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New Family Member May 9, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in Family, General, Interesting.

Ever since the first stray cat loiter our house quite a few years back, they seem just to be easily be part of our family member. My grandpa seem to love cat and over the last few years, there’ve been quite a number of cat that become his ‘god son’.

The Little Kitty

Stay Cool Dude

Lately here come another one. Actually it don’t come by itself. It was caught by my grand aunt for my grandpa because the very last cat has gone missing for quite a while. This tiny little cat (probably still a kitten) is kinda interesting. Curious over quite a lot of stuff, actively running around the house looking for something lol. It’s kinda difficult to snap a photo of it because it just can’t stop stay put for a second. Hopefully this would stay long and in very near future, I believe there’s more to come 🙂