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My Coffee Table July 29, 2009

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Yesterday I’ve collected my coffee table from GCF and today I’ve got a piece of decoration clothes for it from Home Harmony for just RM10 for two. Worth isn’t it?

New Table With Tea Set And Carpet

Oh well, it’s not for coffee anyway, it’s suppose to be for my tea drinking purposes. Actually this is not the table design that I wish to buy but I was having difficulties to find the design that I wanted and this one seem simple and solid, so I just grab it … after all the main reason was that it was quite cheap lol.

New Table With Tea Set And Carpet

Now I’m going to look for tower fans to help to cool down the place then I believe the area is more or less complete for usage. FYI, the tea set was a gift from my mum 🙂


Sold At mudah.com July 27, 2009

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I didn’t know it would really works that I’ve managed to sell off a sofa chair (or whatever you call it la) at Mudah.Com. It was indeed very effective that actually I’ve received quite a number of email to enquire about the item on the day I’ve posted it.

Art Crafted Sofa Chair

On the day itself, I thought the deal would go through when one of the potential buyer called up and request it to be reserved for a day as he would need to find way to transport the item. During that period, quite a number of people called up to confirm their interest but since I’ve reserve for the first potential buyer, I told them that I would update the status to them if the deal for the first buyer did not go through. It was true indeed that the deal did not go through as he was not able to arrange the transportation.

Art Crafted Sofa Chair

I open the item for grab again and within few minutes, the second potential buyer confirmed the deal. Item would be collected on Monday which is today. I was a bit worried that the second buyer would ‘放飞机’ but I just kept waiting and finally the guy came. A malay couple who stay nearby to my house, they were very happy with the deal. They admitted that I was selling it for cheap while I am also happy that I am able to get rid of it to make some space for my new tea table. Happy deal and thanks to Mudah.Com

Penfurnex 2009 July 26, 2009

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Time to spent is here again, the Penfurnex 2009 is being held at PISA for furniture and some household item exhibition. This event is slightly smaller compare to HomeDec as it only involve the upper ground walkway and not the center of the PISA indoor stadium.

Penfurnex 2009

Ok, now let’s see what I’ve got from the fair. First is the Hard-Anodized Wok. Oh well, it’s quite unique in the sense that you use it to bake cake, cookies and cook like usual. It’s easy to wash, no special care is required which mean you can actually use it in anyway you like and it shall not spoil the wok. If it does, 2 years warranty so you still can claim it lol.

Hard-Adonized Wok

I also got myself a small coffee table from GCF which is quite cheap, priced at RM125. I think the table height and width is just perfect. The only down side is the table is not really something special with art crafted or antique look which would definitely suit better for tea session.

Zebra Stripes Chair

The final item I’ve got from this fair is a chair, just a small chair that Jane would be using it for working on her laptop. It’s quite a cute one, zebra stripes designs and it’s quite cheap too … RM110. Oh well, that’s all that I’ve got from this time fair.

Which To Choose? July 25, 2009

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Today I saw one used Mugen GP rims in a tyre shop with the price tag of RM900. The condition I would say maybe 80% considering a bit of scratches and slight bend on the side wall on one of the 4 pieces of rims. Overall I think the price is worth it but on second thought, it’s used item which if possible I would like to maybe have it much cheaper than current price tag.

Used Gold Colour Mugen GP

After getting quotation for both rims and tyres (after some long bargain session), the deal is set at RM1450 with 4 pieces of 195/50/16 Continental CSC model tyres as well as a set of lock nut. Oh well, comparing to the quotation I’ve got from another tyre shop for the same thing, it was only RM1640 which is RM190 difference but with brand new rims.

The Gold Mugen GP

The Bronze Mugen GP

Now here’s the problem arise, let me start with the brand new rims first.

Brand New Mugen GP: –
1. Brand New (Pros)
2. Conti Tyre priced at RM235 per piece (Pros)
3. Rims weight is very heavy … almost requires both hand to lift it (Very Cons)

Used Mugen GP: –
1. Minor Scratches and slight bend (Cons)
2. Conti Tyre price at RM250 per piece (Cons)
3. Rim colour is gold (Cons)
4. Rim is light weight (Pros)

Gold GP Wording

The Crafted GP Wording

Oh well, now the biggest problem is the brand new one is ultra heavy I would say while the used one is quite light weight. However the colour and the scratches is giving me the problem … especially the colour which I don’t really think it would match my car for sure unless I’ve managed to turn my car into white in colour. I need to decide quick as this rims now is consider as rare item because production for replica has stopped.

One alternative is I get the used rims, repair it and spray it into the colour that I want. Then I would probably solve my problem but with additional cost incurred. Another would be I continue to search on for it. Really in dilemma now, which one to choose???

Still Not Ok! July 24, 2009

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It’s quite frustrating that my car is still not working in usual condition even though I know it won’t bring any harm to my car, still the feeling is not nice.

Brake Warning Light Problem

It all started after I’ve change the Master Brake Pump and now the handbrake light just won’t go off sometimes. It would be there on and off from time to time, sometimes dimmer, sometimes brighter … to make it simple the light is on even after I release off the handbrake.

This coming weekend I’ll sent my car to the service center again and this time I need to get it repair as well as claim back the Master Brake Pump charges since Honda Malaysia has already confirm that it’s a warranty item which is suppose to be free. Damn!

Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips July 22, 2009

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I was thinking shall I be putting Honda Visit – Day 5 as my post title since the last few days I’ve been on and off heading to the Service Center. Somehow I did not use it because today, the whole event is just for me to collect my car only.

Finally I’ve found one nice exhaust tips … actually my friend reserved it for me after cutting it down from his Honda DC2 exhaust system. Recently he has just change his exhaust system back to the original Honda DC2 exhaust and therefore since he has got extra and knew that I am looking for one, he just chopped of the tips for me. Fyi, I am not into performance but only one the look.

Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips

It’s indeed a nice exhaust tips, a Mugen replica with the stripes at the end of the tips make it a real-look-alike item. I’ve tried to match it to my car and it really look good but good is very much depend on person to person … some might say it’s Ah Beng’s car and some who appreciate the item would find it nice. Of course I fall in the latter one.

Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips With Stripes

Now my only worry is that the tips itself is about 1.6kg in weight. I fear it’s too heavy for my current exhaust system to support. Hmmm, see first how la … need to get advise from some exhaust shop for better solution lol. Really loving it!

Honda Visit – Day 4 July 21, 2009

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Oh no, this is getting bad as everyday since Saturday I need to go to the Honda Service Center to get my car fix. It seem like this whole thing has made me more or less losing some faith on Honda brand.

Today, the brake warning light issues is still there. I took a video clips with my camera phone to show it to the service center that the problem is not solved. Again, I need to go to the Service Center again. This time I would only be able to do it during the lunch time.

After getting my car there, explaining the problem and blah blah blah … this time they recommended me to claim it from Sendi Honda Service Center to change another one since I need to claim back the payment I’ve made for the part too. I took the opportunity to request for them to make a full checking on my car if there’s anything else which is in faulty condition. It’s good since my warranty will be expiring soon … why not?

I would need to leave my car at their place as one particular item which I complain is the noise of engine during cold start-up. They need to try to re-produce the problem so they requested for my car to be left overnight at their place so that they can try to reproduce it tomorrow morning. Reluctantly, I agreed to it. This time much better … no charges for checking lol.

Honda Visit – Day 3 July 20, 2009

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This morning when I just started my car engine … I heard some metal knocking noise from the engine bay. As I tried to hit the accelerator pedal, the noise get louder by bit and then gone. I felt something is not right as I have never heard of the noise before this. As I was just about to hit the road, the noise came again on and off … it seem like whenever I tried to hit the accelerator, the noise just got louder.

Feeling helpless as I not able to pinpoint the noise cause, I rang up my boss and applied for 1/2 day leave to get it fix. I went over to Vivahills Honda Service Center in Bayan Lepas area and I was the first customer of the day then. I was there slightly early, 7:45am while the business hour started only at 8:30am. No choice, wait lol.

The Belt And Pulley

By then, I’ve already got everything registered and explain the whole situation to the service guy. They tried to solve the brake warning light but found nothing is wrong though the light is still there.  They tried to clean the wiring that connect the master brake pump to the electronic compenent, hoping for better contact to solve the problem. Oh well, at least temporary it solved.

Closer View Of Belt And Pulley

As for the noise, they found the cause, it was the belting and the pulley according to the service engineer. He recommended me to change … oh well, gonna cost me another few hundred bucks. Finally I decided I should change instead of just letting the sound to be there and wait for something big to happen. Gone another RM298.00 and my 1/2 day.

However one good news I learned about was that the master brake pump shall be a free item as my car still under warranty of Honda Malaysia. Can’t really understand why Sendi Honda Service Center charged me in the first place. Anyway I gonna make a claim from them after confirming with Honda Malaysia HQ.

Honda Visit – Day 2 July 19, 2009

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Today I’ve woke up early just to make sure I will be the first one to reach the Honda Service Center to get my master brake pump fix.

I requested for quotation and the price gave me a shock. It was RM400+ and included labour rate would be RM444.07. Isn’t it expensive? I ask if the item is an warranty item but too bad they told me it’s wear-and-tear part which warranty does not cover it.

The Faulty Master Brake Pump

Before the changes was done, I can’t really see the different. They said the brake fluid is quite strong and it would damage the paint of the engine bay. After changing the item, I can’t clearly understand why the brake was leaking. Anyway the surround of the brake pump seal indeed was there.

The Faulty Master Brake Pump

During the wait, guess who I met in the Honda Service Center? She’s Theresa Lim, was in the showroom with her boyfriend and mother looking for a new car.We had a long chat and now (during that moment), she’s contribution to the unemployment rate of the nation.

The Paint Of Surround Was Damaged

Finally it was done by 10:45am. It was a relief that the faulty parts has been replace. This time, gone my RM444.07.

After making the payment, I went home for a quick lunch before rushing myself out to Penang. During the jouney, I realised that the brake sign on the tacometer was not 100% off even after I’ve fully released the handbrake. It must be something wrong but too bad, I am already very much in Penang now. I need to go to Penang Honda Service Center to get it fix tomorrow lol.

Idiot Trying To Beat The Red Light

Oh … on my way back I also saw one stupid guy trying to get himself killed probably. Beating the red light trying to cross a busy speeding vehicle … not really a dare devil but just simply an idiot who don’t care about his own life … sad!

Honda Visit – Day 1 July 18, 2009

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I’ve called up Honda Service Center in Sitiawan for an appointment for my Honda City 65000 km milage service. Oh well … not sure how much I would be charged then but expected it would be at least RM200 and above because I am planning to continue with the VTEC-LEV Fully-Synthetic engine lubricant after the last round Andrew using it.

Honda Engine Cleaner

I had the appointment to be at 2:00pm but somehow due to too many car was already queuing before me, I need to wait for quite a while before my turn. It was already almost 2:38pm only my car was given the service care. It took quite a while to complete because I’ve requested for additional checking on my gearbox as well as some noise on the front tyre.

Master Break Pump Component

The Leaking Area

The whole thing was completed at 4:10pm. There was then the service engineer told me that my Master Brake Pump is leaking. I got a shocked, it was the brake system and can’t believe that it would give problem so fast. I thought it should be something reliable but somehow … for safety reason, I took their advise to change it. Due to time constraint, I was not able to do it until tomorrow morning. It requires about 2 hours to get the whole item change and tested. Anyway gone my RM250 lol.

Picture of Syamil

At the night, I had my dinner with my grandparents and my aunt at one of the new cafe-alike dining place. Not bad … I had Thai style rice with venison. 🙂 After dinner time, it’s my usual car washing time lol 😛