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Which To Choose? July 25, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, General, Rides.

Today I saw one used Mugen GP rims in a tyre shop with the price tag of RM900. The condition I would say maybe 80% considering a bit of scratches and slight bend on the side wall on one of the 4 pieces of rims. Overall I think the price is worth it but on second thought, it’s used item which if possible I would like to maybe have it much cheaper than current price tag.

Used Gold Colour Mugen GP

After getting quotation for both rims and tyres (after some long bargain session), the deal is set at RM1450 with 4 pieces of 195/50/16 Continental CSC model tyres as well as a set of lock nut. Oh well, comparing to the quotation I’ve got from another tyre shop for the same thing, it was only RM1640 which is RM190 difference but with brand new rims.

The Gold Mugen GP

The Bronze Mugen GP

Now here’s the problem arise, let me start with the brand new rims first.

Brand New Mugen GP: –
1. Brand New (Pros)
2. Conti Tyre priced at RM235 per piece (Pros)
3. Rims weight is very heavy … almost requires both hand to lift it (Very Cons)

Used Mugen GP: –
1. Minor Scratches and slight bend (Cons)
2. Conti Tyre price at RM250 per piece (Cons)
3. Rim colour is gold (Cons)
4. Rim is light weight (Pros)

Gold GP Wording

The Crafted GP Wording

Oh well, now the biggest problem is the brand new one is ultra heavy I would say while the used one is quite light weight. However the colour and the scratches is giving me the problem … especially the colour which I don’t really think it would match my car for sure unless I’ve managed to turn my car into white in colour. I need to decide quick as this rims now is consider as rare item because production for replica has stopped.

One alternative is I get the used rims, repair it and spray it into the colour that I want. Then I would probably solve my problem but with additional cost incurred. Another would be I continue to search on for it. Really in dilemma now, which one to choose???