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Beejay in FM February 27, 2009

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As mention in earlier post on Football Manager 2009, I would like to show some extra ordinary thing in the game which I think if I can archieve such remarkable career in real life, I would definitely better off Cristiano Ronaldo anytime now.

FM Best Player

Just some facts and stat extract from the screen shot: –
1. Played 22 games for Manchester United with 46 goals and 12 assists.
2. Rating of 10 for the last 5 games and average of 9.32 of total games.
3. Total of 20 goals in last 10 games appearance.
4. Represent 48 times for England at age 22 with awesome record of 76 goals.
5. Scored more goals than appearance in all type competitions.

Well, with that record, will Cristiano Ronaldo come as first runner-up in World Player of The Year if such player exists?  🙂


Badminton Game February 25, 2009

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Fuh, it has been almost 1 year that I did not touch my badminton racquet and today finally I brought it out from the dark.

Basic Badminton Set

I’ve rented 1 hour of court in E-Park for RM8 to get myself started with my planned healthy life style. Although Jane not really good at badminton, but his brother are. The game was good if not great but considering not playing for almost a year (actually I haven’t been really doing any real exercise since I started working), I think my overall is still good. As the game goes, I felt much better apart from my body stamina was really weak. Probably it’s good for me to slot in jogging session in my weekly plan.

Updated: 26th Feb 2009
The post-game effect starting to take it toll as my leg is now suffering from muscle pain and body as well. I take it as the warm-up symptom and will definitely be off once I do it on regular routine 🙂

Football Manager 2009 February 24, 2009

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Ever since I first tasted the fun of computer, I must admit that there’s only one game in this world would really get me addicted like drug. It has to be the Football Manager game.

FM Team with custom create players

Championship Manager 2 or in short CM2 was my first ever football manager game. I bought it original then and in that version, I still do have Eric Cantona playing for Manchester United. With each version getting better and better, I am just simply getting addict and addicted to the extend that I can sit in front of the pc for almost 12 hours per day for the whole 1 month playing the same game. Even worst was back then, the game is not really shown in visual but only text yet it never failed to put me away from leaving the computer.

When I was in the Uni, my friend introduce me to new similar game, the Football Manager or known as FM. I started with FM since then with version 2006 and now I am playing on version 2009. On each version, I never failed to create at least 4 super player to be part of my team wonderkid. Of course myself would be featuring as one of the wonderkid (cheating on the dob would help lots)

News: Real capture Tevez for £28,500,000

The latest version of 2009, it has improved so much that it involve a lot of interaction as a manager with the press and also the match engine has been enhance to allow 3D match viewing with complete match statistic and other important information. The news engine has also improved with variation of news type and getting the game excited. The game has turn into so real that you would definitely love it if you are a big fan of football.

3D Match Engine with statistic

Of course the only down side of the game is on training setting. It’s always pain in the arse to setup training schedule that I would download free contribution from other fans to ease myself with it. 🙂

Hot Hot Monday February 23, 2009

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Fuh, the weather just doesn’t seem to be good at all since Chinese New Year and even worst was our office is haunted by the idea of increasing the air conditioning temperature to an extent which I believe I have to say that it’s killing me with every moment I am sitting at my place.

Just imagine a temperature of 27° celcius raise to almost 30° celcius by the noon, I just can’t take it anymore. I must say that would be rather a childish if not stupid idea of cost cutting method. Don’t they know that human productivity is very closely link with comfort and with the implementation of such idea, it definitely decrease not only productivity but also generate much complaint.

I hope the management of the office would do something quick to revert the situation or facing with a bunch of unhappy employees with lower productivity capability.

New City @ Home February 21, 2009

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My aunt long waiting for her new 5th Generation Honda City is finally here. Her polished metal Honda City is officially the first of it batch to make its appearance in Sitiawan as it has been confirmed none of it was being delivered from Sendi Auto just yet.

My Aunt New Honda City

She collected her City in Ipoh Honda branch and she was very happy with the overall of the car except for one which the spoiler fix for her was suspected to be not original modulo item. She was very lucky that just the last time I went home, I taught her on how to identify original and non-original spoiler and I thought she learned fast on that area.

My Aunt New Honda City

After insisting on not accepting such low quality item considering the money she already paid, she kept on argue with the sales officer that she do not want the item unless it’s being replace with a brand new original one. I bet the sales officer was caught by surprise that my aunt (a lady) would have know so much about all this stuff.

4th & 5th Generation Honda City

Finally they gave in and promised to change the item next week. Well, I never know Honda Malaysia is doing such a thing which really surprise me a lot. I hope none of other Honda user is being victim of non-original product of Honda.

Here’s just a few low quality picture for sharing. Will try to snap better one on my next trip home 🙂

Meguiars Car Care Product February 20, 2009

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It may be quite pricey but it is definitely worth it. Meguiars car care product is one of the recommended item if you are really into taking care of your car body condition to perfection.

NXT Generation® Car Wash

Previously I’ve been using Kits product which is rather low end and normally it won’t last long especially the wax lasting effect. Turtle Wax was ok, I tried and it could last a few weeks (normally 2 weeks +) but recently I’ve change to another brand which is Meguiars and the outcome is very much better compare to what I’ve tried before.

Gold Class™ Paste Wax

As mention, the price is rather expensive but the product could easily last for at least 15 times of usage that would probably extended to more than a year usage. I’ve got myself 3 of its product and will definitely explore into several other item that could make mine and Jane’s car look brand new.

Natural Shine Vinyl / Rubber Protectant

It’s highly recommended and in Northern region, you can get this product from Authenti Car Care & Accessories Shop in One-Stop Penang. The boss is very friendly and helpful in providing all information you need to know about car care. He will also give demo on your car to show you the result of Meguiars product. After all, they are the official Meguiars distributor.

You can find more information of the product from Meguiars

周杰倫 – 最長的電影 February 19, 2009

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I knew this song has been out there for quite sometimes but it’s only recently I’ve really come to listen to it and find it real nice. It’s one of two Jay’s song I am listening to lately.

I’ll post the other one once I’ve managed to learn how to sing it but at this moment, I think this song is worth sharing. Nice music too 🙂







Repeat * # #

Weds, Movie Day February 18, 2009

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Today is just like any other day, I wake up in the morning … get myself ready and off to work … blah blah blah. It was quite a busy day, maybe because I am lately a bit slow at my work so I am a bit nerveous when it come to 12:00pm. I was left with just another 35 minutes to clear off all my work or else I would be leaving late today as I am on half day leave.

Today is Wednesday and also GSC movie day. Since the last movie we had since two weeks back, I think we shall go for another movie this week. “Look For A Star” would seem to be the best choice available at the moment. So the first destination  of my half day off was to QBM to get myself 7:10pm tickets. Along the way, I grab two envelopes because I need to post my previous laptop driver disc to my mum and Keith wooden spec to Singapore.

I came back to my place to grab a few item and fill my stomach with some cookies before heading to my second destination, USM Post Office. After completed my stuff there, I direct myself to Komtar to pay my house Assessment Bills. Since I have an hour in Komtar, I just walk around for window shopping and bought myself a game disc.

FM 2009

KWSP is the next and last place for me before I head home to rest and wait for my movie. Just be there to clarify on a few items on the form to make EPF account 2 withdrawal and ensure all the documents is in place. I learn two things about KWSP withdraw while I was there. The first is withdrawal of lump sum from account 2 can be done within 3 years period of the SNP agreement date and the second is withdrawal can only be done if the property is under two names, both person involved must be related in one or another way. Another word I did not manage to make the withdrawal this time. On my way back, I met with a team city guy and his ride look cool … really poisoning me d 🙂

Look For A Star

By 6:40pm, myself and Jane is all ready to go for movie. We had a bit of foods first and ta da … off we head to QBM. Jane seem to love the movie lots as she’s a big fan of Andy Lau. Well, I would rate this movie 7 out of 10. It’s actually a love story of a rich guy with a normal girl which along the story line, comedy were slotted in that made the movie interesting. As usual, thing in movie always seem to move in fast pace and thing just happened as if there’s no logic to it at all. Remember, those who make the movie is stupid but those who watch is idiot. Whatever la, I think it worth my 12 bucks for two but definitely not if it was 20 bucks.

After the movie, we went to Old Town to take our so called dinner and then call it the day 🙂

Jess Turn February 17, 2009

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Everyone is queing up in the line to leave the office one by one and now it’s Jess turn to head to the exit.

It has been a non-stop leaving since Soo made her move as the first after quite sometimes. Then there come the line followed by Barry, Cheah EL, Ooi WJ, Fish and now Jess. It was never great to see someone leaving after having working together for quite sometimes though some might not directly team up but more or less, it’s all linked up. Even if there’s 0% of working together, we still jokes around and share our life which bond each and everyone of us.

Jess & Myself

Ok ok, enough of the starter, now it’s Jess turn. Just a simple tribute to her.

Basically she is important to me because she is my DBA. All my database is under her control and still remember her for being very helpful with all my ad-hoc request especially on cloning the database during the Kaizen implementation. I must admit it was my absent minded problem that causing all this but she never failed to help.

Happy Feet - 2007

The most memorable time of her was during the company Team Building at Gurney Hotel. She was in my team, Happy Feet which ended the day as champion. There and then I only realise that she can really run and play hard when it comes to enjoyment. Maybe I shall not judge her as I judge the book by its cover.

Anyway I want to wish her all the best in her future undertaking and most important is thank you for your support as DBA and friend all this while. Good luck 🙂

Valentine’s Presieeee … =) February 15, 2009

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It was belated Valentine’s Day present from Jane as I fetch her back from airport this morning.

Winnie The Pooh Cup

She got two Winnie The Pooh cup with a special cover which would prevent water from spilling out. There’s also a cup holder for it lol 🙂

Cover prevent water from spilling

It’s a nice present and thanks lots.