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New Year’s Eve December 31, 2009

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After staying awake for about 23 hours, I have no choice but to go to work late today at 10:00am. Fuh, tiring really and even when I reaches office, the over-shipment problem was not 100% solve yet, probably only 80% and still 20% more to go. I continued with the issues as it’s month end today and I need to get all the shipment closed for Japan side.

Finally I managed to clear off all but one invoice which have balance of 3000 quantity of product which do not have any order to offset and causing it can’t be close until my boss decided that it must be taken off and close the month shipment without considering the 3000 quantity of product.

Since I came in work late, with the 3000 quantity problem and closing for month end as well as to ensure ASN for the whole invoice without the 3000 quantity of product would be out, I eventually have to stay back to work on it. This time around it’s much better as Tan SK is also staying back due to his server have some problem after backup. At least someone is there with me for New Year’s Eve working partner. Actually I have a house warming to attend to lol, it’s my neighbour, Jesse and Lee JL organised house warming.

I completed my stuff at about 8:30pm and left office at about 8:50pm but it was so jam outside that I only reaches home which normally took me about15 minutes to more than an hour. Sucks isn’t it? Therefore I was late for the house warming but good thing is there’s still food left for me lol 🙂 Happy New Year to everyone out there!


Record Breaker December 30, 2009

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Wow, I think I’ve just set a new record in my office for being working the longest hour ever probably. Imagine 7:15am of today until 4:05am of the next day. That’s like almost 21 hours, 3 short of completing it a day lol.

Oh well, it’s actually some shipment data which happened due to server problem which occured on Christmas’s Eve day and initially we’ve managed to save the data however there were still some which was slipped through. Was not really worried then because I knew there is an alert which would acknowledge us if over-shipment problem occurs but remember, the system data of the server thingy that set to 1st April 2010, that’s the shitty thing that cause the alert was not prompted and won’t be prompted until 1st April 2010. That’s sucks isn’t it?

The suck-est (is there such word?) part was the reason why the date got jump off was the system was not set to correct date because it was a backup system. I was like, damn … what a reason and obviously I don’t buy such a reason but still shit happened and somebody gonna clean it up.

Oh well … not knowing if myself is a responsible person or just an stupid idiot staying back clean up all this shit. Lil must be asking isn’t there anyone else that helps? Just in case you did ask, NO … no one know how to do it beside myself … or I suppose it’s so 😦

Painting The Balcony 2 December 27, 2009

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Two week ago was the painting of the living room balcony railing and now it’s my master room balcony railing turn.

It seem like the condition of the master room balcony railing is worst than the one in the living room. Several parts of it especially at the joint is not only rusted but also rotten in the sense there’s already holes to it. I tried my best to sand it and ensure all the rusted parts is no longer there. I applied several layer of paint to it before I actually started the painting.

This time don’t know why, it took much longer than the first time to complete it. Probably it’s because the weather is too hot and it’s quite tiring especially for my left hand since I’m a left handed person, tiring tiring.

Maybe the next painting will be the wall for both balcony but let me think about it first lol. Tiring what … 🙂

Spending Spree December 26, 2009

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How should I start this post, let’s make it simple that we spend a lot today … in facts for the last few weeks itself. Probably it’s just preparation to welcome the year of Tiger and the norm of chinese to get as much as possible new stuff for the new year.

First, the curtain which Jane ordered quite sometimes back is finally here. It’s a very nice curtain with big printing on it and it come with free sheer layer. Initially the job shall be completed in short period but due to the small sliding windows side do not have railing for the sheer, it took them quite a while to get a new railing fix. After about 30 minutes, finally it’s all done and ta daaa … our house new curtains. The old one? Planning to put it up on Mudah.com later.

In the afternoon, I went out with Jane to Prangin Mall to look for the camcorder which I’ve been dreaming off for quite sometimes. After getting the quotation from  the shop, it was RM1250 nett and additional top-up is required if lense protector and additional portalable charger is available. While the price seem attractive, I still need to re-budget my budget for other stuff so that my spending would be under proper control.

However that’s not the case for Jane. We went to Tong Rong watch shop around Komtar area and she again went for the Sekio Criteria model for the ladies. It wasn’t her suppose to be spending the money but she’ve been quite tempted with the watch. Finally she let her feeling take the step and it final decision is she will buying the watch lol.

After Jane spending completed, we went to the Starbuck to take a rest and at the same time thinking if I should buy the camcorder. Oh well, finally I did. It’s JVC camcorder together with the accessories mentioned. Yeah, from now onwards I can start to record everything and event.

At night, fuh … had an appointment. I met up with Julie and went out for makan. I forgot the shop name already but certainly the foods there taste ok lol, quite nice lol. We had a 2002 ‘U Long’ chinese tea which cost us RM25:00. Expensive isn’t it especially considering myself not really chinese tea expert.

It’s indeed quite a tiring day but I think it’s fun though. Nice and happy with all those bought item 🙂

Sushi King & Lewis Shirt December 25, 2009

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Merry Christmas to everyone out there reading my post, might be late but better late than never. This morning I still need to go back to office because the system was just up as at 7:00pm like that 🙂

Today I treat Jane and her mum to Sushi King @QBM. It’s very jam there just like last weekend but I was kinda lucky to be able to get a parking space after a few round of searching. We had our late lunch at the Sushi King as Jane’s mum hardly had Japanese foods so we thought it would be nice for her to try some.

We ordered 2 set of meal, one is Salmon and the other one is Saba fish. We also ordered a kids meal for Jane’s nephew who followed us there as well as several sushi and other side dishes. No matter how many time I go for Sushi King, I still find myself love it so much.

After our meal, we went around for window browsing but I ended up buying a shirt from the Levi’s store as Jane was suppose to find herself jeans pant instead. I was quite bored then so I just look around for fun but when I saw this shirt, I find it very nice and simple. After testing it, I would say my heart told me I should get it. Probably is an impulse buying but ok la, for CNY lol 🙂

We also watch Batman & Jokers short presentation in the center stage of QBM.

Christmax Eve’s Big Present December 24, 2009

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It’s 24th Dec 2009, the Christmas Eve’s day and everyone is definetely drowning themselves with the holiday mood … but we’ve got a big Christmax Eve present in store.

It’s just like any other normal day today except that many people we away on leave and everyone seem to be in the holiday mood already. After coming back from lunch at about 2:00pm, we’ve receive our first present of the day, the news that one of our main database is down due to hardware failure. Probably the system too is looking forward for holiday season. As the result, we’re more or less go not much thing to do waiting for recovery.

If you think the worst is over, think twice. This time our another database … errr well never really down but somehow the system date jump to 1st April 2010. Wow, even the database server is looking forward to next year April Fool’s day and all our concurrent job which run during then was affected with its next schedule date time. Several of my item were affected and since the vendor confirm that the parts is not available in the state, we have no choice but to wait for the arrival of the parts which is expected at 6:00am tomorrow.

What a day, look like we’ve got to come in again tomorrow to check the data when it’s up!

Mysterious Gift & Visit New Born Ian December 22, 2009

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Today, I got a surprise mysterious gift from oh well … kinda unexpected person. It never ever cross my mind that when I receive the gift, I was like pause for a moment and go blank. Not knowing what to react, I just thank her.

Haha, it’s a nice gift … I think it’s very nice and I’m not really thinking of using it now instead plan to frame it and put it on the wall. It’s a Japan made handkerchief. Thank you again.

Ok, now to the night, I went to visit Marilyn and her newborn baby Ian. I went with Jane and met up Ling TW and Ling YM there as planned. Baby Ian is so cute with his tiny little body … it’s amazing. His full name, Ian Cheng Ping Wen … 13 days old today and born with thick yet soft hair. Welcome to the world baby Ian! 🙂

As for Marilyn, she still seem to be quite tired after all the labour and stomach pain ordeal that she’ve been through the last 13 days (yup, even before Ian was born). Great to see her around again … though tired but I guess she was happy that we visited her (on my opinion la hahaha) and share with us her life for the last 2 weeks. It’s interesting and also a bit scary especially on the labour part. Whatever, it’s all over now and I wish her and her baby pinkest of health.

Congratulation to Cheng KH and Marilyn 🙂

Winter Solstice festival December 21, 2009

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It’s the Winter Solstice festival today or better know as Dong Chih in chinese. It’s the time when most of the chinese family would make glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) which I love a lot especially the dry glutinous rice balls mix with peanut powder. I believe this is applicable to the Foo Chow people culture only as I grew up in Foo Chow area. It’s something like ‘Mua Chi’, yeah … quite similar but I am not making it at this moment, maybe later lol.

Anyway I’ve been planning to make my own tang yuan this year. I’ve got some pandan leave when I was back in S’wan over the weekend. It would be useful to prepare the soup for the tang yuan as it would give you some sweet and nice smell. My tang  yuan is rather special, no artificial colouring is involved. This time I would make only 3 colours, the original white, pandan green and orange’s orange.

First, Jane would prepare the dough by mixing water to the glutinous rice powder while I blend the pandan leave to get the colouring and prepare some orange juice. Once it’s done, Jane seperate the dough to three portions while she would start with her tang yuan making, I would now get the colouring onto the dough. The pandan green wasn’t very obvious and perhaps we shall use 100% blended pandan juice instead of mixing it with probably 50% of water. However for the orange colour, it’s very nicely mix with … the dough look just like Mentos sweet … bright orange colour 🙂

When Jane completed her tang yuan, she started to prepare the soup instead while I continue with my tang yuan making. We did not use sugar instead we used rock sugar which is better choice to make the soup. By almost 12:00am, we’ve completed all our tang yuan. It’s time to cook. Batch by batch we cook and put it into the soup, this is our tang yuan!

Tomorrow I’ve be bringing some to the office for Chan HH and Ng YC since they are not making it this year. Just for sharing 🙂

Nike Lunarglide December 20, 2009

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Today is the unexpected spending spree day …

It all started early in the morning about 7:00am. I decided to go back Penang early because I thought it would be good if I go into the office to check if all my stuff is ok. Along the way back to Penang, it was quite misty and vision only visible for about I would say 30% to 40%. Luckily I made it to the destination safely.

After went back to the office, we (myself & Jane) went to QBM for some window shopping. I plan to get myself a pair of sandal as well as a pair for sport shoes within the budget of RM400. Oh well, the sandal I was looking at was price at RM189 so my budget for shoes is only left RM211 the most. I’ve been thinking to go for asics, NB or some cheaper Nike or Reebok shoes. After looking around in shops like Royal Sporting House, Nike, Adidas, New Balance and etc … I can’t really find any that could fit into the budget with the design to my liking.

After going round and round, finally we found ourselves back into the Nike shop again. We tested a few pairs and finally we found one which look nice. It’s the Nike Lunarglide which is advertise on the shop poster. Jane tested and love it … too bad they don’t have stock for men. Oh damn, instead of waiting, we went to Gurney Plaza to check if there’s still stock. Luck was on our side, they do have the couple pair … though quite pricey, we got it anyway. How much exactly? It’s all my budget without sandal lol 🙂

Vincent & Eunice Wedding December 18, 2009

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4th for this year, it’s Vincent Ling turn after Alex, Ling TW and Saw CL. Anyway, I’m playing as the brother role for all the last 3 times and this time is no exception.

We gathered at Vincent’s house at 8:00am … as usual I’m always the earliest among all. Although the number of brothers for this round is so much lesser than the rest, we still managed to gather 6 ACS-ians plus with some Vincent’s KL friends. The game that we played is fairly simple lol, we have Sudoko alike game and also some simple yoga posture game. It’s so so so easy hahaha, not challenging at all lol 🙂 Anyway, Eunice look beautiful.

After all the tea drinking session, finally we went to the church for the official ceremony. Mid way through the ceremony, I left for a while as my colleague came all the way from Penang to Sitiawan. I went out to guide them to another church where Tan CS brother’s friend is also having wedding ceremony going on.

At night, during the wedding dinner, I met up with several kinda like long lost friends and also my best buddy Narin. It was indeed a night to remember. The foods was nice, the place was nice … only the air-conditioning failed when it was needed most and causing discomfort for most people in the hall. Sigh … the only low point of the night.

Anyway, after the diner we gather at Vincent house to have some drink and chit chat. Myself and Ling CH ended up calling it a night at 3:00am in the morning … tired!

*Note: Lil, don’t complaint on my shirt because it’s meant to be red which this is the only one I have 🙂