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They Are Back May 6, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Family, General, Rides.

They are back … finally 🙂

Normally my brother schedule of coming back to Malaysia is during the Cheng Beng period as he is not able to make it during the Chinese New Year. However this year due to some reason, he was not able to make it at all supposingly but somehow he managed to free up his time for two weeks just to make sure his coming-home-every-year record is still intact.

My Brother and My Sister In-Law

They arrived at the Penang Internation Airport at 10:30 am but he only called me at 11:10 am because one of his bag actually goes missing. Probably due to transit of flight and etc, all his and his wife clothes was like gone. He thought of the worst and lodged a report with the MAS Baggage Service Department of the loss of bag.

My Kancil

Meanwhile I took time off permission from my boss to pick then up. After picking them up, I drove back to office and hand over my car to him for the next two weeks lol. Luckily I still have my kancil with me now. He then drove my car back to Sitiawan lol.