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Ng YC Last Day June 30, 2010

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Hmmm, today is the last day for one of my lunch mate also we known as ‘疯子’. Anyway he’s a smart guy I know, not sure why he wasn’t fully being utilise … anyway what-so-ever, he would be leaving the company soon lol. Just as usual, some good words about him. Nice, kind and helpful guy … know a lot about car, electronic gadget and also photography. Too bad, as mention he is a ‘疯子’ so sometimes he speak some nonsense too. Anyway I hope all the best to him and have a happy life in new environment.

Myself & Ng YC

Just something special about his farewell email that I think is interesting. Just to share lol 🙂

Some say it’s probably where I sat
Surrounded like a cornered rat
Like d Digi advert some years back
“Hou wong ah! Hou kan yiu wong ah!”, I bet

No, it’s actually not totally correct
Though I did initially felt like that
Shivering in fear and cold sweat
Minimizing IE but maximizing Visual Studio.NET

5 years, I have been here
Many things seen and hear
Some bleak enough to shed a tear
Some worth more than just a cheer

To all the guys and gals of ITD
MES, Infra, Operation, R&SA and ERP
Every day walking up to level 3
No lift, coz company kiam-siap si

First to our biggest boss at our floor
Mr Raymond of course, who else wor
My gratitude for the opportunities before
Your strategies & approach worth noted for

For the people behind extension 2613
Often operating behind the scenes
Prema, TK and Ms Lim obviously
Thanks, when others left for home already

Mr Shan, Lee Kian, Kak Salmah, CS, Jeffery,
Elvin, Ms Khaw, GS and Ganesan definitely
D emails from you is when service is down, usually
Can’t blame u coz no one wants it to happen, really
Even so, I pray that all is fine daily
To have 100% uptime, hopefully

For those keeping d enterprise system running
The team under Chua, guided by Ms Ling,
Being around each month end almost without failing
BJ, Michael, Ms Chan, Wai Chun, Chong Ming
Also Ms Teoh, cheerful KT and Din
With you around, it’s been a pleasure working

He often says some presentation slides cannot ‘talk’
B’coz to Mr. Chang, he can easily make them run and walk
S’times Chew’s pictures got longkang, making d guys gawk
S’times Say Keat would brag bout his Integra’s B18C block
Kak Siti, Kak Norliza, Ai Choo, Phaik Ean, Ah Sim & Hong, I forget not
To me, every single one of you means a lot

At last the most important of all, probably
My colleagues, teammates and maybe even family
Ms Chew and SL, I cherish all that came with my duty
The two flowers of MES: Bee Lean & Jessie
Brothers Ah Wong, Poh Kooi and Danny
Even Ms Chin n Koed whose England lost to Germany
Words cannot describe the feelings within me
For each of you has left a mark upon me
There may be greener pastures ahead of me
Yet I feel heavyhearted to leave all behind me

Chiam, I may only know you for just 3 days,
And Gelugor is where you reside not far away
The group you joined is special in their own way
Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did since my first day

So again I sincerely thank each and everyone
Ampun beribu-ribu ampun if I offended anyone
Always be safe and healthy, I pray for each one
In short may your wishes be granted, as you want

On behalf of most ITD guys, I got one more last one
Ang-kong, ang-kong, if u’re reading please grant this one
For this has been requested by almost everyone
May there soon be the arrival of pretty and single ones

Wishing all blue skies and nice things to come,
Truthfully from Ng Yee Chang


Match Day 19 – Paraguay & Spain March On June 29, 2010

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Another hope of the Asian team were dashed as Japan were eliminated by Paraguay in the penalty shootout after both team ended the normal and extra time to a goalless draw. Both team were playing well but were not able to breakdown respective opponent defend line and Paraguay move into quarter final for the first time in the history thanks to penalty miss by Yuichi KOMANO and Oscar CARDOZO scored in following spot kick that send Japan packing.

Man of The Match: Keisuke HONDA (18)

Yuichi KOMANO Clipped The Cross Bar And Miss

Oscar CARDOZA Celebrate With Justo VILLAR For Scoring The Last Spot Kick

Eiji KAWASHIMA React After Oscar CARDOZO Winning Goal

Despair Japanese

Paraguay Celebrate The Victory

Dejected Marcus Tulio TANAKA

Former World Player of The Year Cristiano RONALDO failed to take his country to next round of the tournament after David VILLA 63rd minutes goal send them packing home. Not only did Spain won the game, they also dominate as lacksture display from the Portugise made thing much more easier for Spain, only not to be beaten with more goal. By the 90 minutes, it’s David VILLA only goal that seperate both team.

Man of The Match: XAVI (8)

Cristiano RONALDO & Fernando TORRES

Fernando TORRES Falls To Bruno ALVES Challenge

Cristiano RONALDO React To Miss Of Chance

David VILLA Celebrate Scoring Spain Victory Goal

David VILLA & Man of The Match XAVI

Cristiano RONALDO Walk Away After The Defeat

Sad to see Japan being eliminated but … finally Portugal is out lol 😛

Match Day 18 – Holland & Brazil March On June 28, 2010

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Arjen ROBBEN is back and now the Holland team is much stronger and they continue their unbeaten record at the expense of Slovakia. Early goal from Ajen ROBBEN in the 18th minutes added up with another Holland star Wesley SNEIJDER in the 84th minutes give Holland a two goal lead although Robert VITTEK managed one in the 4th minutes into injury time from the spot. However Slovakia had two great chance but were denied by Maarten STEKELENBURG with two world class save.

Man of The Match: Arjen ROBBEN (11)

Jan MUCHA Failed To Stop Arjen ROBEEN From Scoring

Arjen ROBBEN Celebrate His Goal

Wesley SNEIJDER Celebrate Holland Second Goal

Robert VITTEK Reach To Miss Of Chance

Dejected Slovakia Player Radoslav ZABAVNIK

Friendly Gesture From Miroslav STOCH & Arjen ROBBEN

Brazil show Chile who is the Copa big player by thrashing them three goals to nil. Brazil took the lead through unexpected scorer, JUAN in the 35th minutes then Luis FABIANO added to his already 2 goals in the tournament. ROBINHO complete the score in fashion, his 8th goals in 6 games against Chile. Brazil shall now face Holland in the next round game.

Man of The Match: ROBINHO (11)

JUAN The Unlikely Scorer

Luis FABIANO Celebrate With KAKA For Brazil Second Goal

ROBINHO Celebrate After Scoring Brazil Third Goal

Brazil Celebrate

Arturo VIDAL React After The Defeat

Dejected Chile Players

Yes, now I’ll see either Ooi PK team or Michael team progress … too bad Italy already a history for this tournament 😦

Match Day 17 – Germany & Argentina March On June 27, 2010

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Finally England faced with the real test of real football and based on their performance in the group stage, I seriously do not think they can play against the on form Germany team. It’s indeed true when they were tamely outplayed by the German. Miroslav KLOSE open the scoring in the 20th minutes after a long ball which should have been easily dealt by John TERRY who obviously failed allow Miroslav KLOSE to get better of him and put the ball into the back of the net. Soon Lukas PODOLSKI made it two goal lead in the 32nd minutes although England managed to pull one back through Matthew UPSON on the 37th minutes. England has a legal goal was rule out when a fierce long range from Frank LAMPARD bounced out from the goal and too bad the assistant referee did not acknowledge it and the referee say it’s not a goal. Oh well, it could be a major talking point but that is the something worry the German, a brace from Thomas MULLER in the 67th and 70th minutes has put England hope to ash as the German team march on with pride while the Lions were shown with the reality of real football. Not the talking football. Bravo Germany! 🙂

Man of The Match: Thomas MULLER (13)

Miroslav KLOSE Celebrate First Goal

Lukas PODOLSKI Score The Second Goal For Germany

Matthew UPSON Score England Only Goal

Wayne ROONEY Final Game

Thomas MULLER Score Against England

Fabio CAPELLO Watching In Despair

Argentina put up another convincing game against Mexico this time to move into the quarter final. A brace from Carlos TEVEZ in the 26th and 52nd minutes and a goal in between on 33rd minutes from Gonzalo HIGUAN put Argentina in the driving seat. Javier HERNANDEZ pull a goal back in the 71st minutes but Argentina hanged on their two goals lead to end the game 3-1.

Man of The Match: Carlos TEVEZ (11)

Carlos TEVEZ Score Opening Goal

Gonzalo HIGUAN Score Argentina Second Goal

Carlos TEVEZ Score Argentina Third Goal

Mexico Protest Against Carlos TEVEZ Goal

Javier HERNANDEZ Celebrate His Consolation Goal

Argentina Celebrate At The End Of The Game

Errr … I think I have been talking bad about England all this so hopefully they would change my impression on them in comming tournament.

Is My Tyre Ok? June 27, 2010

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Oh, early in the morning before send Andy to the bus stop for him to travel to KLIA I found that my car front right tyre with pierce by a sharp edges nut. It was probably the nut from my neighbour as I realise something was wrong the very moment I left my house.

The Sharp Edges Nut

Surprisingly, no leakage were found though for pre-caution, I did change it to spare tyre first before taking it to shop the in morning for proper inspection (yeah, it’s now 12:10am). Glad to hear that nothing is wrong with the tyre … errr … not really comfortable with it, I brought it for another checking in Penang 🙂

Match Day 16 – Uruguay & Ghana March On June 26, 2010

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A double from Luis SUAREZ ended the dream of South Korea in the World Cup 2010 as they intend to re-create World Cup 2002 archievement ended officially. However it was not without any fight as Uruguay only managed to win it with a goal margin when Chung-Yong LEE 68th minutes strike cancelled out Luis SUAREZ early goal on the 8th minutes. In fact South Korean were holding more possession and manage more shot than the Uruguay but finally a magical touch of Luis SUAREZ in the 80th minutes seperate the team.

Man of The Match: Luis SUAREZ (9)

Luis SUAREZ Celebrate His First Goal

Diego FORLAN Breaking Away

Chung-Yong LEE Celebrate The Equaliser

Edinson CAVANI Out Jumped The South Korean

Uruguay Celebrate Luis SUAREZ Goal

Dejected South Korean

Asamoah GYAN goal in the three minutes into the extra time put Ghana into the next round. It’s another game that seperated by one goal and this time, the USA ran out of luck. The were trailing as early as the 5th minutes to goal from Kevin Prince BOATENG. However John MENSAH fouled in the area gave Landon DONAVAN the chance to bring USA back into the game. He made no mistake from the spot and the game proceed to extra time after finishing the 90 minutes with a draw. As soon as the game restart, Asamoah GYAN gave Ghana the lead once again and that remained til the end of the game.

Man of The Match: Andre AYEW (13)

Kevin Prince BOATENG Score Early Goal

Benny FEILHABER Almost Put USA On Level

Landon DONAVAN Prepare For Spot Kick

Landon DONAVAN Score From The Spot

Ghana Celebrate Their Victory

Tim HOWARD React After Defeat

It’s sad to see South Korea crashed out from the tournament as well as the USA … I thought they deserved a place with their great work rate and sportmanship … much better compare to big team like England and etc (Yes, I don’t like England team as they are always up with rubbish excuses on all shit).

One Day Ipoh Trip June 26, 2010

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It has been quite a while since I last been to Ipoh and since today we got someone to drive us there, why not. Andrew plan to bring my aunt’s kids to Ipoh for movie, The Legend Is Born – Ip Man.

Adrian, Syamil, Syafiq & Sheila

Adrian & Andy On Arcade Motor Game

We went to Ipoh Parade first but found out that the movie was not shown there (sigh), so we went to Sushi King to have our so called lunch-hi tea before moving to Kinta City. The movie would start at about 5:30pm while we still have a lot of time, we went to the Game Arcade to have some fun.

The Legend Is Born - Ip Man

As for the movie, it’s not bad as what I thought and it also feature the true Wing Chun master, Ip Chun in the movie. Just a brief posting as I’ve already forgot most of the details happening that day. Oh well, it’s a long back dated blog post lol 😛

Match Day 15 – Portugal, Brazil, Chile & Spain Through June 25, 2010

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Portugal join the most time world champion into the second round after a hard fought to a goalless draw in Durban. Both team have several chance taking the game into their hand but Brazil were clearly more superior in term of possession of 61% against Portugal. However playing under tremenderous pressure, the Portugis still managed to mark 13 shots against Julio CESAR. After 90 minutes of play, finally both team settled for a draw.

Man of The Match: Cristiano RONALDO (7)

Dani ALVES Help Cristiano RONALDO

JOSUE Replace Felipe MELO

TIAGO Being Booked By The Referee

PEPE Challenge By Luis FABIANO

DANNY Break Free From Gilberto SILVA

Ivory Coast mark their first victory in the tournament but were send packing home together with their opponent of the day, North Korea. The North Korean were very much expected losing the game but they played to defend their pride of losing with dignity after the previous game against Portugal. Nevertheless, Yaya TOURE (14th minutes), ROMARIC (20th minutes) and Salomon KALOU (82nd minutes) score to give Ivory Coast the happy ending on otherwise disappointing tournament.

Man of The Match: Didier DROGBA (11)

Didier DROGBA vs Kwang-Chon RI

North Korea Skipper Yong-Jo Hong vs Emmanuel EBOUE

Yaya TOURE Score The First Goal

North Korea Goal Concede Again

Disappointing Ending For The North Korean

For the European champion Spain, after the shock defeat to Switzerland in the first group match, they buck up themselves well now to beat Chile with goal from David VILLA (24th minutes) and Andres INIESTA (37th minutes) though Rodrigo MILLAR (47th minutes) pull Chile back into the game in the second half, they failed to breakthough Iker CASILLAS tight guard. The game also saw Marco ESTRADA were shown the early exit after collecting two yellow cards. Although Chile were defeated but they still qualify to the next round thanks to two victory earlier and have to settle for runner up spot on head-to-head record against Spain.

Man of The Match: Andres INIESTA (6)

Esteban PAREDES Sorry To Charles PUYOL

Waldo PONCE Challenge By Fernando TORRES

Andres INIESTA Celebrate His Goal

Rodrigo MILLAR Celebrate His Goal

Marco ESTRADA Were Shown The Early Exit

Final group stage game between Switzerland and Honduras ended in goalless draw as both team crashed out from the tournament. Honduras, the debutant in world stage competition managed a point as they fought bravely and they definitely deserve it. As for Switzerland, they failed to follow the footsteps of Chile and Spain to take advantage of Honduras inexperience team.

Man of The Match: Noel VALLADARES (18)


Switzerland On The Attack Again

Benjamin HUGGEL Hold Off David SUAZO

Stephan LICHTSTEINER React After Missing A Chance

Dejected Switzerland Players

Now looking forward to the second round if those big team will keep the team going … probably not with the English 😛

Match Day 14 – Japan, Holland, Slovakia & Paraguay Through June 24, 2010

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Defending champion failed to move into second round after they failed to record victory in all the group matches. Two draw and a defeat sum up the poor form of the Italian, not much different compare to the France team. However rather than going down like the France, the Italian almost pull themselves back in the dying moment but Slovakia were good to hold onto their lead. Robert VITTEK gave Slovakia two goals lead in the 25th minutes and 73rd minutes. Italy pull a goal back through Antonio DI NATALE but were soon punished by Kamil KOPUNEK in the 89th minutes to restore the two goals lead. Fabio QUAGLIARELLA score Italian last goal of the tournament two minutes into the injury time before packing home.

Man of The Match: Robert VITTEK (11)


Antonio DI NATALE React After Missing The Chance To Score

Fabio CANNAVARO Trying To Motivate His Teammates

Vincenzo IAQUINTA Tussle With Jan MUCHA For The Ball

Slovakia Celebrate Their Victory

New Zealand set unbeaten record as something to be proud of from the tournament as they failed to move into second round. They now went home with their heads held high and even have a better record compare to the Italian team. However they could have easily beaten by the Paraguay with 17 shots against 4 shots managed by the All Whites. Nevertheless, the result stood still without any goal scored.

Man of The Match: Roque SANTA CRUZ (9)

Rory FALLON Fending The Ball Away From Paraguay Player

Nelson VALDEZ Surrounded By All "White"

The Referee In Control

New Zealand After The Defeat

Ryan NELSEN & Former Blackburn Rover's Teammate Roque SANTA CRUZ

Japan continue their fairy tales in World Cup after beating the Danish team to move into the second round. They qualified for the first time to the second round in foreign soil through goal from Keisuke HONDA (17th minutes), Yasuhito ENDO (30th minutes) and Shinji OKAZAKI (87th minutes). Denmark consolation goal was scored by Jon Dahl TOMASSON in the 81st minutes.

Man of The Match: Keisuke HONDA (18)

Keisuke HONDA Celebrate First Goal

Yasuhito ENDO Score From Set Piece

Japan Celebrate

Dennis ROMMEDAHL Challenge By Yoshito OKUBO

Thomas SORENSEN Pick The Ball On Three Occasion

Holland maintain to be the only team with 100% records of victory when they completed their group stage against Cameroon. Goal from Robin VAN PERSIE in the 36th minutes was cancelled out by Samuel ETO’O in the 65th minutes goal after Rafael VAN DER VAART was adjudged to handle inside the area. Holland winning goal came from substitute Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR in the 83rd minutes.

Man of The Match: Robin VAN PERSIE (9)

Robin VAN PERSIE Demostrate Fying Dutch

Cameroon On Set Piece

John HEITINGA Try To Head Away From Samuel ETO'O

Maarten STEKELENBURG Beaten From The Spot

Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR Celebrate His Winning Goal

Yes, both Japan and Holland made it to the next round 🙂

Temple Visit June 24, 2010

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Temple has been part of the attraction of Penang and Lil has been quite into such believe of Gods, so our visit today is mainly on the temple around Penang.

Snakes On Display @Snake Temple

Snake Temple

In the morning, I brought them for breakfast at Bukit Jambul area for ‘pan mian’. They seem to like it lol. Then we headed home waiting for Andrew and co. to reach. As Andrew need to bring his wife for medical checkup, so we went in seperate way. They go to hospital and then to Gurney Plaze to shop while I brought Lil and her friends to first destination, the Snake Temple. It’s actually the first time I been to Snake Temple as well. There were python snakes and a few other snakes was on display while some were cage with fees to access to it. Since we were not really keen to come face to face with many of such creature, a few which is on display would be just fine.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Statue of The God of Mercy

Lil's Badger In The Mouth of The Dragon

Giant Statue

Giant Statue

Giant Statue

Giant Statue

White Pagoda @Kek Lok Si

After the Snake Temple, the next destination is the Kek Lok Si Temple. I think this is the most interesting temple for them as it’s the biggest in Penang for sure. The statue of God of Mercy is definitely an attraction. It’s the ‘N’ times I was there so it’s just the same for me lol, but for Chloe and Anne, probably it’s something for them to be amazed of.

The Sleeping Buddha

The Golden Buddha

Art-Crafted Building

The Gold Colour Building

The World Is Under The Godly Creatures

The next is place the Thai Temple nearby to Gurney area. I not sure what’s the name of the temple but there’re where the sleeping Buddha was located. Just right opposite of it is another Thai temple as well with a nice gold Buddha statue. Overall Penang people probably believe a lot of such thing, that’s including myself probably.

Adrian, Andrew, Ong SL & Andy

Jane, Lil, Chloe & Anne

As we run out of place to visit to (yes, I’m a poor tour guide) so we just went over Macalister Road to get some ‘猪肠粥’ and other stuff to eat as we skipped our lunch then lol. At about 7:00pm we went to QBM to have our dinner at Dragon-I before they heading back to Sitiawan.