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Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips July 22, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Friends, General, Interesting, Rides.

I was thinking shall I be putting Honda Visit – Day 5 as my post title since the last few days I’ve been on and off heading to the Service Center. Somehow I did not use it because today, the whole event is just for me to collect my car only.

Finally I’ve found one nice exhaust tips … actually my friend reserved it for me after cutting it down from his Honda DC2 exhaust system. Recently he has just change his exhaust system back to the original Honda DC2 exhaust and therefore since he has got extra and knew that I am looking for one, he just chopped of the tips for me. Fyi, I am not into performance but only one the look.

Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips

It’s indeed a nice exhaust tips, a Mugen replica with the stripes at the end of the tips make it a real-look-alike item. I’ve tried to match it to my car and it really look good but good is very much depend on person to person … some might say it’s Ah Beng’s car and some who appreciate the item would find it nice. Of course I fall in the latter one.

Mugen Replica Exhaust Tips With Stripes

Now my only worry is that the tips itself is about 1.6kg in weight. I fear it’s too heavy for my current exhaust system to support. Hmmm, see first how la … need to get advise from some exhaust shop for better solution lol. Really loving it!



1. Lil - July 23, 2009

maybe all the mods is slowly killing the car..?

~ bjlcm ~ - July 23, 2009

Oh no Lil, my modding is not killing the car at all because I’ve did lotsa research and you know, I’m not into performance but only beauty purpose

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