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Honda Visit – Day 4 July 21, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Free & Easy, General, Interesting.

Oh no, this is getting bad as everyday since Saturday I need to go to the Honda Service Center to get my car fix. It seem like this whole thing has made me more or less losing some faith on Honda brand.

Today, the brake warning light issues is still there. I took a video clips with my camera phone to show it to the service center that the problem is not solved. Again, I need to go to the Service Center again. This time I would only be able to do it during the lunch time.

After getting my car there, explaining the problem and blah blah blah … this time they recommended me to claim it from Sendi Honda Service Center to change another one since I need to claim back the payment I’ve made for the part too. I took the opportunity to request for them to make a full checking on my car if there’s anything else which is in faulty condition. It’s good since my warranty will be expiring soon … why not?

I would need to leave my car at their place as one particular item which I complain is the noise of engine during cold start-up. They need to try to re-produce the problem so they requested for my car to be left overnight at their place so that they can try to reproduce it tomorrow morning. Reluctantly, I agreed to it. This time much better … no charges for checking lol.



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