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Genting -> S’wan -> Penang February 28, 2010

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After some drive stop drive from Penang to Genting highland, now it’s the time to do the opposite but instead of 2 days (I went back from Penang to S’wan on Friday and S’wan to Genting on Saturday) to complete the Penang to Genting, this time I did it in less than 12 hours.

Thing was made worst that as early as about 7:30 am, I received call from my office. It’s my subordinate who will be doing the month end processing. He face with several issue and need to resolve it fast as the cutoff time was at 11:00am. I did not expect it anyway because I’ve expected my boss to check the error on yesterday night shipment data but unfortunately, it was not done. The call was never end from 8:00am when I had my breakfast until I hit the highway at about 10:40am as it comes in periodically.

We left Genting at about 10:00am and we took our time for the journey. Instead of taking the route that we came from (Tg. Malim), we tested another route which ended up further south at Bukit Beruntung which is 4 exit away from Tg. Malim at the stretch of 30km. After a long driving, finally we reaches S’wan at about 2:00pm.

Thanks to early “morning call”, I was totally exhausted by the time I reaches home. Tired and fatigue, I slept the whole afternoon though it was quite warm then, I guess it doesn’t really bother me much. I woke up at about 4:30pm and after getting myself refresh, I left for Penang at bout 5:00pm. By the time I reaches the bridge, it was quite jam. Lots of bad driver was queue cutting and etc that make thing worst 😦


Genting Trip – 3 Good Men February 27, 2010

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Today I’m travelling with Alvin to Genting Highland to catch up the 3 Good Mans Concert. We left S’wan at about 10:30am, drive all the way to Bidor and stop by to have our brunch. We continue our road to Genting through Bidor highway to Tanjung Malim exit and then continue on through coastal road. It was about 2:00pm when we reaches the mid way Genting Skyway cable car station.

It’s quite crowded as the parking lot was almost entirely full. When we got in to the waiting area for the cable car, it was even worst. The queue was like ‘龍’ and  Genting was never as cold as before anymore. It was very warm and I was really sweating, the same goes to everyone there. We waited almost (just few minutes short actually) an hour just to get into the cable car to get to the tips of Genting.

The first thing we did was to check in to the hotel which we’ve book earlier, the First World Hotel. The check-in process has been made far easier compare to the last time I was there. No more waiting at the counter instead the check-in process can be done through the machine station around the lobby area. The same goes for check-out process too.

After check-in to our hotel, we went walk around to look for something to eat. It seem like everything in Genting is so damn expensive and probably the best food around is still either McD or the KFC. Anyway we have our late lunch of chicken and roasted pork rice. Side order of Yong Tau Foo and a cup of drink, total spend for the lunch was RM50 with little changes in return.

Due to the concert only will start at 8:00pm tonight, we have ample of time to walk around. We went to The Visitors’ Galleria where it tell everything of the very beginning of the Genting history as well as recent development.  It’s a well organized and complete compilation of most of the major event or development of the Genting as well as the establishment of its group. Worth visit I felt.

We were about to get ready for the concert, quite excited because it’s the first time I’m going for a concert (probably Lil has been dozen of it). We were the few of the first to went into the arena. We were seated on the front but slightly to the right side from the stage (I’ve got a VIP ticket lol).

Errr, actually this concert environment … very not as what I would have expected actually. I imagined. Everyone is kinda seated to their assign place and the concert is like they perform we see. I hear little shouting, I see no one standing and sing along, I see not much excitement … is it suppose to be so?

Back to the concert, I enjoy it a lot … I mean their performance especially with Phil Chang and Bobby Chen, both of them can really talk with humour .. funny! 黃品源 song was not bad also and overall those song that they sing, probably 9 out of 10 is known to me. The real concert begin rather late but better than never … that was after those real VIP people left and the crowd like myself started to move front of the stage shouting and singing (making lotsa noise). However it was already almost near the ending then. Nevertheless, it’s a nice concert and hope to go for another one soon!

On my way back to First World Hotel, I saw this nice Nissan Skyline. I went to the casino for a while but was too tired so went back to room not long after that 😛

Busy Friday February 26, 2010

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Just a quick one on what happen today.

Early morning, receive call from office informing some problem so ended up went to office to check thing out and clear off some issue. In the afternoon, spent my time working on my project while Jane went out with her mum and brother.

In the evening, went over to Kulim to visit Jane’s uncle and went out dinner with them. Had a wonderful dinner but her uncle refuse to let me pay for the meal. Thanks lots ya!

At night, drove all the way back to Sitiawan but stop over at Pantai Remis to meet up with my form 6 friend, Lim KB. We went for supper (I had little one since I’m still full after the dinner) by roadside stalls.

Just a few second I sat down, there’s a guy, let name him ‘A’ threw a cup of ice  toward another guy ‘B’. ‘B’ was furious but did not fight back as there’s quite a number of people on the ‘A’ side. What happened next was ‘B’ left and just as he got into his Wira,  ‘A’ took a crash helmet and hit it right onto the car windscreen. Crack line could be seen even from far and ‘B’ was dragged down and hit by ‘A’. Several people came to pull them apart and pity ‘B’ was hit right on the face … oucchh, I bet it hurts a lot. ‘B’ left after that and ‘A’ still continue to hang around with his friends.

While we were having our makan, there’s this White Spoon style Honda Civic EG drove into the area, two malay guys came out and identify themselves as police. ‘A’ was detained and put into the car and … quite a gangster style of police actually, they speed out to main road with loud wheel-spining noise. What happened to ‘A’? I don’t know … maybe will find out from my friend one day later 🙂

Anyway, reaches home at about 1:00am that day.

CNY Open House February 25, 2010

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Chinese New Year would never end without having an open house party by my boss Ling just like every previous years though I only been to one. As usual, the party is all about cards game (I  guess that’s every chinese favourite) and drinks … I mean alcoholic drink. The makan is just the side order kind of thing actually.

Participant is the same as previous year … everyone from the department regardless current staff or ex-staff, all were invited. As a token of appreciation, we share among several of us to get Ling a bottle of Sake from Sunshine. Danny and Co. were responsible for the task while I left earlier because I need to fetch Ang KT to Than Siang. As the result, I became the first to arrive at destination even before Ling reaches home. Instead of waiting, I went to Public Bank to bank in money for Jane.

When I reach Ling house, I’m already the third person after Why Yap and Tan GS. We were playing with Ling’s youngest son while waiting for the others to come. Apart from buying the Sake, I also share with Chua CK and Gary to buy some sushi to top up some foods for everyone from my lucky draw prize.

After the dinner, I spent almost the entire night outside Ling’s house taking to Ng YC and Chan HH. Why? Oh … reason is simply all of us don’t drink and gamble though Chan HH did have some red wine while Ng YC don’t want to drink because he’s riding bike back at night and myself just don’t drink. Our party tonight is just mainly serve on the side order lol 🙂

APC Gathering @Habana Pub February 23, 2010

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About after office hour yesterday, I receive a message from Ms Chan telling me that my boss ask us to bring extra shirt for change tomorrow to join a vendor organized gathering. I was not told any details about it until I found out more today.

It’s actually a gathering organized by the APC (By Schneider Electric) at The Habana Pub at 6:00pm. The book the whole place and invites their customer to attend the function and lucky draw would be held too. The most attractive item should be the free-flow beers that attract several of my office colleagues.

The Habana Pub is actually located at Kristal Point and I fetched Ms Chan there. By the time we reached, Michael, Chua CK, Gary, Koed HK and Ooi CM is already there. We join in the group but myself only have fruit juice as I don’t take alcoholic drinks. Not long after there, Ms Ling and her husband together with Ooi PK and his wife, Teh PE arrived.

The function started with short introduction and speech by APC. Then it’s time for ‘Lou Yee Sang’ session before the dinner officially started. After the dinner, there was performance show by two funny but talented guys. It was something like a magic shows plus comedy stage show … I love the boxing and kung-fu part especially on the slow motion portion.

We spend most of our time playing pools and I thought I was not bad at it … considering I never really play before. Probably the last time was about 2 to 3 years back and all I did was just trying to follow what my friend has taught me when they started playing it.

Then come the lucky draw session, to my surprise I was the first to be drawn and my prize was RM200 jusco voucher and then for the next 2 draws went to my colleague Chua CK and Gary. The last prize of the voucher was won by my boss husband. However the grand prize of 32″ LCD television was drawn to Altera staff … what a luck actually but nevertheless, something is better than nothing 🙂

Anyway today is also the birthday of one of my not many best friend from Ayer Tawar … also the Ms-Forever-21-Years-Old Ngo HT. Happy Birthday to you and may all your wishes come true 😀

Jade Emperor Birthday February 21, 2010

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Today is the real reason why I’m in S’wan this weekend, to celebrate the event of Jade Emperor Birthday. I think I’ve never miss any apart from the three years which we were not allow to pray after the death of my great grandma.

Early in the morning, I took all the tables and chair which would be used to set up the altar for the prayer and clean it after being kept in the room for a year. Alice would be going to Taiping to help Lawrence to bring back items for prayer while I would help grandma to buy fruits and also other item for the prayer. Also to set up the altar.

However this year event don’t seem to be as grand as before, probably it’s not that popular among the hock chew people. I’m sure the celebration in Penang is very grand with a lot of fireworks dancing in the sky.

Anyway it’s just a prayer and just like any other chinese event, burning of item is unavoidable. This year however we will not be having roasted pig like before as the price of roasted pig was hike so much that it cost more than RM1000 to have one. Instead for alternative, we have ‘乳豬’ which is much much cheaper and we actually got two of it.

Time to sleep and get ready to go back to Penang tomorrow but no hurry because I’m on full day leave lol 😛

Relaxing Saturday February 20, 2010

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For the whole week since the CNY, today is the best day that I managed to earn some deserving rest and relax a bit to enjoy some free time. Since I know tomorrow will be a busy day as it’s the Jade Emperor birthday and Chinese especially the hokkien would be celebrating it and ask for blessing.

Nothing much to do today, I just take a walk outside of my house compound and I found this caterpillar, the destroyer of my grandma plants. I don’t normally see it or I just don’t take notice of it but to actually see one is quite interesting. Grandma ask me to kill it as it has been constantly eating the leave of the plant but I think its just a bit too cruel to kill it. It’s not its fault to eat those leave but they were born to eat it. So what I did was, I move it from one plant to another one which is not in my house compound … that’s very bad of me isn’t it? 😛

Today I also got free lunch as Alice is treating us @ Amu Seafood Restaurant. In the evening, I went out again with Ngo HT … this time is to treat her as her birthday present which is just few days to go. At night, I went out with Alvin to McD to watch a losing away game of Man Utd against Everton.

Happy Birthday to Adhara and may all your wishes come true 🙂

Chinese New Year – Day 4, 5 & 6 February 19, 2010

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My Chinese New Year celebration virtually ended on day 3 and from day 4 onwards, I no longer really felt the Chinese New Year mood anymore, instead it’s already working life for me.

In the office, it’s more or less everyone working half hearted as many of my colleagues is not back yet especially those who travel except for myself 😛 Basically I work from 8 to 6 and after work, did some exercise playing basketball and dinner while watching movie. Then time to sleep … kinda routine apart from Thursday night, I had dinner with Puah CM @QBM Kim Gary.

Can’t wait for weekend to come actually 😛 so finally, I went back to S’wan on Friday evening itself, right after work. Partly it’s because I want to meet up with one of my long lost contact form 6 friend who is travelling back to Sabah on next day morning.

Chinese New Year – Day 3 February 16, 2010

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So fast its already day 3 of CNY and it’s not because it’s day 3 that I moaning about, it’s because tomorrow I will start working again … 悶

Not much of activity today actually, apart from staying at home and going to Marilyn’s house … I can’t recall any then. Throughout the morning, I just stay at home helping out my grandparents with household chores and watching tv. Also being driver driving people around as well.

In the afternoon, we went to Marilyn’s house in Ayer Tawar. We first meet up at Ling HJ place and then only go to Ayer Tawar after fetching Kuan PP. It has been quite a few years since I last saw her and … still the same old look of her (not much changes lol). We had some makan in Ayer Tawar before heading to our target destination.

I think the main thing that happened in Marilyn house was not to collect ang pow from Marilyn or playing with Baby Ian, it’s more of interrogation on Quah JL on his relationship status. We keep on pressuring him, asking him load of question and Ling CH also leaking some news to us in the process. The whole process was actually recorded in my camcorder and maybe I’ll one day I’ll try to upload it but not now lol, has been and foresee would be very busy in coming two months 😦

In the late evening, we left S’wan to BM to drop Jane there before I went back to Penang house to get some rest and … start to work again tomorow 😦

Happy Birthday to Aliza and may all your wishes will come true 🙂

Chinese New Year – Day 2 February 15, 2010

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Day 1 is gone and here’s day and I started my day in Jane’s house in BM. After having my breakfast, it’s time to go back S’wan again with Jane. It’s time for her to collect her ang pow from my family lol.

Today my house is having Tom Yam steambot, thanks to my 姑婆 who won quite a lot one day 1 (you should know what I meant right?). We have both halal and non-halal portion as my uncle is a Muslim. It’s Jane’s luck I think because she love the Tom Yam cook by my 姑婆 but for me, I don’t like Tom Yam lol.

We did not go anywhere in the afternoon as we spend most the time playing blackjack with my cousins. I won RM60 plus from them and then give away some of the winning to Syamil and Woo KR.

At night, we went to karaoke gathering in Manjung area. I fetched Marilyn and her husband, KH and also Cheryl there. Initially I went to the wrong place which was the karaoke they frequented in the past but now they’ve change to another one without my knowledge. Luckily Saw CL who happen to be invited but did not know about the change of place bump into us. Finally we managed to find it after Quah JL guided us there (which is just a street away) 🙂