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Back In Pg & Item Sold :) August 31, 2009

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After the great weekend in Sitiawan, it’s time to be back to Penang again lol. Adrian was suppose to follow me back but somehow, he got his plan to Sg changed due to air ticket price was a bit crazy during the weekdays. So it’s again myself and Marilyn making for the trip. After picking up Marilyn, I went to refill petrol @Petronas Ayer Tawar and found that the price was 5 cents cheaper lol. Selling at RM1.75 per litre.

RM1.75/litre For Ron97

Along the way, we chat quite a lot but mostly on some parenting topics as well as some baby sitting stuff lol. Weird isn’t it? Hahaha. It’s pity that Marilyn would be staying alone tonight because KH is still in the hospital. I offered my help to her in case she need anything. However the only thing I did was to help her to start her car after 3 days of idling. It’s quite difficult to get it kick but luckily I managed to do so, else I think she would be having problem to get herself dinner lol.

Sunburnt Mark lol

Sunburnt Mark

When I’m back to my house, I got a good news that the Reebok Basketball shoes which I’ve posted in Mudah.Com has been sold. Adrian must be laughing at me because it’s one of the best deal I ever had. I bought the shoes from Royal Sporting House in QBM for RM150 and wear it for a few times. Somehow the built of the shoes doesn’t seem to fit me well and not really comfortable lol. So I decided to sell it and I advertise it for RM180, yes … RM180. It’s a trick to let people to bargain as I was planning for 0% loss.

Reebok Basketball Shoes

Reebok Basketball Shoes

Then there’s this malay guy from Bidor enquired about the shoes and ask for cheaper price. Of course I won’t let it go below RM150, so that’s the dealing price. Anyway I think it’s a W-W situation because I love the shoes but it doesn’t really suit me and the buyer has been looking for this shoes for ages and willing to buy it at RM150. So it’s a well happy ending deal for both of us.


Pangkor Trip August 30, 2009

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We’ve planned to go to Pangkor today but somehow the schedule was made a bit late since I slept only at almost 4:00am after watching Man Utd vs Arsenal game. Oh well, it’s better than the plan was cancelled right!?

Leaving Lumut Jetty

Pangkor Here We Come

After we had our lunch, at about 1:00pm, we left for Lumut Jetty. At about 1:30pm, the ferry came. About 1/2 hour journey is all that needed to get to Pangkor Island. We were thinking if we should go to my sister-in-law house to ask for transportation or rent a car by ourselves or get a taxi to fetch us around. After comparing the price and other factor, finally we decided to take a taxi which cost us RM50 for 2 hours ride.

Adrian, Jeffrey, Jackie & Myself @Dutch Fortress

Actually the places we visited was rather less, only 3 places since we are not going to have any swimming activity this time. We started off with visit to the Dutch Fortress. It seem to change a lot since my last visit about 10 years ago (ahemm … I know that was long ago lol). Oh well, historical stuff never really attract me lots so I just walk around and snap some photo for fun.

Temple in Pangkor

Adrian, Myself, Jeffrey & Jackie @Temple

Myself Touching The Dragon Statue

Second destination was the temple. Can’t really read the name of it and of course cannot remember also la. Hmmm, I have most impression of this temple because there’s a mini Great Walls of China and some other attractive item. By then it was actually almost 3:30pm, that about an hour since we started the taxi time.

God of Mercy's Temple

Myself, Jeffrey, Adrian & Jackie @ God of Mercy's Temple

Adrian Playing With His SLR

Last destination is the God of Mercy temple by the seaside. Adrian was playing with his SLR by changing lense to snap some girls by the seaside lol. Bad Adrian. I did pray in the temple before we take a rest while waiting for time to pass by. Finally, it’s almost time up, we called up the taxi and fetch us back to the jetty. There was then we decided it’s good to visit my sister-in-law family. I bought some fruits along the way as gift to them.

Myself & Sister-In-Law's Mum

Jeffrey, Adrian, Jackie & My Sister-In-Law's Mum

Sister-in-law’s mum is rather friendly, not as per what I’ve expected as sister-in-law herself is also rather quiet person. We chat for a while and she offered to treat us some light makan nearby. We also took picture of her to show it to sister-in-law. Nice isn’t it?

Jeffrey & Jackie Hiding From The Sun

Myself & Adrian [Serious look]

Myself & Adrian [Idiot Look]

Myself - The Happy Moment

Sunset Scenery - Snap With SE K800i

Time to go back now, before we left, we had durian by a malay stall by the roadside. Surprisingly, it taste good but since it’s considered as heaty food, I don’t intend to have more lol. It’s quite a tiring day but it was fun lol.

Month End & Going Back S’wan August 29, 2009

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Hmmm, it’s month end again and this time, month end seem to be something that would prevent me from enjoying full 3 days holiday (2 days weekend and 1 day holiday). Nevertheless, I still need to complete my month end before I can make my journey back home to Sitawan.

I woke up early today, went for breakfast with Jane at Ayer Itam. After having our breakfast, I took my car to my regular tyre shop to service my tyres … basically just to check the pressure of the tyres lol because my tyres is filled by nitrogen instead of just normal air. Then I need to rush back to office as PLC data shall be cutoff by 11:00am whereas it was almost 10:30am by then. I send Jane back first lol.

My Emotion During Month End lol

God knows, PLC data was late by an hour which also wasted my time waiting for it. After receiving the data at about 12:10pm, I started my month end job following the checklist to ensure each step is taken care of. By the time I completed, it was already almost 2:00pm. I called up Marilyn to inform her that I am on my way to fetch her because she would be ‘tumpang’-ing my car back since her husband, KH was admitted to hospital suspected dengue.

Man Utd Joys

3 hours jouney, finally I am back in Sitiawan. Meet up with Adrian at 5:30pm, went out for makan. 7:30pm, another round makan … this time is dinner with grandparents. 11:00pm, last round of makan, this time is supper … had quite lots of junk lol. Lastly, 1:15am late kickoff of Man Utd vs Arsenal. Very interesting game which Man Utd won the game 2-1 thanks to Diaby bizzare own goal and ZzzzzzzZzzZ by 4:00am. Tired 😛

New System August 26, 2009

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Lately I’ve been busy with the new system which has been assigned to me for quite sometimes and due to some laziness and change of spec has delay the project slightly.

New System - EHCS

After testing by the user, it seem that there’s more to add. I’m just rather tired of all this changes as it’s not actually stated in the original spec and worst, I think the spec was prepared without 100% consideration of what is required. I think the effort is just not there or maybe they don’t even know what they wanted. All known is a system is required.

Disappointing 😦

Lunch @Salsas August 23, 2009

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Today I got ‘blind’ lunch @Salsas Restaurant thanks to Ms. Ling for sharing her PLC Project Premium Presentation awards earning with members of ITD. Quite a number of us being invited but a few like Chua CK, Lee BL could not make it lol, just too bad.

Salsas Restaurant

Anyway at 11:50am,  Chan HH came to my place as I would be fetching her there since she don’t know where Salsas is. Actually I’ve just got the direction from Jane a day earlier lol haha 😛 When I reached, Michael and Koed was already in the car park but they won’t be the first because at 11:30am earlier, Chew SK already there. It was raining yet again therefore not many of them able to keep with the 12:30pm time set.

Appertizer - Bread & Butter

Appertizer - soup of the day

We ordered set lunch for each and everyone there which consist of soup of the day, main course, dessert and a drink. I ordered mine with Grilled Salmon and Ice Lemon Tea.

Main Course - Grilled Salmon

Main Course - Grilled Chicken

Main Course - Baked Chicken with Cheese

Main Course - Grilled Beef

We started off with appertizer, the bread and butter as well as the soup of the day. Errr, just normal la, the soup was not bad.

Main Course - Jumbo Sausages

Dessert - Fruity in Apple Juice, Cheese Cake & Ice Cream

Then the main course, mine is the grilled salmon while the rest had grilled chicken, baked chicken with cheese, grilled beef and jumbo sausages. It’s good to have various order as we shares our portion among each other therefore we get to taste all the different main course while enjoy our own preferences choice more.

Myself, Chew SK, Lam PY & Cheah EL

Chan HH & Myself

Gone the main course, it’s the dessert time. It was cheese cake, ice cream and errr … maybe should call it fruity with apple juice in it. Overall it’s nice and worth it, the environment is good, service was great and of course reasonable price though I am not the one paying lol 🙂

Harmony View August 22, 2009

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It’s not really a good weekend as rain has been the main talking point throughout the week. It rains like cat and dog most of the time putting most of my plan on hold lol. Anyway one of the unplanned item went through smoothly, that’s to take a look at Harmony View together with my ex-housemate.

The Living Room

The Kitchen Area

Oh well, Harmony View is located in Jelutong area which is really packed area. A project by Belleview Group which is also the developer for several apartment nearby such as Symphony Park and and etc. Unfortunately the price of the property is overprice, at least to myself. RM160k for a 665 sq. ft apartment, it’s crazy I would say. Not only that, the density of the building is ridiculous. 23 storey building with if not mistaken, 20 units per floor which would make up total of 460 units per building. Isn’t that a bit too much? Furthermore, it’s not really a gated apartment which the lobby is just like a typical Hong Kong building with shop houses along the walk way.

The Walkway

Apart from that, the renovation is manage by single party which I think nowadays become a common practise for new building developer. The show house that we saw there requires RM60 for the renovation, which would made the unit RM220k lol. I think I’ve got a best bargain of buying my current house lol.

The Landscape

The Landscape

The Playground

Oh well, it’s not I am the one who is buying the house, it’s my ex-housemate so it’s up to him to make the decision, basically it was just my personal opinion lol.

The Community Hall

The Gym

The only plus point I like about Harmony View is its landscape which seem to be nice as well as the playground and the gym. However the plus point would be gone considering all this will somehow won’t be maintain as nicely as brand new (common la, Malaysian what) so no good thing that attract me of this building. Just too bad.

Night Duty August 21, 2009

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It has been a cycle and this would be the third time I would be doing night duty. Oh ya, night duty is a responbility for each admin male personnel to take turn to make round of inspection during the night in pair. It’s a 4 hours duty and after each duty, a report is required to be submitted to the HR Security section.

Due to night duty, I work only half day and left office at 12:00pm to have lunch with Jane. All the way to town, we took our lunch at New World Park. Then I came back to E-Park to rest. By the time Jane came back from work, I was still sleeping. She prepared dinner early and after having my dinner, I left for office at 7:35pm to start of my night duty at 8:00pm.

When I reaches office, only Lim TK was around. I make my first round around the office building before heading for outside round. Nothing unusual occurs. The same for the rest and without much notice the time flies, after the third round, it’s already almost 12:00am. I prepared my round report and send it out. That’s all, it’s time to call it the day and head home lol 🙂

Not Mine Mugen Honda City

Not Mine Honda City With 5G 16" Rims

5G 16" Rims

When I reaches E-Park, I saw this Honda City park at the visitor car park with full Mugen bodykit but with low spoiler. The interesting part is that the sport rims is the latest 5G Honda City 16″ rims. Oh well, don’t really look nice so I think I’ll drop the plan to change to that rims which I thought of doing since the Mugen GP is so hard to be found lol.

Initial D & Slam Dunk Anime August 19, 2009

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Last Saturday during the trip to Ipoh for PC Fair,  I’v got myself two set of anime from Speedy. It’s the Initial D which I’ve been looking for quite sometimes lol and of course my favourite Japanese manga, Slam Dunk.

Initial D

The Initial D is a complete set of all 4 Stages and it’s bundle with the original soundtrack (OST) as well. As for Slam Dunk, it claimed to be complete set but too bad, the anime version is only up to the qualifying to the National Basketball Competition. The remaining two games which is available in the manga was not part of the anime, which I felt it’s a real waste.

Slam Dunk

Anyhow, I’ll start of with Initial D now then only continue with the Slam Dunk. What a collectable item 🙂

DIY The Clothes Hanger August 17, 2009

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I’ve got this retractable clothes hanger way back in June during the HomeDec 2009 Fair but yet to put it up because … aiya, sure lazy la.

After much nagging from Jane, last week I’ve ask Ng YC to borrow lent me his power drills so that I can DIY put up the item. I thought it was quite easy thing to do, but eventually I spend more time than what I expected. I started the DIY process at 9:00pm (yup, I know it would cause disturbance to neighbour lol) and ended almost 11:00pm. Damn long isn’t it?

Retractable Clothes Hanger

Nevertheless, finally the item is up and ready to use. Now I can hang more clothes than before while the previous mobile clothes hanger is being degraded to smaller size in term of height. DIY completed lol 🙂

Almost Sold August 16, 2009

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Two days ago, I’ve posted an advertisement to sell off an unwanted Electronic Waterfall for just RM50 which market price is about RM100. Surprisingly it attracted quite a number of buyer who calls to enquire.

Electronic Waterfall

Just too bad when there’s one serious buyer wanted to have a view of the item, I decided to test it again before releasing to the buyer. It turn out to be a real big problem, it doesn’t work anymore. Oh damn, seem like I have to stop the dealing and informed the potential buyer that I accidentally broke the item in facts it was actually the item doesn’t work. I should’ve tested it earlier to ensure the functionality. Sigh, gone my RM50 lol.