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Cellini Bed May 4, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Family, General.

It has been quite sometimes that we surveyed for bed but without much urgency, most of the time we just leave without deciding to buy or not to buy. However this time around, we decided that we need to buy one asap because my grandparents is planning to visit to us when my brother is back mid of this week.

Cellini Bed Frame and Bed

Earlier we’ve seen quite a few furniture shop’s bed but none of it really attract us. So today we take a visit to Cellini to check if there’s any promotion with suitable bed for us. FYI, personally we kinda like Cellini product because their design is quite nice with guarentee quality. The only problem we don’t really buy from there is the price tag!

However for this visit, we saw one nice japanese style bed frame and best of all it’s under promotion. Bed frame with bed cost us RM3200. Though I still feel it’s quite expensive but I think it’s worth it la so don’t care much lol. We shall be getting the bed by this coming Friday lol. Can’t wait for it!