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Andrew’s & Wife Visit May 12, 2009

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This is the very first time my family member visited and will spent a night at my house in Penang after I’ve moved in for about half year. Grandparents was suppose to have claimed the honour back in January but something just pop up and they can’t make it then.

It was great to hear that both my brother and my sister in-law is impressed by the house. They felt comfortable and my brother even told me that the house concept is the house he has been dream about but quite impossible to have it in Ireland. After dropping his luggage and take a short break, we went to QBM to have our dinner.

Dragon-i, they have never been there before so I guess it’s pretty easy to make the call on where to have dinner. Actually it’s real a pain in the arse to think of where to have dinner.

Dragon-i Dishes

Dragon-i Dishes

During the dinner, we had some pep talk about his schedule on this trip. It seem like very tight for him because he have only 2 weeks in Malaysia and it’s already almost a week gone. Today is Tuesday, he would be going back to Sitiawan tomorrow. On Thursday, he would travel to KL and spent a night there and then hit the road again to Malacca on Friday for a day trip before heading down to Johor. Saturday would be either a visit to Singapore or just stay in Johor to spent some times with mum and Aunt Hooi Ting & family. Sunday he would then head home to Sitiawan again, dropping my aunt’s son, Woo KJ at KL. Probably coming Monday he would be in Penang again. Tight and hectic isn’t it?

Dragon-i Dishes

Sook Lee and Andrew

To do all the above, he actually brought my City to service. His service cost a bomb of RM500 + as he changed quite a number of items like CVT fluids, using Fully-Synthetic Oil which itself probably already cost more than RM200. I’m considering to continue with Fully-Synthetic Oil in future lol 🙂

Oh well, back to here after the dinner, they were kinda tired and wanted to take a rest more than to run around the island by now. Therefore we just had the most relaxing thing then, on the air-cond, on the 42″ plasma with Yamaha AV system and watch DVD like a cinema. That’s real fun thing to do lol … at least for me!