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Wii July 11, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Family, Free & Easy, General, Interesting, Techno Related.

Nintendo Wii, it’s such an interesting device unlike those conventional that only a joystick or controller is required to play the game, Nintendo Wii get you and your butt off the chair to do it.

The Wii

The Wii Device

The Wii Controller

The game especially sports like Tennis, Golf, Baseball and Bowling was very interesting. You play it like you are playing the actual game. Even the controller can be attached to a sports gear alike like tennis racquet and golf stick. It really make you sweat to play it. The graphic of the game is not bad too though it’s very much depend on which graphic designer company working on the game. I really love it lots and maybe I shall get one too for my 42″ plasma lol.

My Cousin Playing War Craft

See The Game On The Screen?

Fuh, nowadays kids is like real smart. My little cousin who is just standard 2, he can really play the Wii so well. With some 3D graphic and complicated movement control (ok, for me it’s very complicated), he can actually control it really well. I can’t even believe that he is playing the latest online War Craft game. He play it even better than me few years back that I think no one would believe that they are playing against a standard 2 kids. Best of all, he has been playing either Wii or PC games since 9:00am until almost 4:00pm. His knowledge on PC  seem to be good as well … real smart arse kids!