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Blissful Bridal Package August 29, 2010

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It’s again another Sunday and heavy heart of mine reluctantly but to tell myself that I need to go back to Penang again. Today I would be fetching Serena and Keith to catch their flight from Penang to Singapore at about 8:00pm flight. As we were worried about the traffic, we decided to leave Sitiawan earlier, at about 2:30pm. I have a last check on grandpa condition before we left.

Blissful Bridal Studio

We reached Penang at about 5:30pm, I was doing slow on the highway then. I fetched them to have a quick light dinner before putting them at the airport slightly earlier because I wanted to go back to the Bridal Fair events at PISA to check if any attractive package is available.

Blissful Bridal Package Contract

Not many that attract both Jane and myself except for Blissful Bridal Studio. We browsed through their product and packages and Jane seem to like it a lot. Oh well, we were not into wedding thingy just yet, wanted to take a package just for fun for having it. After long and details explaination, of course discussion between Jane and myself … finally we decided to take a package from them 😛


Tea drinking ceremony August 28, 2010

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Firstly, today grandpa condition was just so so … not really weak and still walking around but he was having problem whenever he eat, he would need to go to toilet within probably 1/2 an hour. That’s sad to see but I knew he was trying his best to cope with it as he did not want to trouble anyone of us with his condition.

Grandpa Accepting Tea From Aiden

Grandma Accepting Tea From Aiden

Anyway, it’s a chinese tea drinking ceremony today for my second aunt who is getting married again. As she planned it at the end of the year, however she decided to bring it forward as first it’s definitely something for grandpa and grandma to cheer about as well as everyone is around, so it would be merrier. The ceremony was held at the Michelin Star restaurant.

Serena And Her Cheeky Expression

Ah Mei Uncle

After the dinner, we went home and I went to aunt Christine’s place to stay over as our house is already over crowded, Andy and his wife, Serena and Keith and Jane and myself would be. However that night was a night that I saw something which never ever cross my mind that it would happened in our family. I won’t be revealing anything here but it’s sad to see how thing is going on especially when it comes to responsibility and being mature. Something is just simply not right and it’s beyond my control, just sad to learn that it does happened.

ps: Mind me camcorder quality photo 😛

Back To Sitiawan Again August 27, 2010

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It’s another Friday and it’s again another half day leave for myself. Now everyone is already back home in Sitiawan including my brother and I would be joining them tonight after fetching Serena and Keith from the Penang International Airport. I came back from work at about 12:40pm and fetch Jane to the Bridal Fair events at the PISA. We walk around to look for some package that suit us as we intend to have some bridal photo taken first just for fun. However due to time constraint, we have to leave in rush to fetch Serena and Keith at 3:00pm.

Bridal Fair @PISA

Bridal Fair @PISA

Adrian's Graphic Card

After fetching them, I came back  to my house to get all my stuff before heading over to PC Depot @E-Gate to get some item for Adrian. Those items were 1.5TB harddisk, AMD Processor, Graphic card and wireless keyboard & mouse. However for his processor, there’s no stock for this branch and I have to go over to Pacific at Seberang Jaya to get it. We move on with our journey then. What an unlucky day, there was a massive jam as we exit from the Changkat Jering tol due to heavy rain earlier causing some fallen trees blocking the whole road. We waited for it to be cleared.

Massive Jam After Exit From Changkat Jering Tol

Joining The Rest For Dinner

Supper Time @777

Andrew & Sister In-Law @777

Finally we reached Sitiawan at about 7:20pm and had our dinner at one of the cafe in Sri Manjung. Everyone was there already by the time we reached. At night, we went out for supper at the 777 cafe before calling it a day. Dead tired 😦

Microsoft SQL Reporting Server Seminar August 25, 2010

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Seminar, that’s something that we always would like to have and it would be even better if it’s held out of the company. Anyway, this round, we would be doing it in the company as the number of attendees is huge therefore it’s not feasible to do it outside. It would be a 3 days seminar that show us from installing SQL Reporting Server to configuration and setting to suit each environment to managing the server to developing report using the tools.

Installing The Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Lim SL, Tan SK, Tang SY & Chan HH In The Seminar

It’s interesting stuff as the previous similar training that we went were on how to use and developing report but not on installation as well as configuration. Now we do have the knowledge on it and we won’t be easily fooled by the server side personnel anymore hahaha [if they ever fool us] 😛

Most Would Be Back August 24, 2010

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As each day passed by, it seem like everyone is putting everything aside to make a trip back home to visit grandpa. It has been a lot about grandpa lately for everyone and I wish I would be able too. I heard that both my grand-aunt are on their way back by abandoning their holiday plan and burnt their original ticket which schedule to fly on the 5th September and get a new one to fly back asap. The usually busy aunt, Janice would be travelling too and Andy would be doing the same through his unpaid leave. His wife, Jin DY would be joining from Beijing while my bro is struggling to decide if he would be back but of course, he is definitely desperate to do so however thing is beyond his control and he is trying his best to make his present felt.

Wishing all of you a safe journey [since this is backlog post, sure they had safe trip back].

Rainy Sunday Morning August 22, 2010

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I haven’t really sleep well the whole night, waking up on and off to check if grandpa need anything. That doesn’t help much with the facts that I watch movie from laptop til about 2:00am in the morning. However God is rather kind to me that it rains at about 6:00am that make it nice for me to catch up with some sleep. That only happened after my aunt came to take over my place. I remained there for a while before heading home to get my refresh and breakfast as well.

It's Rainy Sunday Morning

The Rainy Sunday Morning [That Civic Is Not My Bro's Civic lol]

In the late morning, I went over to the hospital again with grandma to check how is everything going on. Grandma was not feeling well too and she suspect herself is infected with dengue fever but she show no sign of it at the moment. She’ve been feeling tired since late last week. After visiting grandpa, we went for lunch at Kin Yew restaurant since no one cooks at home. My third aunt already left for Johore by then.

Honda Integra DC5 Type-R

Honda Integra DC2 [Yellow], City [Bluish Silver], Civic [White] & Integra DC5 [White]

For the whole afternoon, I just rest at home to prepare myself to travel back to Penang. Just as I was about to leave, there’s this dream car of mine drove in to my house. Wondering who is that and keen to check out the car … ohhh … it’s my eldest grand-aunt second son that came to visit my grandpa. He didn’t know grandpa was admitted to hospital then. We had some brief conversation before I start my journey. However, I dropped by the hospital to take a last check on grandpa and told him I shall be meeting him again coming weekend as encouragement for him to stay strong.

Grandpa Admitted August 21, 2010

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It’s sad to know that grandpa need to be admitted but it’s for the good of himself anyway because his body has been low of salt and that cause his body bloated slightly especially with his legs. In the morning, we was still fine but due to whenever he eats, he tend to pass motion and sad to say, sometimes not within his control anymore, he decided to reduce his foods intake hence causing his body lack of protein and minerals. Apart from that, he seems to losing his voice and easily get thirsty.

My Little Cousin, Woo KR

Playing With Woo KR

At about 2:30pm, my aunt asked him if he is ok with the idea of being admitted to hospital and explained to him why we have this plan. Basically it’s an advise from Dr. Cheng as well due to his health. As his condition visibly getting worst, we were really worried he might not be able to make it anytime soon. We contacted our grand-aunts who are holiday-ing in Ireland then if they would be able to fly back asap as well as my second aunt. He then agreed and we left to the Manjung Specialist Hospital. It’s not easy for grandpa to take it as all this while, he is able to take care of himself well but now he need close attention and care from his love one and being the older generation, he hates to bother us to take care of him (if you get what I mean).

The Manjung Specialist Hospital

This Is Something Classic, Brought it Out For Washing

Can't Sleep That Night, Tried To Kill Some Times Through Movie

That night I spend my night with him at the hospital. It was possible because my grandpa was staying in private room so I thought it would be great if someone is there to look after him. Initially he thought I was there to visit him and kept asking me to go home but then he gave in. We had a talk that night and he know his condition might get worst, so he talk to me as if he is announcing his will to me. He told me that we (whoever still around) must take care of grandma and whatever left behind of him shall be passed over to grandma. He said that should be enough for grandma to see out her life before it come to an end. I shall always remember that very moment.

ps: Lil or whoever in the family, I do have video of grandpa on that day. Let me know if you are interested.

Halfday Leave To Go Home August 20, 2010

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Lately I’ve been taking quite a lot of leave and today I would be taking another half day leave just to beat the traffic to get home to Sitiawan earlier. My initial plan was to take a full day leave but due to meeting with vendor to demo to us their system, so I opt for halfday instead.

It’s sad to say that my grandpa condition is not that good anymore and since that’s the case, I would tried my best to be with him whenever possible. This week would also be seeing my third aunt travel all the way from Johore to Sitiawan for the same purpose. Hopefully grandpa condition would turn better 🙂

Great Start For The Devils August 17, 2010

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The English Barclay Premier League for season 2010/11 has begun with remarkable fashion for the Red Devils though their victory was overshadowed by the bigger margin victory of Chelsea against WBA on Saturday night.

Injured Duo Watch From The Stand

Dimitar BERBATOV Score The Opening Goal

Darren FLECTHER Celebrate The Second Goal

Playing only on Monday after the rest of the team played, Manchester United host last season Championship side which was once a great power in the Premier League as well, Newcastle United. However their success in the Championship side does not put them on par with Manchester United as they were soundly beaten by three goals to nil. It was a good sign for the Devils as they too beaten Chelsea in the Community Shield competition a week earlier.


Javier HERNANDEZ Replace Wayne ROONEY

Man Utd Celebrates Ryan GIGGS Goal

The Magpies Left Dejected

Great job done by Dimitar BERBATOV, Darren FLETCHER and Ryan GIGGS.

Sunday Walkaround August 15, 2010

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It has been quite a hectic week for me running around for the entire two weeks and since Jane has gone back to her mum house yesterday, it’s a good day for me to relax a while to refresh myself. I slept til late in the morning (yes, it’s still morning by the time I woke up) and feeling refresh and having nothing much to do, I called to Puah CM to ask if he’s interested to go to Gurney Plaza for nothing.

A&W Restaurant

My Favourite A&W Rootbeer Float

The Coney Hotdog

We had our lunch at the A&W, it has been a while since I last had. I miss the tasty rootbeer float for sure and I think it has something to do with the ice-cream that they are using. It taste just different from the one I tried to make one at home. Probably my Nestle/Magnolia ice cream were not up to the standard. Maybe I should try with Baskin Robin or Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice-cream next time. After lunch, we went walking around doing nothing.

Jewellery Rings

Jewellery Ring

Jewellery Rings

Jewellery Rings

Since I have some plan in my mind and Puah CM is about to get married any time soon, so we decided to browse to some jewellery shop. We went to several shop like GoldHeart, Lazio Diamond, OE Jewellery, Habib, Love & Co, SK Jewellery and etc to look for some ring within “our” budget. Oh well, it definitely range from within budget and to out of budget even with just some slight different for my naked eye. Probably it’s just me being a novice in this area or just the brand that play the price. It’s all very nice indeed … so we’ll just see but my preference has always been the first shop that I went to, that’s the GoldHeart 🙂