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Man Utd 2001 Tour Ticket November 30, 2009

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It has been well kept for the last 8 years and finally I found a bunch of stuff … some interesting stuff like my beloved Man Utd sticker book, some notes of appreciation from my long lost friends and etc … and also the Man Utd 2001 Tour Ticket which was my very first live moment watching Man Utd played.

Now my aim is to find all my childhoods toys which previously was displayed in the shelf. It includes those scale model Ferrari and also my very first self-assembly USS Aircraft Carrier. I hope I can soon find it and place them in my new house. As for now, I still can’t really find it anywhere in my hometown house lol. Gambatte!


Russell Peters November 27, 2009

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This is funny, fantastic comedian … anyway its just for the fun of entertainment so don’t be offended by the content. Have fun and enjoy lol 🙂

Anyway, I love the punani part … give me two!

Sakae Sushi & Pesta November 26, 2009

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Today office to be a bit dull especially in the afternoon. A few colleague of mine were already on leave and another few left early on half day leave. Best of all was Michael is leaving for Bangkok for a week and I’ll have to support the Month End by myself this time lol. Holiday mood has been haunting my mind then and I was totally off from work … just wanting to come to 5:31pm asap.

As earlier appointment could not realise, instead of just going back home and cook … I was invited to join  Jane’s and her friends @Sakae Sushi for Tan BC’s birthday makan. I didn’t know Sakae Sushi offer so much of variety and though it’s a bit pricey compare to Sushi King but I felt their serving is not bad. I love the Saba fish a lot 🙂

After dinner, we went to the annual Penang state event of Pesta Pulau Pinang. This year crowds dropped a lots, maybe it’s just the beginning still. There’re Euro Funfare as well as local’s stall selling various item such as carpet, foods, computer and etc.

Myself and Jane went for Vortex (did not take any picture lol) and to my surprise, she wasn’t afraid of it … instead she was worried dead that her spec might fell off during the spinning of Vortex. She also went for bumper car that causes her leg bruise slightly by now. Pity girl … anyway that’s what make us grows 🙂

Big Apple Cake? November 25, 2009

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Birthday celebration has been part of our norm (among few friends in Penang) but birthday cake has been always the same. It’s either multi combination of Secret Recipe’s cake or Jenny’s Cake House chocolate cake and maybe a Häagen-Dazs ice-cream cake which all seem to be quite lame isn’t it?

Oh well, this time there’s something special for Tan BC’s birthday celebration. Instead of having cake, we replace it with Donut and this is a special Donut that fly all the way from KL back to Penang island, that’s the Big Apple Donut. Yeah I know it’s available in Penang but still … just for the fun of it lol.

12 flavour of donuts is available … all seem nice and tastety but not the one of green tea flavour lol. Sweet, slightly too sweet I would say but to have it once a while is still bearable with my stomach. Oh by the way, Tan BC birthday is tomorrow actually but we celebrate it slightly early a bit, at 11:20pm 🙂

Penang Bridge International Marathon November 22, 2009

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It’s as early as 2:30am that I heard people is cheering by the road to Jelutong Express and that’s the time the Penang Bridge International Marathon started. Probably Cheryl is there by then as she’s taking part in the 42km run while myself still enjoying good night sleep after tiring day rushing back from Sitiawan.

Jane took part in this time event and for the past few weeks, she have been training in USM Stadium to improve her stamina. At 6:15am, I fetched Jane and her colleagues (Jesse & Tan BC) to the starting point of their Fun Run (10km event) near Eastin Hotels. Then I went back to fetch, this time Serena and Keith to airport to catch their flight at 9:00am. Not sure if there’s any road closure, we decided to leave for airport early.

Surprisingly no road closure at all and everything is just fine. Seem to be early, we had some light breakfast at the airport Coffee Beans. I share my breakfast with Serena while Keith have a set of his own. At about 8:30am, they finally went into the boarding area so I left the airport for, now QBM where the marathon event being held.

At about 9:05am, I receive a call from Jane that she’ve completed her event. It took her slightly more than an hour to complete her 10km while her colleagues is nowhere to be seen. It’s all the training that finally paid off. We walk around the event area while waiting for the lucky draw announcement. Finally, the grand prize was won by other people and … just too bad. Haha, time to go home and sleep … we really slept!

Why Is It So? November 20, 2009

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Sometimes shit just happened but by chance, I never expect it to happen everytime. It’s not the first time though this time seem to be lesser compare to the very first time, it’s still why it has to be so?

This time I guess is not easy, we probably have our own difficulties and I bet what you have did is not gonna help at all. I wonder apart from the formal or officially registered paper stating our relationship, what else that tie us together? Is it the role of myself as someone to you that I have to be so … I guess it’s not the case.

I not sure shall I put the blame on you but for sure, it’s you … you are the main culprit for all that is going on. I not sure you are aware or you are just simply ignoring it that everyone is talking about you. Sometimes … I think nothing much I can talk about. Only Lil and Andrew would know what is all this about … sad. Anyway we swear that it would be the last for good.

Oracle Customer Day November 18, 2009

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It has been a year since I last went for Oracle Customer Day seminar which I still remember the last time I went was in the Dorsett Hotel. This year the event is organized at Traders Hotels – Shangri-La at Komtar.

I fetched Chan HH and Ong LK there and reaches at about 8:20am. Chua CK was already there. After registered ourselves, we were treat with light breakfast while waiting for other registered participant to come. It’s as usual, the Malaysian time so most of them are basically late. We started our seminar slightly late as the result but the presenter was doing well trying to keep it within the time frame.

Ok, it’s a nice seminar which introduce the Oracle 11g database with it’s features compare to the previous version. They also offer a number of other product that helps to improve the lead time of database query and process. Also was introduce was the new My Oracle Support which was the replacement for Metalink. It’s kind of interesting as it was not the same as last year apart from just some minor item.

After the seminar, I went over to On-Cost to collect Adrian stuff as well as my own. I ask them how long would it take to fix the side step and they told me it would be approx. of 30 minutes. I ask Chan HH and Ong LK to spare me the time to fix it … so they went to the nearby market to help themselves while I get my side step fix.

Finally it’s done … after about 45 minutes but never mind la, it’s a nice item too. This week I’ve got my ride two nice items. Feel very happy but pocket was burned with a hole now. I’ve tested the item, very bright and the wording is nice. Now my only concern is would the LED burn if it contact with water when I wash my car 😛

Lee CG Farewell November 17, 2009

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Oh no, another one is leaving yet again and I am still here seeing people leaving. This time though she is not from the IT department but her work is rather IT related. Anyway her background was also IT. She’s the OA to Purchasing department who liasing closely with us IT people so that’s how I got to know her.

Basically she’s not my user however due to her role as OA and I am the administrator for some reporting services, on and off she would be requesting me to help her to create user and grant role to access those report. Since I directly involve with her, I can’t speak much about her. All I know is that she’s a nice person, very helpful and also responsible person because she put in a lot of effort in getting thing done. She should be a real patient person as well as she’s able to deal with John without much complaint lol. Anyway all the best to her.

Ops, back to daily stuff … I fetched Adrian (yeah he is in Penang again) to On-Cost yet again to get his D1 Spec Grounding Cable Kit and the Pivot MegaRAIZIN voltage stabilizer but unfortunately it was out of stock so he can’t collect it today. In another word, I will be collecting on his behalf tomorrow once the stock is available.

After that, we went to the airport to fetch Serena and Keith before heading to QBM for dinner @Kim Gary restaurant. On our way back, we saw this Adrian think it’s a nice one but I don’t think so … it’s a semi gloss and matte black Honda Civic. Anyway … still Honda!!!

Original Mugen Emblem November 16, 2009

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Though it’s Monday today but I was more than happy to go to the office as I would be getting my original Mugen emblem which I’ve got it for RM20.

Overall, it’s a nice item and I’ve already have idea on where I shall stick it on my ride. It would be on the front grills chrome bar but not quite sure of the exact place yet as I need to check how it would look like and get the feel for each different place that allows.

Finally I decided to stick it by the end of the passenger side as that would make it look nicer as well as fitted well onto the getting narrow bar. Nice item 🙂

Taking Bus Back November 15, 2009

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Since I went back with Adrian yesterday, today I had to take bus back to Penang lol. It has been quite sometimes since I last took bus back from Sitiawan to Penang. Probably the last time I was taking bus was when I have to drive the Kancil back to Johore.

It was a 2:00pm bus and my aunt took me to the Manjung Bus Station. As usual Malaysian are late and same goes for the bus, it was about 15 minutes late from schedule. Along the way, I spend most of my time sleeping until I reaches Butterworth but I did not stop at the Butterworth main bus station instead I stop at a bus stand near the Pacific Mall. Jane would be picking me up from there and have dinner at her place before going back to Penang island. It was raining heavily then.

At night, I went collect the carbon fibre sticker for Adrian near my office as they seller staying somewhere nearby then. It’s a real nice deal as he gave me RM10 discount over the total price. Probably will get more from him soon.