‘you are from?’, ‘which school are you …?’ and etc). Just try to get the whole atmosphere lively lol. Once particular thing about her that never change til today is her speaking ascent, she speak just like typical chinese from Mainland. I almost believe she was from Mainland back then. As a courtesy, we exchange our number (I never really keep any so she must be lucky too). A few call initially and outing, then everything just started of smoothly (probably she’s earn my trust of being a great friend) where our friendship blossom.

She then left for New Zealand to further her study and now she’s working there too. This time around, she’s back to Malaysia to visit her parents and of course friends as well. Too bad I can’t stay long as I have stuff to do back here in Pg, else I think we have load to catch up with. Anyway it’s a great brief catch up with her about her life in NZ and the best part was she remind me that I should get married in mid of year 2010 as she would be back then again.

Well Tin, I’ll try my best but no promise on this lol. Nevertheless, wishing you all the best and see ya again in year 2010.

Meeting The ‘Cili Padi’ December 28, 2008

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It has been quite sometimes since I last met her. It’s the timing problem I would say because whenever I’m back in Sitiawan, she’s not around and otherwise.

Since today I’m travelling to Ipoh, I think it’s a good time for me to catch up with her for a while and I know, I still owe her a birthday present lol. By the way, her name is Ding Wern Jing and specially known to me as the cili padi (you know those small yet very hot kind of chilly?). Never argue with her cause she would turn to be like your mother nagging and giving you advise and etc … basically and personally I felt she’s the friend everyone would love to have.

Ding Wern Jing a.k.a Cili Padi

Back then in school, we met through the Interact Club but unofficially, I’ve got to know her since I was in primary school through my cousin (her classmate). It seem like we are able to click just fine … we chat a lots of thing and she is one of the 3 persons who know my very dark secret of ‘why Beejay don’t drink’ reason. Probably that already explain how close our friendship are. We did hang on the phone lots too then though now we hardly do it anymore, our conversation just don’t seem to die off whenever we meet.

During my year as the president of the Interact Club, personally I felt she’ve help me a lot during the term of office and of course the rest of the board too was very helpful. She was the club assistant secretary officially and my personal secretary unofficially. Cheerful and happy go lucky personality but very ‘cili padi’ too 🙂

Anyway, I’ll always remember her reaction on my first ever major car accident. Thank Gods no one was hurt in the accident 🙂

Today is Working Day December 27, 2008

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Odd but yes, today is a working day in my company as a replacement for this coming Tuesday off day. The reason is pretty simple, our company will be having a week of shutdown which at the same time, they try to minimize the force leave for employee.

It’s great also because we can perform our Month End support earlier and in the event of problem, we still have more time to work on the solution. Practically nothing much has gone wrong since I took over and my boss has did quite a major change to the whole program to make it stable and realiable. Now Month End seem to be quite simple compare to before.

Anyway it wasn’t really a good day for me as I was not feeling well throughout the day. Finally went to clinic to get medicine from doctor and felt much better by then. What a day but trust me, it feel weird to be working on Saturday … probably everyone is already in holiday moods lol 🙂

High Score December 26, 2008

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Lately it seem like everyone in the company is playing games during the break, lunch and off office hour. One particular game, “Bubbles” (something similar to PopCard game Dynomite) become a hits to several colleague of mine.

High Score 190K +

One Tuesday, KT was playing the game and she was telling me that her highest score is around 180K + while John has challenge her to reach his highest score of 190K +. Well, I requested KT to sent me the game so that I can play to break the record of them. During the night itself, I broke their record with 230K + marks. John seem not to recognize my effort by saying I’m pure lucky because the game keep on giving me sustainable colour to help me keep the game alive.

High Score 390K +

Then I tried to hit another highest score again and this time around, I manage to clear off all the bubbles and mark another highest score at 390K + marks. I show it to both of them and this time John did say much apart from showing his new record at 330K +. KT was joking that I’m very bad because John has tried very hard to hit the record and yet before he show us his highest score, I’ve already shown another level of highest score that put his effort in vain. Feel bad but happy at the same time lol hehe 🙂

Update with the latest score earned on 31st December 2008 … last day score lol

730K +

So dear John, now it’s no longer “so near yet so far”, it should be “so not near but very far” haha 🙂

New Basin December 25, 2008

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The current basin of both my toilet actually still working fine however it’s already quite sometimes and seem a bit dirty with all the unremovable stain especially the one in the masterbed room. Jane wanted to change it so much that I finally gave in as well.

JohnsonSuisse Basin

She made all the call for this area and we did survey from several retailer on bathroom solutions and finally we settle down for JohnsonSuisse product as it’s the best in term of quality as well as price. After getting quotation from the retailer, haha … the luck strike. Jane’s dad did know of another retailer from the town which he actually can get it ‘buy one free one’ basin. Well, it actually help us to save a lot on this part too.

Pedestal - can't fit in lol

The new basin look great but just too bad, I can’t fit on the pedestal as the inlet and outlet piping was too far apart making the fitting not stable. Leaving us with no choice, finally we got a chrome bottle trap instead of plastic one just to make it look nicer.

Chrome Bottle Trap

It’s definitely worth the change because it was actually paid by Jane’s dad as a gift for the new house. Look like I’ve got lotsa gift for this new house lol.

Bonus … December 23, 2008

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Finally we’ve got our bonus 🙂

It come in great time and help me a lots in getting my financial status back to rather normal after spending quite a sum in the house. Well, haven’t really think of what to reward myself from the bonus but a big meal for grandparents is for sure.

Well, I felt that I’m very lucky to be able to have bonus for this year because of the economy down turn, most of the company around the area is cutting down a lot of expenses like retrenchment, shutdown, no bonus and even up to salary cut. It fears everyone but still thing is working out well here in my company. Lucky 🙂

Disney Puzzle December 22, 2008

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I’ve got this puzzle during my last visit to Mid Valley Megamall in KL got attracted to it ever since. Finally I made up my mind to get it even though the price is a bit overboard but I think it’s worth it. It’s a simple puzzle compare to some which I did while I was in secondary school which some of it was black and white (that’s really killing me lol 🙂 ). This one is just 950 pieces of paranoma size puzzle.

Disney Puzzle

We started this puzzle making on Sunday night actually but it was more on seperating all the parts accordingly, you know. Those for the frame, colours alike and etc to make thing easier. 

Disney Puzzle Frame

Finally we completed the frame … I think that’s the best way to start of for a puzzle lol. Practically we spend around an hour a day to fill up the puzzle of course not only myself, Jane also put in her effort in the making.

Disney Puzzle

Just an update, we’ve completed the puzzle on Wednesday night … ta dah … that’s the final outcome of the puzzle, nice isn’t it? Well, now I need to get it frame up before I can hang it to the wall lol.

Best in the World December 21, 2008

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Manchester United ended the year 2008 on high note after beating LDU Quito (Ecuador Champion) in Club World Cup Final with solitary goal from Wayne Rooney.

Man Utd 1 - 0 LDU Quito

The scoreline might be a bit close but in actual facts, the Red Devils should have had won by at least 3 goals cushion but somehow they only managed to settle by single goal. In the first half, United totally dominated the game although from time Quito did some counter attack but it ended with goalless draw.

Man Utd Match Tracker

The second half was not so good for United as they lost Nemanja Vidic to a harsh decision by the referee for showing red card to the Serbian. Carlos Tevez was then taken off for youngster Jonny Evans as United re-organize their formation to lone striker game. Though United were playing with only 10 men but Quito failed to seize the opportunity and allows United to continue to control the game which finally prove to be costly when Wayne Rooney putting the ball into the back of Quito nets after good work from Michael Carrick and Cristiano Ronaldo. United then hung onto the lead to be crowned the Club World Champion.

Friday Night December 19, 2008

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It’s just another Friday night  which I was looking forward cause the following day is Saturday d (yeah! 🙂 )

Jane ask me to have dinner together with her friends. Since she’s already home while I’m still in office, we decided to head to destination seperately. I’ll go straight to QBM while she’ll wait for her friends to pick her up. It was originally dated at 8:00pm and I left my office at 7:30pm. However due to some delays, I was kinda alone in QBM while waiting for them, so I take a walk to Harvey Norman to further survey around for LCD/Plasma tv. Not a very fruitful survey as the sales person who serve me have totally no knowledge on the product. A few round of loitering around, Jane finally called but ask me to queue up for them at Kim Gary as it’s normally lotsa people would be taking their dinner there.

Kim Gary Restaurant

After around 10 minutes of the wait, finally Jane and her friends came. We ordered our dishes while waiting for seat to be made available. I had Abalone & Unagi combo rice set which is not bad, not really expensive neither. The cheese taste nice on the rice and it come with drink, desert and soup. Quite worth it I would say. Anyway the treat is on Jane hehe 🙂

Kim Gary Restaurant - Nice Lighting

After the dinner, we went around looking for Christmas present for gift exchange which must be at least RM10 … or above. Since not many this kind of shops in QBM, we have no choice but to get it from S&J.

Well, along the time in QBM, I’ve met quite a few friends including my Boss and her hubby. What a small … island it is 🙂

Bleach 199

We called it the day at QBM around 11:00pm and headed home. Finally I’m home and I can’t wait to watch my latest Bleach 199 which took me quite sometimes to download. Normally I could finish downloading it within 1 to 2 hours period but this time it took me 2 days, sigh …