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Kancil Roadtax Goes Missing July 16, 2009

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I can’t believe that I was actually driving all the way to Johore without official roadtax being stick in the car. It was really lucky that I was not stop during the whole long journey even though there was a police block when I’ve just exited from Skudai exit.

I can’t recall where did I put it. Initially I was suppose to have stick it up on my last trip back. I was planning to wash and clean the car then only stick it but somehow my mum called and told me not to stick it as she worried I might not know how to stick it (theee …. that’s sucks!!!). After that, I just totally forgot where did I put it.

Now my aunt and grandpa has turn over the whole house to search for it but … too bad. I just wonder where I might have keep it. Look like I need to make a trip back this weekend just to double check if I can find it anywhere. Sigh …

Updated : 23rd Jul 2009
Roadtax found in one of my mail’s envelope. Already post it to mum lol 🙂


Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo July 13, 2009

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I first learned about the new Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo which would replace the ugly looking Vios 1.5S model from the Paul Tan Automobile Blog shown by Tan SK. My first impression of the car was not bad but too pricey lol.

Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo [Front View]

Today I first saw the real thing right before my eyes. Errrr … to be honest it was nothing much special about it. Not much different of the bodykit compare to after market design and the spoiler was … not sporty at all. I think still Mugen Civic spoiler rulezzzz !!!

Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo [Back View]

Now on the sport rims, it was obviously … not outstanding at all lol. Probably they tried to keep it simple but they failed. They should used better Enkei on the performance rims and another point is they should make the rims bigger instead of 15″ so original sizing.

TRD Sportivo 15

There’s only one thing I like from the change was the seat. With TRD wording to it, I think it’s one of the best added item of all. Anyway still Mugen seat look much better. Probably I am biased but I think majority comment would justify my view here. You can always take a look at those comment posted in Paul Tan Automobile Blog and you will see how’s the feedback from the public lol.

Toyota TRD Sportivo Brand

Anyway I hope you guys would not get yourself confuse that TRD is a tuning partner for Toyota vehicles while TRD Sportivo is just another product brand of Toyota. Just like Modulo as a brand of Honda product.

7:20AM Flight July 12, 2009

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It’s as early as 5:00am that I woke up to get myself prepared for my 7:20am flight. Oh well, I choose such an early one was due to the price lol … haha very simple isn’t it?

Air Asia Is Ready

I went to the airport at 5:50am and it took about 30 minutes to reach. Once I am there, I thought I might be late because nowadays the check in time shall be 45 minutes before the boarding time. However when I came to the counter, there were still a lot of people waiting to check in. Haha, it was due to Kedah Football team was also on board to Penang on Air Asia flight. I thought they might be rich enough for MAS Airline lol.

The Rather Empty Waiting Area

After checking in, I proceed to the boarding gate to wait for the boarding time. It’s rather empty in the waiting area. Luckily I have some comics with me to kill off my time while waiting. Exactly the time I used to finish a comic, it’s time to go on board.

Comic To Kill The Time

In another 65 minutes, I shall be reaching Penang. Jane shall be waiting for me at the airport then lol 😛

Wii July 11, 2009

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Nintendo Wii, it’s such an interesting device unlike those conventional that only a joystick or controller is required to play the game, Nintendo Wii get you and your butt off the chair to do it.

The Wii

The Wii Device

The Wii Controller

The game especially sports like Tennis, Golf, Baseball and Bowling was very interesting. You play it like you are playing the actual game. Even the controller can be attached to a sports gear alike like tennis racquet and golf stick. It really make you sweat to play it. The graphic of the game is not bad too though it’s very much depend on which graphic designer company working on the game. I really love it lots and maybe I shall get one too for my 42″ plasma lol.

My Cousin Playing War Craft

See The Game On The Screen?

Fuh, nowadays kids is like real smart. My little cousin who is just standard 2, he can really play the Wii so well. With some 3D graphic and complicated movement control (ok, for me it’s very complicated), he can actually control it really well. I can’t even believe that he is playing the latest online War Craft game. He play it even better than me few years back that I think no one would believe that they are playing against a standard 2 kids. Best of all, he has been playing either Wii or PC games since 9:00am until almost 4:00pm. His knowledge on PC  seem to be good as well … real smart arse kids!

8 Hours To Johor July 10, 2009

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This is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last time that I actually drove all the way from Sitiawan to Johor in … Kancil lol. The 8 hours journey which include an hour stop at Sg. Buloh. It’s indeed quite tiring but to me, it’s still ok la.

On The Highway

Hazy Along The Way

Along the way, I was doing mainly on the 90km/h until I hit the highway, I started to go on 100km/h only la … scare mah! It’s quite humid and warm then but at the same time, it’s quite hazy as well. All the way until when I almost reaches Sg. Buloh only the haze seem to be better but not the weather.

Weather Started To Change

I made my first and only stop at Sg. Buloh Restoran Jejantas at about 4:50pm and the moment I reached, it started to rain. The rain got heavy and heavier but it’s ok for me, after all I’ve planned for the stop anyway. I had some light intake on A&W Supreme Hotdog, fries and A&W Rutbeer float. Haven’t really have it for quite sometimes lol.

A&W Supreme Hotdog Meals Set

A&W @ Sg. Buloh Restoran Jejantas

I continue with the remaining 4 hours journey at 5:50pm and finally reaches my mum place at almost 10:10pm. Dead tired, I went to my aunt house in Tmn. Rinting where I overnight at her place.

Back To The School July 10, 2009

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Just in case you do not know which is my school, the name is actually Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Methodist (A.C.S) Sitiawan and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Methodist (A.C.S) Sitiawan to be exact for both my primary and secondary school.

The Main Entrance To SMK Methodist (A.C.S) Sitiawan

The Walk Way Along The Building Block

It has been quite a while since I last went back to school, probably would need to use YEAR as the measurement. Since I’m back yesterday and it’s an holiday for Kharti, so we just decided to drop by the school to have breakfast with Loh JH while taking the opportunity to catch up with some teachers around.

The Embedded Memorial Plate

The Corridor

More Car Park Now

Basically the school has change a lot since our time. The old canteen has been demolished and the new canteen is renovated. The toilet is extended and a new building was build in between my form 1 class and the staff room. The place I used to park my bicycle is gone now. More car park has been allocated and the school has been re-painted (to uglier color lol).

The Netball Field

The Form 6 Area

The Renovated New Canteen

Catching up with several teacher is kinda fun. Probably they are quite proud of us but I felt good that most of the teacher actually remembered me. Am I that famous in school? Probably Interact Club did help lots to get me well known. Oh well, enough of self-praise lol but seriously it’s always nice to see them once a while … even just for a short chit chat but I can sense that they were very much appreciated that someone of ex-student visited them.

IBM Cognos BI Software July 9, 2009

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It has been quite a while since I attended seminar organized by some company to promote their product. If I’m not mistaken, the last I went was on CR in EQ and this time it’s by the IBM Cognos also in EQ.

Waiting For The Seminar to Start

Reaches there at 9:00am, if my memory did not failed me, the parking fees in EQ has increase by RM1:00. Expensive but never mind la, free seminar got free breakfast and lunch lol. When I was there, my boss has not reach yet. Chua CK was already there, just had his breakfast. Luckily I had mine in the morning so a cup of coffee would do then.


The seminar started at almost 9:30am by brief introduction of the speakers and the product. The events suddenly become boring (no offence but it was real bored!!!) when one of the local IBM partner company in Penang personnel started to promote their product together with the IBM Cognos BI Software. All I remember of the presentation given was ‘Spend Management’. It was a real bad presentation I would say.

BI Graph And Information

Then we had a short break before we continue with the best part, the DEMO. The demo itself is already interesting and it’s the speaker, Mr Ryan awesome presentation skills help to bring the room alive. It was indeed impressive of the software that many claims it to be world leader om BI Software … even better than Oracle and Ms at this moment.

After the whole session, we was given a IBM Cognos shirt as a door gift. Not a bad gift lol … then it’s the lunch time. Buffer style … kinda nice but too bad I was in hurry as I’m on half day to catch my bus back to my hometown or else I would really enjoy the foods lol 🙂

Update – Ling TW & Tan SS Wedding Photo July 8, 2009

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Another update of my friend wedding photo and again, all this photo is extracted from facebook. See, just how easy to share thing around through facebook.

Re-Arranged The Love Declaration Item Wording

The Love Declaration Item

Another Male To Male Kissing Game

Quah JL With Hulahoop & Milo In The Bottle

Hong TL Turns In Action

The Fat Ass Alex Turn

The Happy Couple

The Couple Sai Lang D!!!

Congratulation to Ling TW and Tan SS.

Update – Alex & Suyee Wedding Photos July 6, 2009

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Here’s some update of Alex and Suyee wedding photo. All this photo is taken from Suyee’s facebook and you probably should read those comment left by bunch of friends … it’s so funny and of course many wishes them well too. Hope you enjoy those lovely yet funny photo lol 🙂

Myself Force To Eat The Lemon

Koh OS to Daniel

Daniel To Sow WJ

Sow WJ to Quah JL

Oh Gosh, Quah JL to Me

Myself to Ling TW

Finally Hong TL Complete It

Haha, that game was fun … it’s not something you get to see everyday and someone might just need to setup The Society of Prevention of Cruelty and Abuse of Males lol.

Lipsticks Time for Saw CL

The Challengings Balls Shifting

Hong TL Playing With Saw CL lol

The bird eggs shifting game was Marilyn evil’s idea but it certainly become a hit on the scene lol.

Saw CL Searching For Key of Happiness For Alex

We Planned Out For Strategy

The 姐妹 Team With The Couple

The 兄弟 Team With The Couple

Group Photo With The Couple

The Stars of The Day

Again congratulation to both Alex and Suyee lol 😛

Salads July 5, 2009

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Haha, it has been quite a boring weekend apart from the rims survey, practically I’m just stuck at home doing nothing much beside having some sleeps and reading some comics book … and oh ya, watching my HK drama series.

After hitting almost the top of boredom, we decided to have something to do. We have mayo, thousand island and lotsa fruits especially apple. Jane suggested that we should make salad for our dinner then. Well, good idea that give us some light dinner as well as finishing up those apples or else I might need to start the juice extractor in coming week.

Our Salads [Top View]

We went to QBM to get some recipe like lettuce, prawns, tomatoes and carrot. Of course we too buy other stuff since we were already there. It was just a quick run through and off we left for home once all the thing in the list was done.

Our Salad [Side View]

My job is pretty simple, do the prawn … that’s my task of the day. While Jane busy with her apple and vege, I did the peeling for the prawn and boil it. Once everything is done, arrangement is all that needed last. Ta daaa … it’s just a quick one … I think about 10 minutes to get the thing done. There we go with our dinner 🙂