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My brother has got me a new toys, the LEGO® MINDSTORM®NXT® robotics tool set that features the latest technology of an advanced 32-bit programmable microcontroller with icon-based drag and drop programming method. The set come with 5 main parts as following: –

  1. Touch Sensor – enables the robot to feel and react to its environment
  2. Sound Sensor – enables the robot to hear and react to sound
  3. Light Sensor – enables the robot to detect light and color
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor – enables the robot to see, measure distance to an object and react to movement
  5. Interactive Servo Motors – ensure that the robot moves with precision

All the above parts is connected to the NXT hub that stored all the program that control them. It’s known as a simple Build, Program & Go product.

The MindStorms 3 Sensing Parts

It’s not only programmables through the PC, it can also be connected to portable devices with bluetooth connection like mobile phone and PDAs. As for the design, it’s very much depend on ones creativity to work on it. If you are creative enough, you can actually turn it into a robot, scorpion and etc … mind challenging stuff.

The MindStorms Sensing Eyes

One the other hand, this robot is real interesting depending on, again creativity. You can be able to make full use of it through the programmables feature. It can be program to perform simple task with the drag and drop programming.

The Lego MindStorms and It's Engine

I really love to operate it ASAP but I do not have enough battery to revive the robot at this moment. Need to get some re-chargable battery by this weekend as normal battery would not be good enough for me to operate it. Thanks Bro 🙂

You can find more information about LEGO® MINDSTORM®NXT® at LEGO.com MINDSTORMS