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Sold At mudah.com July 27, 2009

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Free & Easy, General, Interesting, Techno Related.

I didn’t know it would really works that I’ve managed to sell off a sofa chair (or whatever you call it la) at Mudah.Com. It was indeed very effective that actually I’ve received quite a number of email to enquire about the item on the day I’ve posted it.

Art Crafted Sofa Chair

On the day itself, I thought the deal would go through when one of the potential buyer called up and request it to be reserved for a day as he would need to find way to transport the item. During that period, quite a number of people called up to confirm their interest but since I’ve reserve for the first potential buyer, I told them that I would update the status to them if the deal for the first buyer did not go through. It was true indeed that the deal did not go through as he was not able to arrange the transportation.

Art Crafted Sofa Chair

I open the item for grab again and within few minutes, the second potential buyer confirmed the deal. Item would be collected on Monday which is today. I was a bit worried that the second buyer would ‘放飞机’ but I just kept waiting and finally the guy came. A malay couple who stay nearby to my house, they were very happy with the deal. They admitted that I was selling it for cheap while I am also happy that I am able to get rid of it to make some space for my new tea table. Happy deal and thanks to Mudah.Com