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Mugen GP Rims June 30, 2009

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It has been one of my last three items I have wanted to do to my ride, that’s to change the rims. I’ve been sourcing around, survey and etc for my only target at this moment which is the Mugen GP rims.

My Fav Mugen GP

I’ve seen it at Relau unfortunately they only have 17″ and could not find any for 15″ and 16″. I also went to my usual tyre shop in Ayer Itam but they do not have it unless I can show them the picture and they order it for me. I found one in my hometown but the finishing and quality seem not … sorry to say it was real bad and not up to my expectation.

Mugen Logo Cover

Today I went to the original shop that I first saw the rims to get quotation. I seem cheaper than the first quotation given by the lady boss (this time is the boss himself quoting me). Rm1200 … fair deal I felt. Unfortunately I wouldn’t want to commit to it yet while I plan to survey in Bukit Mertajam area by this weekend before making any decision.

The Crafted GP Wording

Seem like the urge to own it is strong in me now. Hopefully I can find a good deal soon.


I LOVE JANE June 29, 2009

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Still My Fav Photo

Washing My Kancil & City June 28, 2009

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It has been quite a while since I last wash my car, I think almost a month back. This time I not only doing it for my Honda City but also my  Perodua Kancil which was virtually my legs during my years in the University.

My Perodua Kancil

My Honda City

I started washing my Kancil at 7:00pm … it doesn’t really take me long do wash it, probably only about 20 minutes but cleaning the interior seem to be the tedious part. I took off all the carpet, throw off all unwanted papers and rubbish, vacumn every single corner of the car … the same goes for City. Then I wash the carpet … leave it to dry lol. By the time I finish, it’s almost 8:00pm then, time for dinner.

Job Done ... It's All Clean And Shining

After dinner, continue with to wash, this time is my City. This is slightly longer, almost 40 minutes. After completed, it’s time to dry it so that I can wax it. 30 minutes to dry both car … seem fast isn’t it. Now come the nightmare … waxing the car. I actually hate to wax but I know by waxing it, the car would look brand new which I love the feeling. Waxing Kancil alone too me about an hour. I ended up the day with complete wax of my City by almost 1:00am in the morning … my neighbour thought I was crazy … hahaha.

Huat Tyres & Service Centre June 27, 2009

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Today I am back in my hometown and after surveying around in Penang for Mugen GP rims, I would really love to try my luck if I can find any great deal in S’wan instead.

After my lunch, I just drove around to check if there’s any shop which I can get quotation from. I went quite well known tyre shop but to my disappointment, there’s not much rims available and worst of all, the boss just don’t seem to know quite a number of brand I have mention. Maybe he is into those branded one while I am looking for replica stuff.

Multi Choices of Rims

Just as I was about the leave for second shop, yup I saw another shop lol. Just right opposite, a big corner of three storey shop lot, the rims is displayed just right everywhere by the windows. I think there would be at least 300 rims in that shop to choose … so here I am!

Door Gift - A Puma Wallet

I started with just browsing around the shop if I can find any Mugen GP or Advan RG2. I can’t seem to find any although there’s one GP alike but the finishing is nowhere near the Mugen GP I’ve found in Penang. After checking with the boss, he claimed that he is able to order for me at quite reasonable price and as for Advan RG2, he has already ordered but it’s not reach yet. I did enquire for the tyre price as well, seem reasonable too … oh well … this shop is definitely in my KIV list now 🙂

Shop Details:
Huat Tyres & Service Centre
75, Taman Ria Jaya, Jalan Raya Omar,
32000 Sitiawan,

Look for: Alex Eu or Ah Wei
Contact: 0195743387/0165030007

Siti’s Farewell Dinner June 26, 2009

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Today we have a special farewell dinner at the White Cafe (yup, we just went not long ago lol) for our dear colleague, Siti Sharifah. Why would I say that it’s a special farewell … well, actually it’s a farewell that she never actually leave us from company-wise but only department-wise. She’ve been selected to further challenge her job scope in the HR Department from 1st July onwards.

Chang JK Presenting Farewell Gift To Siti

Oh no, she have been one of the nicest colleague to have, very outspoken and I would say open minded in term of thinking and many many more. I would really miss her for being so good to us and also how she extend our Tebim presentation report submission deadline. I not sure if I were to do anymore presentation, would I get anymore such privileages or I need to start to learn to do thing on time 🙂

Anyway it’s great that she’s still in the office and best of all, she has now turn to be my user as I am the IT person supporting HR. Anyway, see ya around!

Change of Chipset June 25, 2009

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It has been quite a while that my 6 months old Hitachi Plasma TV giving me some problem. Initially it could not detect my S-Video input signal but after the service technician came and did something, it seem ok.

Now I am facing another problem, this time is the screen goes black by itself and sometimes just refuse to turn on even though all the plug and cable is well secured intact. It leave me quite frustrated as sometimes I really do want to watch some dvds, it just turn off by itself during the critical moment … very frustrating lol.

Dismantled Hitachi Plasma TV

Anyhow, I’ve managed to get the service technician here again to check what is wrong with it. I certainly won’t tolerate with the quality anymore as Hitachi is one of the world leading plasma tv manufacturer, I doubt they are having such a low quality component. The technician came to my place at 9:00pm (good service that he tried to accomodate to my time) and brought along a box of item. Not sure what is it, I just started to explain all the problem that I am facing but he just look calm. He took the set off the mounting and started to dismantle the whole set.

The Faulty Chipset

It’s the chipset, he said. He suspected that the chipset was faulty and he will replace a new one while I can live with it unless it comes back again. It seem to be good idea as he mention that this is actually his first time hearing the device behave in such manner. Anyway, within just 30 minutes plus minus, the replacement is done. Tested ok and delivered.

A Short Outing June 24, 2009

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It has been quite pressuring day in the office … honestly it’s great to be home relax bit.

The Swensen's Ice Cream

After dinner, we went to QBM for a short outing just to get some stationary item for daily use lol. Oh ya, also sticker label for my burned disc. I’ve already have whole stack of cds still goes unlabel yet.

I bought Jane a Swensens ice cream lol. Nice one isn’t it?

Juice Extractor June 22, 2009

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It has been quite a while to wait for the juice extractor to reach and on Saturday, finally I’ve managed to collect it. Oh boy, I’ve not really tested it out yet, maybe one of these day lol 🙂

Electrolux EJE3000 Juice Extractor

After bought this Electrolux EJE3000 juice extractor, I did went around to survey if most of the juice extractor in the market price more or less the same. Wow, I found there’re a lot of other brand which would cost more that even some is more than RM1k … very much to my surprise lol. Seem like the one I’ve got quite worth it … hehe

QC Checked, One Defect Detected June 21, 2009

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I’ve been part time working as a QC Official since 4th June 2009 to check if there’s any defect found in the comics book collection item. I started off with Slam Dunk and luckily there’re no problem with it. It took me almost 1 whole week to complete it because it’s so interesting that I carefully go through every single details of the book.

Dragon Ball Z Book 8

Next was the Dragon Ball Z. I found a defect in book 8. One of the pages was torn and although it’s just a minor one, I still felt I don’t deserve that and I park it aside so that I would be able to bring it for a change later.

Finally is the Professor IQ which also do not have any problem. I just completed it within 4 days and finally I can bring the Dragon Ball Z book 8 to change. No more defect lol now 🙂

Team Building June 20, 2009

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This year we have a special team building events which in the past, the department need to dig out fund to organize but this time around, it’s the HRD Training Centre which organizing it as part of training course. Of course the event is also slightly different as it’s not just a normal team building where we play and play and play to be champion but we play and imply all the key learning item along the game. This time team building also is a longer version one as it started at 8:00am and ended only at 5:00pm, just like working hours lol.

The Breakfast

I was always the early one but this time Michael beat my record, I was the second. As usual, typical M’sian people observed M’sian time not many of them were on time but off the time lol. We the early birds had our breakfast early while waiting for the rest to arrive. The breakfast, rating would probably hit only 6/10. Coffee or tea to go with it.

Briefing of The Activities by Facilitator

By almost 8:30am, most of the people is already there. We started the event with brief introduction of the facilitator. After the briefing, we were then handed with our event day t-shirt. The red Dynamic Team Building logo shirt as well as sticker as our name tag.

Rope Jumping by My Team

The first activity of the day is Rope Jumping. The facilitator brief the leader of two teams about the rules of the game and it’s the leader responsibility to pass the message to its member. Basically there’re 7 rules which I can’t really recall all … by the way I am not the leader lol

  • each and every member must participate
  • when first swing started, the game started
  • each swing of the rope, there must have and be only 1 member run through it
  • each run must be in the center of the swing
  • if failed, the game shall start all over again
  • time is calculated on the very first swing
  • etc … (cannot remember d lol)

Once the game completed, we found that we were more into getting thing done and not make the thing done. No planning, no coordination, no team work and etc … it seem like everyone is having their own method. That’s the key learning point here that a simple thing can go haywire if not handled properly.

Jesse Guiding Yong WC & Tan CS (The Jeneral)

The second game is guiding the blind folded person to the end point. Each team consist of 3 members and 2 would be blind folded while another 1 would guide us based on instruction from the facilitator on what to do. It’s rather funny that myself and Ooi PK is a team and we shall be guided by Lim TK. However it seem that TK did not get what the facilitator trying to tell, instead she guided other people team and leaving both of us waiting in the room. In the end, PK went out to search for her or else we would definitely dumb dumb waiting. In this game, we were required to follow a set path of 6 stations with each station having a plate to step with the guidance of team member without any body contact. Only verbal guide is allows. We finished as the 5th group somehow lol.

Myself, Tan CS, Jesse & Yong WC

Confusing Koed With Various Method

After finishing the game, it’s time to disturb other team lol. We come out with various method like hijack one of the blind folded member and started to turn them round and round to get them dizzy and confuse. Putting up tree branches to make them believe that they are hitting the tree and shouting from all angle as distraction. What a fun 🙂

Jesse Touching The Plate With Shoulder

For the third game the same game except that the earlier blind folded member will now need to guide but not the same team member but other team’s team member. This time, we shall not communicate through verbal, only body contact is allows. On each station, the action is no longer step on the plate but to use various body part to touch it. We have following sequence: –

  • Station 1 : Step with leg
  • Station 2 : Touch with knee
  • Station 3 : Touch with butt
  • Station 4 : Touch with elbow
  • Station 5 : Touch with shoulder
  • Station 6 : Touch with head

Tan CS & Yong WC ... Pity John

I do pity John in this game because he is quite resistance and too bad his guide was Tan CS andYong WC. They were forcefully forcing him out while he put on the resistance while since they are not allow to communicate verbally, John was left in confusion with great denial. It left CS with a lot of work to do, using the force method, he drag John all the way to each station until station 6. Sorry John, sometimes you should just trust strangers I would say.

Video Playback Time

Accessing Video Playback

Before break for lunch, we gathered in the room to access some playback of the activities being carried out earlier. It’s then we were ask on what happened during the two activities. It’s fun of course but it also reveal weakness of us. Quite a number of it such as message passing which is important in the second game, trust, teamwork and etc. Not gonna elaborate it here lol. After the discussion, it’s break for lunch time 🙂

Group Photo Session

After the lunch break, we had a group photo as 8 of my colleagues were not able to continue the events due to some reasons lol.

Demo on Chang JK

Our next game is the falling game. We were required to practise some basic movement and action in order to play it. Start in pair, two role were given with one as faller and another one as spotter. The faller would need to put their hand close to their chest and keep their legs close in straight. They would then requires to fall to the back with toes up and straight still body posture. The spotter would need to gently push the faller up and the process is repeating until faller decide to stop. However there’s a command line need to be said before the game start and it sound like: –

  1. Faller : Spotters Ready?
  2. Spotter : Spotters Are Ready!
  3. Faller : <Faller Name> Is Falling.
  4. Spotter : Fall On <Faller Name>.

Chua, The Victim of Other 12 Spotters

After working in pair, then we form 3 in a group with 1 faller and 2 spotters. Finally it’s the extreme of 12 spotters with 1 faller and I don’t think it’s anymore gently pushing but rather crazy push that can easily turn the faller into victim of the game.

The 10 Spotters

Once we were done with faller and spotter thingy, we go into another level where 10 spotters is required to handle a canvas while 1 faller would jump and land on the canvas. It’s quite tiring game especially if we were to support on bigger size faller landing on the canvas. However after few rounds, everyone seem to be getting used to it and able to handle it rather well. Almost everyone in the room did experience it and the best part was when Ooi PK land on it, we did not stop … we continue to shake him on the canvas and sang him a birthday song.

Koed Take Off And Landed On The Canvas

Already done with the jump, landing on the canvas, now it’s time to go another higher level. This time the faller would not jump but free fall from higher ground and land on the canvas. The method is the same as the first one where faller would need to keep their hands close to the chest while left is straight close. The faller shall not bend their body as well during the falls to make thing more exciting.

Soon To Be My Turn

The game started with Ooi PK. Again birthday song was sang and he was thrown in the canvas once again. After PK, it’s my turn to do so. Hmmm, the feeling was great actually. I wasn’t really nerveous or scare. Just like normal … but the moment you falls, it actually catch your heart, just a bit and then you already landed on the canvas … feeling relief lol. Some of them were not able to keep their body posture straight but nevertheless, they still get their chance to try it out.

Beejay Is Falling

We ended the game by 4:30pm and were given a short break. After the break, we were required to do a short presentation on what we’ve learned from those games. Haha, Chang JK was the one presenting for our group and followed by closing speech by Sharon.

Closing Speech By Sharon

That’s it, that’s is the end of our team building 2009.