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Worst Month End Of All September 30, 2009

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This was probably the worst ever month end I have deal with. Everything seem to be in control and then one of the player failed to provide the data on time and also my fault that I did not double check when was the data actually transmitted instead I waited for confirmation to be given through email. As the result we failed to give Japan our last day shipment data and causing several problem to our counterpart system.

The Heart Breaking Month End

Don’t want to think so much about it anymore.

Sushi King

What I've Ate @Sushi King

One of The Sushi King Gift Set Item

For dinner,  we went to Sushi King for our dinner. I had a Hokke Set while since Jane already had something before I came back, so she was just taking something light from those on the bar. We also applied a Sushi King card which cost us RM20 but in return, we get a set of Sushi King free gift as well as discount for all Sushi King nationwide.


27th September 2009 September 27, 2009

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Today is the birthday of my brother, Andrew and also Jane as well as many other stangers lol.  Just like Lil, I won’t be able to celebrate with Andrew because he too live far away from where I am now.  Wish ya Happy Birthday and hope all your dream will come true as well as many happy returns.

Myself & Andrew Back in 2005

As for Jane, I bought her a cake, a Häagen-Dazs ice-cream cake from AutoCity, Juru. I called to book earlier and since cakes in QBM were quite limited, I decided to get it from AutoCity then.

Häagen-Dazs @AutoCity, Juru

The Cake Is In There!!!

It was my lucky day as they are having promotion for all their cakes that 500 grams is free for each cake purchase soI took 1.5kg Macadamia Nut Vanilla flavour. It’s just nice for Jane and her family.

Jane & Her Häagen-Dazs's Cake

Häagen-Dazs Macadamia Nut Vanilla Cake

Myself & Jane With The Birthday Cake

Jane's Birthday Present

It was just a simple birthday session with song singing and cake’s cutting. Jane also got her present from her dad and mum as well as her siblings. It’s simple for sure but I think she like it.

Jane & Friends

Birthday Song Singing Session

Cake Eating & Chit Chatting Time

Cake Eating & Chit Chatting Time

Jesse & Her Peace Sign

More to come at the night, Jesse and co gave her a surprise just as normally what we did for each other birthday. Probably Jane wasn’t expecting one because it’s almost over by then. She was very happy that they came and celebrate it for her. Another round of cake eating session and chit chatting took place. It was really a happy day for her 🙂

Open House & Janet’s B’day September 26, 2009

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It’s nice to be in Malaysia because we celebrate many many festive occasion and even though for each Raya in the past I would be going for a lot of open house but for this year, I would only be going to one, that’s Kak Khatijah’s open house.

Khatijah's House

Path to Sultan Kedah Place

It’s also my first time going to her place as people told me that she’s staying in the Kedah Sultan’s castle compound, another word she’s staying in the castle. During the ‘makan’, I found out from her that they are actually just taking care of the castle therefore they are staying there. Ocassionally the Sultan of Kedah would be coming to stay there for either official or non-official related. Anyway the compound is huge and it’s facing the sea, nice environment and view.

The Back Compound of The House

After the open house, we went back to E-Park to pack our stuff as we will be staying over at Jane’s BM house tonight. About 5:30pm, we went to BM and then we were suppose to go to Kulim, her uncle house to celebrate Janet’s birthday.

Janet's Birthday Cake

Jane & Janet

Her mum cooked quite a lot and basically it’s not much like a party, more like a gathering where we chit chat more than we eat and play. I was more on the TV instead as I not really into the topic they were discussing. I was quite bored but luckily they called it the day by 11:00pm, earlier than what I’ve expected lol 🙂

Dinner On Ooi & PE September 25, 2009

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Oh well, before I start to write anything, on behalf of Jane, I thank Ooi PK and Teh PE for the dinner @Manhattan Fish Market for Jane’s birthday. It’s very thoughtful of both of you.

Ok, it was just a Friday as usual … I went to office then suddenly Ooi PK came to me. He just want to confirm if it’s Jane’s birthday this coming weekend and he wanted to treat us dinner on anywhere we want. It was kinda awkward but he keep insisting it. Jane called me and told me PE said wanted to treat us dinner but she already decline so I told Ooi the same thing. In the afternoon after lunch, Ooi came to me again and said he gonna treat us tonight, just get ready and name the place … I called Jane again and finally we gave in, we choose Manhattan Fish Market as somehow they knew that’s Jane’s fav.

Manhattan Fish Market

After the office hour, I went home to fetch Jane and PE (Jane fetch PE to our house) and Ooi will be going there himself at 7:00pm. We met at the appointed location and took quite a while to order though. We ordered 3 sets and don’t ask me what we ordered, I can’t recall lol. Maybe you’ll have some idea from the picture taken.

Manhattan Fish Market

We talk and eat all the way and I can’t believe we actually was there for so long. From 7:15pm until 9:30pm … we really talk a lot but it’s nice though. It’s quite fun and of course the food is nice (FOC mah haha :))

Cake From Sharon

I also have a cake given by Ms Sharon, look delicious and shall share it with Jane lol 🙂

E&O Buffet For Jane September 24, 2009

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Jane has been thinking of having buffet dinner at E&O Hotel for quite a while since her colleagues planned but never-make-it dinner at the Rasa Sayang. It seem like a good opportunity to treat her for the E&O buffet as her birthday celebration so I borrowed initially one but ended up two E&O discount card as Jesse and Lee JL would be joining in too.

Our Table For Dinner

It was about 5:40pm I left the office but we to Ms Ling place to collect the E&O discount card as she forgot to bring it to the office. I waited for a while before she came back and after getting the card from her, I went home to change and waited for Jane at home. As it was quite jam, we were worried if we can’t make it there on time as the clock is already showing 6:50pm by the time we left home. Luckily they do reserve additional 30 minutes of waiting time for me, we reaches there at 7:20pm. Huh … sweat 🙂

Jane Enjoying Her Seafood Soup

Jesse And Her Chocolate Topping

Myself & Jane @ E&O

Lee JL & Jesse @ E&O

By then, Jesse and JL were already there, we started our ‘makan’ the moment we step in as the dinner is already started. As usual buffet style, I had a bit of this and that but not much. Roasted duck, grilled lamb, spaghetti, sashimi, scallop and etc. I think Jane enjoy it a lot as her expression tells everything. She had quite a lot than what I’ve imagine as normally she would not be able to finish her portion when we had dinner outside. Her appetite is good today! I think everyone was happy then … from they way they react and respond 🙂

Mercedes Benz SL55 September 21, 2009

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Adrian has been telling me that he would definitely one day take his uncle Mercedes Benz SL55 and bring me for a round of “fast & furious” experience in it … and now the day has come.

Merc Benz SL55 Engine's Bay

AMG – Aufrecht-Melcher-Grossaspach, is the trade mark to company Affalterbacher Motoren-Gesellschaft. AMG is the brand of high performance engine manufacturer where high horse power eight and twelve cylinders engines are design and built in most stringent of quality standards. The philosophy of “one man, one engine” is their way of working with one dedicated engineer is responsible for assembling the entire engine block from nothing to the most powerful mean machine. Each of the engine built is tag with a special signature badge on the engine. Ok ok … enough of the intro and get into the topic.

Merc Benz SL55 Front View

At 10:30pm, we just came back from dinner-supper and he told me that if his uncle is not around, he would be out in short while. Just as expected, at 11:00pm he’s right outside of my house with the sound of SL55 engine rattling sound … just a wonderful sound every boy can wish to have.

Merc Benz SL55 Rear View

I was first to have the experience with him. First it was just a slow reverse back to the main road and then hit the accelerator and the car’s tyre just spin but it’s not moving yet (wheel spin) … the noise of it sound awesome and zooommm … there it’s off. I was pull down to the seat instantly and for just a short distance, Adrian told me it’s already 180km/h … he go even further than that and all I can feel is like I’m charging forward so fast that I can’t really focus on the side. Everything at the front seem to hit you as soon as you see it. Thing get even interesting that after we made a U-turn and there’s a car very distant away from us … for just split second, we were already right behind. Probably we were too fast that the car failed to react to us. It’s easily 280km/h and could hit 350km/h with it’s spec. Anyway Adrian overtook it from the left instead and zooommm … gone the car at the back from the rear mirror. I was totally amaze and can’t find any superlative word to describe the speed and the feeling … it’s crazy!

Merc Benz SL55 Lambo Doors

Merc Benz SL55 Open Top

The moment we reach grandpa house, I told Adrian that he must bring Jane for a round as well and as expected, Jane was very impress by it. I mean this car is really a monster and for the first time in my life, going at that speed was … I miss it lots now 😛

KL Trip – Day 2 September 21, 2009

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Breakfast has never been my style but I do know that it’s not good to have empty stomach to start off the day. For just RM12 per person to have breakfast at the hotel, I think it’s just simply for convenience sake rather than want to have breakfast there. Errr, not much choices is available for breakfast anyway … nasi lemak, porridge, cereal with milks, toasted bread and etc … sound lame and bored isn’t it? After breakfast, we packed our stuff and ready to leave for … not sure yet lol 🙂

Cititel Express's Breakfast Corner

Just as we left, we started to decide where to go and without GPS, it’s quite limited places we can do with. Finally we decided to go for Sunway Pyramid because Jane’s sister would be meeting her there. Actually it’s quite boring lol, shopping is never my favourite unless I have a lot of money or I have something to buy. Basically it’s just walking around aimlessly while waiting for Jane’s sister to come. Finally she’s here … we had our lunch at Kim’s Gary Restaurant.

Decoration In Sunway Pyramid

Decoration In Sunway Pyramid

After the lunch, it’s basically another round of walking around aimlessly for myself and Adrian together with his cousin as Jane will be having their own shopping sprees. Getting bored with all these activities, we (3 of us) went for foots and back massaging session. It’s a thai massage and the price is quite reasonable. The guy who did the massage for me is quite strong and I love the foot massage but not the back massage. Overall not bad lol.

Thai Foot Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Then we meet up again and then it’s time to go back d. We left KL at about 5:00pm plus and reaches Sitiawan at about 9:00pm. Taking kinda long isn’t it? I was doing only 90~100km/h then due to the load the car is supporting was not light 🙂

KL Trip – Day 1 September 20, 2009

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It’s was early in the morning about 5:00am, myself and Jane woke up and get ourselves ready for our KL trip. We left for KL at 5:30am but with a bad news, my Garmin GPS was dead as it was not able to start up. Damn 😦

The Quite Empty And Liveless KLIA Morning

Jane Called Her Sister While Waiting

Anyway, our first destination is suppoes to be the LCCT to fetch Adrian and his cousin but before I was about to exit to the highway, Adrian called and inform that he is actually landing at the KLIA instead of LCCT. Good that he called earlier or else I would be wasting my time heading to the LCCT instead. Luckily I am driving a Honda City because it’s so spacious that all his cousin 5 bags were able to fit into the trunk space of approx. 500 litre capacity.

Adrian Enjoying Himself @IKEA

Idea And Concept Which I Like And Plan To Do

After fetching them from KLIA, we head to our main destination, the reason myself and Jane is in KL, that’s the IKEA. We had our breakfast there and then started to browser around the area to get some idea as well as look for item which is needed or maybe interesting that can help to make my house look better. There’s a lot of thing actually but it’s too big to carry home. We ended up buying some small items apart from Lack which is quite big. Total we spend about RM230 there but if we there’s space in the car, we’ll definitely spent more lol.

The Hotel Room

The Hotel Room

After spending half a day in IKEA, it’s about 3:00pm we look for Cititel Express along Jalan TAR. It’s a bit troublesome to move around KL without GPS really, we depend on ‘Malaysian’ road sign. Finally we found the hotel. Haha, the parking which is basement car park was a problem for my beloved City because of the amount of weight it’s carrying on it. It was so difficult to get the car to go down the slope as my bodykit was rather low. It was a very very slow process but still the back was hit slightly.

The Hotel Room

The Hotel Room

We check-in and was assigned to room 104 and 105 respectively. It was a bit tiring so we decided to take a rest and for the remaining day, we shall travel on taxi instead of driving. It’s time to relax and sleep.

Trying to nego price with taxi driver is not easy in KL as normally taxi driver is reluctant to use the taxi meter. We would give their price which is much higher than the meter price, probably trying to hit their luck with some tourist. We were ask RM30 for Cititel Express to Mid Valley Mega Mall but Adrian insisted to go on meter. Finally we got one taxi driver that go on taxi meter and guess what, the fare was actually only RM10. Crazy KL 😛

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant

We had our so called lunch cum dinner at Mid Valley Mega Mall’s Purple Cane Tea Restaurant. It’s a restaurant that cook every dishes using tea leaves, sound interesting isn’t it? We ordered a few dishes but I can’t recall the name of those dishes lol. Just eat and … actually I can’t really taste the tea smell or flavor at all. Lousy.

The 4 Tea Leaves Dishes

After that, it’s more or less free hours. I go along with Jane while Adrian go along with his cousin for some window shopping/shopping. We did not buy anything, it’s just too expensive and not really what we were there for. The shops is all about the same, it’s either on fashion, luxury watches or gift shops. We spend most of the free time after window shopping at Starbuck Coffee. At about 9:00pm, Adrian also finished with his window shopping, it’s the dinner time. We get some KFC and some light snack for dinner before going back to the hotel.

Starbucks Coffee

Frappucino & Ice Water

At night, we had makan session while watching Hari Raya special movie, The New Police Story by Jackie Chan.

Lenso Samurai SC08 Series September 19, 2009

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It’s good that I’ve get the second opinion on which rims shall I go with after I’ve initially chosen the Enkei SC23, but now I decided that I should go with Lenso Samurai SC08 instead.

Test Look Of Lenso Samurai SC08

Reason is fairly simple, Enkei SC23 is good and light (approx. 5kg) but the finishing is rather common, just pure polish silver which is the same as the original Honda rims. Apart from that, the design is rather conservative type and it don’t really give any ‘umphhh’ feeling.

Installing Center Cone

I think this time Jane did a great job in suggesting the Lenso Samurai SC08 rims which is kinda of like gun metal type with unique spider leg design. The design itself also make it look slightly bigger than what the diameter suppose to be, 15″. The only down side of the rim is the center cap which is red in color but the tyre shop boss told us that the red sticker can be taken off and left only with the wording of Lenso in the center. Oh well, I decided not take it off anyway. This rim is slightly heavy compare to Enkei SC23 but still lighter than the original Honda’s. It’s approx. 5.6kg. As for the tyre, I go with Kumho 195/60/15 series just for testing.

Honda City With 15" Lenso Samurai SC08

Oh well, this rim will eventually transfer to Jane’s new car (if she change her current one lol) in future as I’m still very much interested in 16″ rims.

7 Villages Noodle House

7 Villages Noodle House Menu

After changing the rims, I went back to office for warehouse support then went back to Sitiawan. Before we left for Sitiawan, we went to BM to fetch Jane’s mum for lunch at 7 Villages Noodle House. Quite nice 🙂

Birthday September 17, 2009

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This is the month probably have the most of people that I knew, their birthday falls on this month. Today is the birthday date for my sis, Lil and also my boss, Ling KE.

Myself & Lil Back In 2005

Of course I won’t be able to celebrate with my sis as she’s living overseas … miles apart ever since I was in form 3. Anyway, Happy Birthday to ya … of course I wish you all the best in your thesis writing and complete your PhD by end of this month. Make it a special month Lil.

White Chocolate With Happy Birthday Ling Wording

The White Chocolate Cake

Ling KE And Her Birthday Cake

As for celebration, I join a bunch of colleagues of mine to celebrate it for my boss at White Cafe. It was lunch hour makan and since it’s just a 45 minutes break, we assigned task to get thing done. My team (Tan SK, Ng YC and Chan HH) is taking the task of making ordering of meal so that it can be served fast while Michael’s team (Chua CK, Andy & Lam PY) task is to collect cake from bakery @Sunshine. However the main person was late though, because she need to attend to important meeting before being release for lunch. We sang her a birthday song and wish her. Happy Birthday to ya!