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Penfurnex 2009 July 26, 2009

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Time to spent is here again, the Penfurnex 2009 is being held at PISA for furniture and some household item exhibition. This event is slightly smaller compare to HomeDec as it only involve the upper ground walkway and not the center of the PISA indoor stadium.

Penfurnex 2009

Ok, now let’s see what I’ve got from the fair. First is the Hard-Anodized Wok. Oh well, it’s quite unique in the sense that you use it to bake cake, cookies and cook like usual. It’s easy to wash, no special care is required which mean you can actually use it in anyway you like and it shall not spoil the wok. If it does, 2 years warranty so you still can claim it lol.

Hard-Adonized Wok

I also got myself a small coffee table from GCF which is quite cheap, priced at RM125. I think the table height and width is just perfect. The only down side is the table is not really something special with art crafted or antique look which would definitely suit better for tea session.

Zebra Stripes Chair

The final item I’ve got from this fair is a chair, just a small chair that Jane would be using it for working on her laptop. It’s quite a cute one, zebra stripes designs and it’s quite cheap too … RM110. Oh well, that’s all that I’ve got from this time fair.