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Dinner At Michellin Star July 30, 2010

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Taking 1/2 day leave going back has never been more rewarding than earning a dinner at Michellin Star with family. Again it’s Leng Lui to treat us the dinner, it has always been on her as far as I could remember.

Michellin Star Restaurant

Leng Lui, Grandparents and Grand Aunt

Scallop With Brocolli

The Fried And Steam Fish (2-In-1)

Braised Pork And Chicken

Claypot Beancurb

This is the first time for me to eat there, the environment … not bad. The foods, so so only though the decoration look nice. It was the first impression that make me think it’s rather high class dining restaurant but the price, quite reasonable. Overall, I would rate it 6 out of 10 lol. Thank you Leng Lui for the dinner.


Bad News July 29, 2010

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It hasn’t been easy to absorb bad news for anyone especially for my grandpa. On what we thought he would be fine and going strong, now he’s confirm diagnose with cancerous cells in his body … just about a month after he celebrated his 80th years old birthday. It’s just too much for everyone.

 Nothing much can be done at this moment apart from getting advise from other specialist on what is the available options for him and hope thing would be fine. I still remember the sms from Leng Lui about how sad she was when the doctor broke the news. Just pray hard.

Boring Meeting Today July 28, 2010

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After having a training session day before, today we had another meeting session with our Japan IT counterpart on some rules and specification on the change over project.

Panaroma Photo (2 Photo Stitch)

Ohhh … I think my mind was just not in place for any meeting today that I felt so sleepy and boring. I was so boring that I played with my camera phone snapping some panaroma photo again and again and again.

Sister In-Law @Station One

Jane @Station One

My Order Of Nasi Lemak

In the evening, my sister in-law came with her brother’s wife, Lee CL. We had our dinner at Station One in QBM before heading back to my house. My sister in-law is here because she would be going for medical check-up tomorrow.

Change Over System Training July 27, 2010

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As soon we would be having a change over of a system due to change of business rules, our headquarter company in Japan send several of their IT members to provide us with training on their latest change over system.

Japan System Training

Japan System Training

Basically I have no idea what is their system as those using the system is planner from Production Control Department while our side is mainly working on how to provide the information that requires from Japan. However it’s good to have some understanding on how Japan side system works. Gambatte … another boring and sleepy training 😦

慈济 Charity Foods Fair July 25, 2010

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‘慈济’ (Tzu Chi) is a foundation that aim to contribute to better living in term of health, education, humanism and etc. More information can be obtained through Tzu Chi Foundation website.

God of Mercy Statue

The Arrangement Of The Event

Jane And Co Preparing The Stall

The Longan Toufu Fa

Jawa Mee By Jane's Mum

As Jane’s uncle is an active member of Tzu Chi foundation, he invited us to help out during this charity food fair at Nibong Tebal. It was not a very grand in term of number of stalls but I believe most of the people there were there for charity. Jane’s sister sponsor ‘Longan Toufu Fa’ while her mum cook Jawa Mee for our stalls. Myself and Jane were there to help selling those foods.

Jane's Pre-Pack The Jawa Mee

Jane And Her Mum Work Together

Jane's Nephew, Brandon Ng

The Crowds On The Day

The event started at about 8:00am and ended almost 1:00pm. It was downpour by the time it finish. As not many people is coming due to the weather, so we took some of the unsold item back. It was a nice event to be involved as I have seriously never been into such thing ever since I left the Interact Club. It kinda bring back some fond memories of those day.

World Cup Treat By Tan CS July 23, 2010

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It was a very bad choice of me taking Italy as my team for World Cup 2010 as they became the second big name eliminated in the tournament. That directly made my wallet RM50 lighter hahaha 😀

Koed HK (England), Tan CS (Spain) And Danny (France)

Danny (France), Chua CK (Argentina) And Michael (Brazil)

Quah AS (Portugal) And Tan GS (Germany)

Anyway, there was a small return from the losing bet as Tan CS, the winner of the bet by taking Spain gave us a lunch treat to thank us for the kind donation. It’s the winner take all bet so no prize for the first runner-up, Ooi PK who picked Holland team. Anyway thank you Tan CS for the lunch treat … should’ve ordered more dishes lol 😛

Missing My Bleach July 21, 2010

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What had happened to Bleach7, my only source of Bleach Manga and Anime has now been shutdown for a while. I haven’t really be able to keep up with the progress of the story now for both Manga and Anime. I used to watch Dattebayo version so I’m not really keen on other version. However if thing don’t progress well in near future, probably I’ll have to look for alternative then.

Bleach Characters

Bleach … I really miss ya a lots 😦

Lunch @Pantai Remis July 18, 2010

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Yippie, today I’ve got myself free lunch at Pantai Remis as my ‘美女’ aunt would treating us. It has been quite a while since I last makan with her, I think the last time was early June when we went out for ‘鸭腿面’ in Lumut.

Ordered Dishes For Lunch

My Sister In-Law And Grand-Aunt

Today lunch we are having at a place which is about 30 minutes away from Sitiawan, that’s Pantai Remis. As I would be going back to Penang straight, it’s a nice stop over for me. The name of the restaurant is Lee Soon Kee, which my friends used to gather there for annual gathering dinner before Chinese New Year. We had satay fish, prawn, beansprout and etc but the best dishes of the day would be the Drunken Crabs. It tasted so nice that thinking about it make my feeling hungry now.

Grandpa And Leng Lui Aunt

My Grandparents

A lunch for 6 persons is just nice. Thank you ‘美女’ 🙂

Back Home In Sitiawan July 17, 2010

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It’s always great to be back in Sitiawan and ever since mid of June, I’ve been almost every weekend back to Sitiawan because my sibling were all back. However last week, all of them already left yet again.

A Panaroma Photo Taken With My SE K800i

Oh well, my sister in-law is staying back this time though. Errr … not sure how would it be as I have not really staying with her ever since and … oh well … shouldn’t be that bad I think. Communicate more would be just fine I suppose 🙂 Hope we’ll be able to get along well ya.

Hooy’s Last Day And Company Admin Social Day Out July 16, 2010

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Another friend of mine would be leaving the company. This is the first time I’m paying tribute to someone that leaving which is not from my department. This friend of mine, Hooy SL whom I the first time I met her was the day she tendered her resignation … for the first time hehehe :P. She was previously holding the position of Supervisor in the production line then she applied for job change to Purchasing Department.

Myself And Hooy

Firstly, I want thank her for having faith in me and share with me her joys and tears. Though she’s quite a few years younger than me, however her thinking is rather mature and she gave me the impression of being a very positive person. However I really hope she would meet her dream man soon and have a great time in her future 🙂 Good luck ya.

Myself And Ooi CM

My ITD Colleagues

ITD Group Photo

Today is also the day my company is organizing an Admin Social Day out. It’s a combination of Account Department, Human Resource Department, Information Technology Department, Production Control Department and Purchasing Department get-together event. It was held at the CitiTel Hotel. It was a buffet style dinner. The foods was just so so but with the people there, we had quite a great time and thanks to Chew SK, I have some nice photo to show here now :).

Myself And Ong LH

Myself, Hooy SL And Chan HH

Another ITD Group Photo

After the event, my boss invited us to Upper Penang Road to have some fun. There was quite a few of us but after joining in for a while, I left the party as I don’t really enjoy those alcohol stuff but for the short time I was there, I saw and learn quite a few thing about those colleagues of mine 🙂 Nice time out we had there.