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Grandpa Birthday October 31, 2009

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Today is another milestones for my grandpa as he is celebrating his 79th birthday. Although that might sound old to you, glad that he is doing very well and still going strong and my wish for him is to be even stronger ever.

The Birthday Cake

Grandparents & Birthday Cake

Anyway, to celebrate his birthday, he invited close relative to have a simple dinner. Myself and Adrian bought him a cake though we knew he don’t really like to eat but somehow it’s an item not to miss especially for such occasion.

As Loving As Ever

Grand Aunt Christine, Jane, Grand Aunt Sowee Kiok, Grandparents, Grand Aunt Swee Hiang, Aunt Mee & Leng Lui Sharon

Oh well, nothing much actually. After the dinner, we went over to grand aunt Christine’s house. Meanwhile myself and Adrian busy taking photo for Andy of his new renovated house. Hope he don’t mind I posted some of the picture here.

Andy's House - Living Hall

Andy's House - Living Room

Andy's House - Connecting To Grand Aunt Christine's House

Andy's House - TV Panel

Andy's House - Connecting Of Living Room & Dry Kitchen

Andy's House - Dry Kitchen

Andy's House - Wet Kitchen

Andy's House - Master Room

Andy's House - Master Room

Andy's House - Master Room Curtain

Nice house though … congrate Andy 🙂


Noodle Station October 30, 2009

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Shop: Noodle Station
Location: E-Gate, Penang
Rating: 5/10

Noodle Station

Today we had our dinner at Noodle Station, E-Gate. Hmmm, actually we have no idea on what to eat and just to drop by E-Gate to see if we have any better option or otherwise to play safe, my favourite Sushi King. Anyway, there are several option apart from Sushi King like Starbucks, Old Town, Noodle Station and etc. Finally we give a try at Noodle Station.

My Meal

Jane's Meal

I ordered myself a garlic source dried spring mee  with honey braised drumstick while Jane choose to have soup base crabstick and fish ball mee. I was having a bit doubt at the drink they have so we only ordered an ice blended frappuccino. Basically, it wouldn’t visit for second time I think, not really suit me because I felt it’s like MSG based food more than original recipe prepare food. Jane was not having the appetite and not able to finish hers.

Ice Blended Frappuccino

Anyway overall, I would rate it 5/10 to be lenient but actual facts, probably I would give 4/10.

OSIM uMist October 29, 2009

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It was just like yesterday Adrian left for Singapore and now he is back again … time flies. Touch down at Penang International Airport at 4:30pm, after collecting his luggages, he had McDonald while waiting for me to fetch him at 5:30pm. Immediately after the time-to-go-off song started to sing, I also started to pack my stuff. I think I was the first to go off in my department today.

Adrian @ My Place

Adrian & His Cousin, Teng KY @ My Place

We came back home first to wait for Jane for dinner. While we were waiting, Adrian show me all the thing he bought from Singapore. Load of CDs, electronic gadget and also camera stuff. I think he spend quite lots for this trip but probably worth it for him lol. Best of all, he got me an OSIM uMist which I thought he himself wanted one also. Yeah, he want it but it’s not practical for him to use it in Ireland. In the end, he only buy one for me as a gift.

Andrew's Comic To Be Bring Back By Adrian

OSIM uMist

At night, we have our dinner by seaside … Malay’s stall ikan bakar. It’s quite nice and not very expensive. The treat was on me as normally Adrian has been treating me a lot. Kinda paiseh lol haha. After dinner, we spend most of the night playing those CDs and chit chatting.

You Are On The Border Line, Dude October 28, 2009

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That’s the problem with rich people, they think they are rich so they can do whatever they want. They don’t care about the other and they solve everything with their money … or in this case they are just simply to parking skill problem lol 🙂

Idiot's Volkswagon Eos On The Border Line

Today when I came back from work, I found there’s this Volkswagon Eos parking beside my parking lot … to be strict on the border of it. I can’t really understand how can people just leave their car without considering those who is going to park next to it. To be honest, I wish I could just bang the door hard enough to dent it but obviously it’s not my style. What I am worried is my own car door being hit. I tried to park as far as possible away from it yet still trying to maintain my car body within the parking lot. As the result, I can’t go out through the driver side door but on the passenger’s one instead.

Carbon Fiber Sticker Side Mirrow

Carbon Fiber Gas Tank Cover

Idiot isn’t it? Rich people practically 9 out of 10 having their brain up the arse or don’t even have one. Don’t think you are rich you can do anything, it’s just people have got nothing to do with you, they don’t find trouble. If you find trouble with me, then you are probably in trouble as well. Park nicely, think of the other.

Anyhow, nice car lol with some cheap carbon fiber sticker considering the car price tag, what a combination.

Liverpool/Benitez Jinx October 25, 2009

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It seem like recent history is showing that Man Utd is having tough time against the greatest rival Liverpool no matter how good form Man Utd is in or how bad form Liverpool is doing.

Disappointing Game By Rooney & Co.

Latest clash of titan again saw Man Utd were outplay like rookies schoolboy against high school boy. Making thing worst, Vidic seeing red yet again for the third consecutive meeting and the whole game was totally crap. I’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to see the worst of Man Utd, watch  Man Utd vs Liverpool game, you’ll curse Ferdinand like nobody business … wondering what’s Rooney doing … why the referee is so dumb … what the Man Utd midfield opening so much space for the opponent … lastly, why Vidic is doing all the stupid thing to get himself off the pitch!!!

Adrian Off To Singapore October 22, 2009

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Adrian is going to Singapore again though this time I don’t need to fetch him from Sitiawan to Penang for his flight instead he’s driving down and leave his car at my place. It’s good that my place allows 7 days of overnight registration and happened to be he would be off for seven days as well.

He came down all they way from Sitiawan and reaches my place at 7:10am. As I normally leave for working quite early, so I would be sending him to the airport then only go to work.

Park With Unknown Car On Top Floor

At night, since he’s driving his Toyota Estima here, it’s kind of worried me that if his car park at the visitor car park for too many days, something might happened to it. So I decided to let him park at my current parking lot while I move to the top which is my actual rented lot. So for the next 7 days, I would have to drive all the way 6 floors up to my parking lot lol 🙂

Carbon Fiber Sticker October 21, 2009

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I’ve been tempted by carbon fiber sticker lately and I’ve even went around searching for good quality yet affordable price of it at Mudah.com. Last month, I found a deal of RM20 per sq ft of 3M carbon fiber sticker which I think is quite worth it. I’m planning to have it on my spoiler (not sure will look weird or not) which I think would need at least 6 sq ft. That would cost me RM120 without labour cost yet.

Carbon Fibre Sticker On Honda Stream Hood & Eyes Lid

Carbon Fibre Sticker On Honda Stream Hood & Eyes Lid

Today I saw one Honda Stream with carbon fiber hood and it look pretty good. That make me even more tempted to get it myself. Oh no, this is poisoning and spreading fast as well. I think I better confirm with Adrian if he want it too for his Mitsubishi FTO 🙂

Street Dance Competition @QBM October 18, 2009

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It’s a sunny Sunday morning and I woke up quite early today. Several item to be done … first need to buy some breakfast for my aunt and her family. Clean up the house since it has been almost 4 days since we last tidy it up and … go swimming with the ever-annoying-kids, my aunt’s youngest son.

When it come to time to go out … I’m running out of idea of where to bring them to. Luckily my aunt suggested QBM because she didn’t really shop yesterday night, probably because my grandparents was around and as usual, as a while they would want to leave. We had our lunch at the food courts and then it’s more or less like free activities for us to go seperately. Too bad for my aunt, after just a while of shopping, this time her son is making noise of wanting to go back. In the end, they left home early instead of evening as planned.

Street Dance @QBM

Street Dance @QBM

After they left, we just walk around for a while and there’s Street Dance competition held. It’s kinda nice and cool to see those guys jumping around making some nice move though some look idiot with their steps, still better than myself hahaha 🙂 That’s basically my weekend for this round lol.

Grandparents Visit October 17, 2009

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It has been almost a year I’ve moved to my first house … and luckily it’s not a year yet that finally my grandma able to come and have a look of it. Grandpa has been here the last time with my bro in April but then grandma was not feeling well … so this time to make up with the previous miss trip.

At about 12pm they reached my apartment. Basically they felt the place is very nice … worth buying and they kinda like it too. My grandaunt also have the same opinion. After taking some rest, Jane suggested we have our lunch at Lorong Susu chicken rice (recommended lol) since grandpa love chicken rice. Not quite sure of the exact location, we ended up making extra round just to get to the destination. After lunch, actually I have no idea where to bring them to … so I think Gurney would be just nice for little shopping walk.

After a while of shopping, my aunt came but got herself lost at Crystal Point and Sg. Nibong area. In order to make it simpler for them, I ask them to wait for me at Sg. Nibong bus terminal while we catch up with them there and then. Finally we met up and went back to my place again to enjoy those laksa, cendol and ais kacang we’ve bought from Penang Road.

We went to QBM as last place to visit for my grandparents before leave for Tambun for our dinner. Hmmm, actually it was quite a bored trip I think but great that my grandparents get the chance to see my house 🙂

Nice Number Plate October 16, 2009

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First and foremost, Happy Deepavali to all my indian friends. Although Deepavali would only be celebrated tomorrow, however today is my replacement holiday.

Though it’s off day for me, my schedule was kinda full actually. Anyway I was suppose to go back Sitiawan but since my aunt would be coming down Penang over the weekend, I decided to stay back, instead I ask Adrian to fetch my grandparents to pay me a visit since they’ve not been here before except from my grandpa.

In the morning, I fetch Jane to office today. Then I came back clean the house and watch a movie before getting Jane’s car for inspection over timing or maybe air-conditioner belting noise. That was then Jane called me and told me that she actually have a open tender interview to attend to and she have no transportation to get herself to destination. Since it’s so, I decided to go over and have lunch with her first before fetching her to the meeting.

P J A 5 0 1 7 (P JASON)

On my way back, I come across with this Toyota Camry with very nice number plate. Normally I would blank out the number plate of vehicle but somehow this one is so special, I can’t blank it to show you lol. I believe the owner must have planned it for quite sometimes to get the number. Not sure if it’s illegal to have the number so close to each other but certainly it’s really a nice one.