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Honda Visit – Day 2 July 19, 2009

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Today I’ve woke up early just to make sure I will be the first one to reach the Honda Service Center to get my master brake pump fix.

I requested for quotation and the price gave me a shock. It was RM400+ and included labour rate would be RM444.07. Isn’t it expensive? I ask if the item is an warranty item but too bad they told me it’s wear-and-tear part which warranty does not cover it.

The Faulty Master Brake Pump

Before the changes was done, I can’t really see the different. They said the brake fluid is quite strong and it would damage the paint of the engine bay. After changing the item, I can’t clearly understand why the brake was leaking. Anyway the surround of the brake pump seal indeed was there.

The Faulty Master Brake Pump

During the wait, guess who I met in the Honda Service Center? She’s Theresa Lim, was in the showroom with her boyfriend and mother looking for a new car.We had a long chat and now (during that moment), she’s contribution to the unemployment rate of the nation.

The Paint Of Surround Was Damaged

Finally it was done by 10:45am. It was a relief that the faulty parts has been replace. This time, gone my RM444.07.

After making the payment, I went home for a quick lunch before rushing myself out to Penang. During the jouney, I realised that the brake sign on the tacometer was not 100% off even after I’ve fully released the handbrake. It must be something wrong but too bad, I am already very much in Penang now. I need to go to Penang Honda Service Center to get it fix tomorrow lol.

Idiot Trying To Beat The Red Light

Oh … on my way back I also saw one stupid guy trying to get himself killed probably. Beating the red light trying to cross a busy speeding vehicle … not really a dare devil but just simply an idiot who don’t care about his own life … sad!