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Champions Yet Again May 17, 2009

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Manchester United is crowned as the Barclay Premier League Champions yet again for the third consecutive times to equal the record of 18 times champions hold by Liverpool.

Barclay Premier League Champion 2008/09

Now United will probably play their reserve squad against Hull City on their last game of the season to allows the first team to have more time to prepare themselves for the Champions League final against Barcelona in Rome. Hope thing would be on United side then 😛


Eden Charity Food Fair May 16, 2009

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Eden Charity Food Fair, I was never known to this event even though I’ve been in Penang for the last 5 years until last Thursday Chang JK gave me a booklet of coupon which would be used to buy food during the event.

Eden Charity Food Fair Booklet Coupons

Chang JK Food Stall [Spaghetti]

It’s kind of interesting and at the same time we are able to show a bit of our support for those unfortunate. Since I bought myself one booklet and my colleague Tan SK gave me his (he bought but can’t make it to the event), I have quite a lot to spent actually. We bought quite a lots there, Nasi Briyani, Spaghetti, Ais Kacang, Mua Chi, Egg Tarts, Fried Mee and etc which total of it worth RM40 lol.

The Crowds at Eden Charity Food Fair

Oh well, I think this event is great and probably in future I might share with several friends of mine to have a stall helping too. Let see how thing goes … hehe 😛

One More Point May 14, 2009

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Now the Barclay Premier League Title is only for Manchester United to lose as they required only one more point from the remaining possible 6 points to hold off Liverpool. After the latest come-back fairy tales, it’s no a crime for all the Red Devils fans to believe that their team is still the best.

Tevez & Carrick Come-Back Goals

The journey of season 2008/09 seem to be a long yet memorable one as the drama turn up and down for throughout the season. Liverpool seem destine for their first ever league champion since 1990 by the start of the season but dropped some costly point in the mid-season. United overtook them after coming back as FIFA World Champions and since then they are always at the summit apart from a few games which due to late kickoff.

This morning (UK Yesterday night) game against Wigan confirm United domination of the league and would be the first club to win the Barclay Premier League title for three years in a row. This coming Saturday early kickoff against rival Arsenal provide the best platform for United to celebrate the title in front of their very own fans in Old Trafford. I will be in Puah CM house to witness it and hopefully they don’t only grab one but three points to show Liverpool what it takes to be a CHAMPIONS!

Andrew’s & Wife Visit May 12, 2009

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This is the very first time my family member visited and will spent a night at my house in Penang after I’ve moved in for about half year. Grandparents was suppose to have claimed the honour back in January but something just pop up and they can’t make it then.

It was great to hear that both my brother and my sister in-law is impressed by the house. They felt comfortable and my brother even told me that the house concept is the house he has been dream about but quite impossible to have it in Ireland. After dropping his luggage and take a short break, we went to QBM to have our dinner.

Dragon-i, they have never been there before so I guess it’s pretty easy to make the call on where to have dinner. Actually it’s real a pain in the arse to think of where to have dinner.

Dragon-i Dishes

Dragon-i Dishes

During the dinner, we had some pep talk about his schedule on this trip. It seem like very tight for him because he have only 2 weeks in Malaysia and it’s already almost a week gone. Today is Tuesday, he would be going back to Sitiawan tomorrow. On Thursday, he would travel to KL and spent a night there and then hit the road again to Malacca on Friday for a day trip before heading down to Johor. Saturday would be either a visit to Singapore or just stay in Johor to spent some times with mum and Aunt Hooi Ting & family. Sunday he would then head home to Sitiawan again, dropping my aunt’s son, Woo KJ at KL. Probably coming Monday he would be in Penang again. Tight and hectic isn’t it?

Dragon-i Dishes

Sook Lee and Andrew

To do all the above, he actually brought my City to service. His service cost a bomb of RM500 + as he changed quite a number of items like CVT fluids, using Fully-Synthetic Oil which itself probably already cost more than RM200. I’m considering to continue with Fully-Synthetic Oil in future lol 🙂

Oh well, back to here after the dinner, they were kinda tired and wanted to take a rest more than to run around the island by now. Therefore we just had the most relaxing thing then, on the air-cond, on the 42″ plasma with Yamaha AV system and watch DVD like a cinema. That’s real fun thing to do lol … at least for me!


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My brother has got me a new toys, the LEGO® MINDSTORM®NXT® robotics tool set that features the latest technology of an advanced 32-bit programmable microcontroller with icon-based drag and drop programming method. The set come with 5 main parts as following: –

  1. Touch Sensor – enables the robot to feel and react to its environment
  2. Sound Sensor – enables the robot to hear and react to sound
  3. Light Sensor – enables the robot to detect light and color
  4. Ultrasonic Sensor – enables the robot to see, measure distance to an object and react to movement
  5. Interactive Servo Motors – ensure that the robot moves with precision

All the above parts is connected to the NXT hub that stored all the program that control them. It’s known as a simple Build, Program & Go product.

The MindStorms 3 Sensing Parts

It’s not only programmables through the PC, it can also be connected to portable devices with bluetooth connection like mobile phone and PDAs. As for the design, it’s very much depend on ones creativity to work on it. If you are creative enough, you can actually turn it into a robot, scorpion and etc … mind challenging stuff.

The MindStorms Sensing Eyes

One the other hand, this robot is real interesting depending on, again creativity. You can be able to make full use of it through the programmables feature. It can be program to perform simple task with the drag and drop programming.

The Lego MindStorms and It's Engine

I really love to operate it ASAP but I do not have enough battery to revive the robot at this moment. Need to get some re-chargable battery by this weekend as normal battery would not be good enough for me to operate it. Thanks Bro 🙂

You can find more information about LEGO® MINDSTORM®NXT® at LEGO.com MINDSTORMS

New Family Member May 9, 2009

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Ever since the first stray cat loiter our house quite a few years back, they seem just to be easily be part of our family member. My grandpa seem to love cat and over the last few years, there’ve been quite a number of cat that become his ‘god son’.

The Little Kitty

Stay Cool Dude

Lately here come another one. Actually it don’t come by itself. It was caught by my grand aunt for my grandpa because the very last cat has gone missing for quite a while. This tiny little cat (probably still a kitten) is kinda interesting. Curious over quite a lot of stuff, actively running around the house looking for something lol. It’s kinda difficult to snap a photo of it because it just can’t stop stay put for a second. Hopefully this would stay long and in very near future, I believe there’s more to come 🙂

Our Bed May 8, 2009

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Just an update that the bed finally has arrived.

Oh well, it’s just nice. Imagine a King size bed … the feeling was just great. However there was some problem on the arrival time. I’ve made appointment for the item to be delivered between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm but it never arrive on time.

Our Cellini Bed Frame

I’ve to called up to the sales office and confirm the time again. Reason given was one of the customer in Bkt. Mertajam has problem with the delivery causing every delivery after that being delayed. After negotiating the time, finally we agreed to 3:00 pm. Much a disappointment, it arrived only at 3:30 pm. Probably that’s what Malaysian are.

Whatever it is, it’s already in the master room. I’ve got the bed sheet set from granny since Aunt Hoi Ting just got one for her and she not really seem to be interested to use it and yes, I’ve requested that from her because to get one brand new gonna cost me a bomb since I am pretty broke after buying this bed 🙂

My RM2.50 Cake May 7, 2009

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Today is the birthday of admin director and the Purchasing Department people throw a birthday party for him. They made some collection of RM2.50 per person to buy a 25kg fruits cake.

By 9:30 am, everyone was called into the conference room to sing song, of course birthday song la. Then as for the cake, it was rather disappointing but I consider myself lucky to be able to get one. I can’t believe that more than 35 people paid for the cake in our department, we only got 9 pieces of cake. On top of that, the cake size was different for eahc. No wonder la not enough. Pity for those who paid yet not getting their share.

RM2.50 Cake Come In Difference Sizes

Worst of all, those who paid earlier need to fork out another 50 cents as those in charge of organizing the collection claimed that the collection was not enough. It was then after the collection, they for some unknown reason return us the 50 cents again.

Oh well, they took all the credit of being nice and we felt like being cheated

They Are Back May 6, 2009

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They are back … finally 🙂

Normally my brother schedule of coming back to Malaysia is during the Cheng Beng period as he is not able to make it during the Chinese New Year. However this year due to some reason, he was not able to make it at all supposingly but somehow he managed to free up his time for two weeks just to make sure his coming-home-every-year record is still intact.

My Brother and My Sister In-Law

They arrived at the Penang Internation Airport at 10:30 am but he only called me at 11:10 am because one of his bag actually goes missing. Probably due to transit of flight and etc, all his and his wife clothes was like gone. He thought of the worst and lodged a report with the MAS Baggage Service Department of the loss of bag.

My Kancil

Meanwhile I took time off permission from my boss to pick then up. After picking them up, I drove back to office and hand over my car to him for the next two weeks lol. Luckily I still have my kancil with me now. He then drove my car back to Sitiawan lol.

Cellini Bed May 4, 2009

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It has been quite sometimes that we surveyed for bed but without much urgency, most of the time we just leave without deciding to buy or not to buy. However this time around, we decided that we need to buy one asap because my grandparents is planning to visit to us when my brother is back mid of this week.

Cellini Bed Frame and Bed

Earlier we’ve seen quite a few furniture shop’s bed but none of it really attract us. So today we take a visit to Cellini to check if there’s any promotion with suitable bed for us. FYI, personally we kinda like Cellini product because their design is quite nice with guarentee quality. The only problem we don’t really buy from there is the price tag!

However for this visit, we saw one nice japanese style bed frame and best of all it’s under promotion. Bed frame with bed cost us RM3200. Though I still feel it’s quite expensive but I think it’s worth it la so don’t care much lol. We shall be getting the bed by this coming Friday lol. Can’t wait for it!