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My Labour Day Holiday May 1, 2009

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Though it’s labour day holiday today, I still went back to office to get all the month end report printed for user. What a labour day! Luckily it was just about an hour plus job.

Today my schedule is a bit hectic. Once I just got home, Jane’s friend called and ask us to have lunch together at QBM. Oh well, it has been quite a while since we last have a meal outside (we cooked nowadays lol) so I thought it would be just nice to join them. Afterall, labour day mean we are not suppose to work, let the others work for us.

Jam @ QBM

However it was not really a great time to roam to QBM or any malls around at such time (I mean holiday lol) because it’s jam everywhere. I was stuck in jam even before the traffic light that turn to the car park. Once I’ve reached the car park, I need to round and round to look for a vacant space and when I did find one, there’s this stupid VIOS guy who came on another direction wanted the same spot. Oh well, it’s a holiday, I’m in no mood to fight for place with the stupid moron especially he is just another VIOS owner. Avoid all the issues, I saw another car is about to leave a few metres away, I just give the space to the idiot VIOS and it seem like this guy just don’t know how to drive properly, he can’t even park in space allocated. Shame on him.

The Super Idiot, Stupid and Moron VIOS

We had our lunch at Canton-i. Initially I thought it was a cheaper version of Dragon-i but I found that I was wrong. It’s actually another brand of restaurant which famous for its congee. It was another 长龍 of queue and we were given a waiting chit which was numbered at 31 while it was then number 25 lol. After waiting for about 15 minutes, finally it’s our turn. I was too hungry that when the food was served, I forgot to snap any picture of it lol.

Canton-i Waiting Chit

Patrons Waiting For Their Turn @ Canton-i

After the meal, Jane and her friends wanted to shop at Forever 21 while myself just walk around to check any interesting on sales. Surprisingly I met Puah CM just right at the entrance of Borders. He was with his friend, Daniel and we had a short chat before Jane joined in because her friends was leaving soon. We decided to have Starbucks Coffee in the Borders which Puah CM treating myself and Jane because he’ve just got his bonus. At about 4pm, myself and Jane excused ourselves because I need to catch a flight to Senai, Johor at 6pm.

Starbucks Dark Berry Mocha Frappuccino by Puah CM

At 5pm, I was already at the Penang International Airport and waiting for the check in counter for Firefly to open. This is the first time I’m taking the Firefly and also their first time to fly from Penang to Johor. I got my boarding pass and since there’s nothing much to do, I just head to the waiting Gate 14 to kill off the waiting time by doing nothing. At 5:40pm, the gate is open for boarding and at 6pm, off the plane flew heading to Senai, Johor. Mum is picking me up at the other end.

Firefly Ticket Counter

Firefly Boarding Pass

The Plane I Would be Travelling In

After reaching Johor, I had dinner with mum and uncle Wong and then went to Aunt Hooi Ting house lol. We had some chit chat and by 11:30pm, I left and called it a day then. Tiring labour day lol.