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Dinner @Joo Leong Cafe October 29, 2010

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As Jane was rushing home to collect her winter jacket at Jusco Bandar Perda, it only left my sister in-law and myself for dinner. Don’t have any idea where to eat, I decided to bring my sister in-law to have the most expensive bee hoon th’ng in Penang, at least for me.

Joo Leong Cafe

Just Snap Some Photo While Waiting For My Bee Hoon

Joo Leong cafe, I’m sure most of the Penangite would know where is this cafe located. It’s along the road to the Penang International Airport. They are famous for their half-boiled eggs and also toasted bread. However for dinner, it’s their porridge and bee hoon that attract many while some other little stall like satay, salted-bake chicken (鹽焗雞), cuttlefish kangkong (鱿鱼蕹菜) and etc. We ordered two bowl of bee hoon with some extra ingredient but can’t recall what was it already. We also ordered satay. Not bad, it was a nice dinner for me until bill payment time. 2 bowls of bee hoon cost me RM29.00. That’s a lot for 2 bowls of bee hoon isn’t it? For me it is, not sure for you … it’s expensive or not but it’s ok, I’ve expected it anyway 😛


Winter Time Again October 28, 2010

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After learning from the internet that weather in Beijing is getting worst, Jane started to worry if her current winter jacket able to weather the freezing cold of Beijing. We decided to go to Winter Time again to look if there’s any suitable one … you know, just to try out our luck.

Jane In Her Current Winter Jacket

Initially saw one nice plain cardigan that she love but after looking at the price tag, it was not really worth it as she thought she won’t be using it again in near future. Further to that, it’s really a waste of money to buy it so we look at other option. Finally we found one, a reverse-able jacket which both side also can be wear. The design was not bad but the size was again the problem. It’s L size that available.

Honda Preparing For RoadShow @QBM

After long thought, I suggested the sales assistant to call other branch if they have M size instead. He found one available in Jusco Bandar Perda, we immediately booked it and ask them to sent over to QBM by tomorrow. We shall wait for their call then.

Priceless Photo October 24, 2010

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Recently while cleaning up my late grandpa’s room, I found what I would say is priceless photo that you can’t buy even you have all the money in the world. It’s a big family photo of mine … although I wasn’t part of it.

Photo Of Immediate Family Tree

The first photo above is the photo of my immediate family tree. As you can see, those sitting from left to right is my grandma, great-grandma, great-grandpa and my grandpa. The person stand in between my great-grandma and great-grandpa is my grand-uncle Peng. As for the rest from left to right is aunt Eleena, aunt Alice, my dad, uncle Lawrence, aunt Alice and aunt Hoi Ting. In the photo, the only person that I’ve never seen is my grand-uncle as he passed away when I was still a baby.

Big Family Photo

The second photo above is even priceless. It was taken when my grand-aunt Christine got married. I can’t recognize every single one but sure I do know most of them from my grandma. Another discovery was when the photo was taken, the telephone number is only 4 digits compare to now it’s already 7 digits, so you can guess how long old is this photo now. It’s really priceless … oh well, will take it to repair if possible then put it in my future house with my brother 🙂

Just Some Photo October 21, 2010

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Photo … out of sudden it has become something very important in life that it remind us of who we are and also of our beloved one. It certainly help to bring back a lot of memory as well as laughters.

Grandparents Photo In The 90's

My First & Last Holiday Overseas With Grandpa

Grandparents During Our Bali Holiday

Photo With Grandparents (Andrew & Myself In Pair)


I was browsing through some of the photo few days ago and found some really nice photo to share with. It’s definitely more than what I’ve posted here but these are few that I particularly like most 🙂

Chua CK’s Birthday October 18, 2010

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Ho, yet another birthday in office. This time is probably Chua CK turn. Again the cake was shared among some colleagues and was bought by Chan HH again from SP 🙂

Chua CK's Birthday Cake

Chua CK

Happy Birthday to ya 😀

Crab Bee Hoon October 16, 2010

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I’m back home in Sitiawan yet again. This time though, while looking for a caterpillar, I saw another interesting stuff. Probably they need some privacy … but still I snapped a photo of it and ta daaa … (refer the picture below 😛 )

The Flies Need Some Privacy

Back home for the second time without grandpa being around was kind of weird. Whenever it come to Friday night, he would give me a call asking if I would be coming home (even when I told him I won’t be able to sometimes) still. You know, just like if you able to, then I’ll prepare some food for you to bring back to Penang. Now I don’t get that question anymore.

The Crab For Bee Hoon

Moment Before Execution

... Turn Into Crab Bee Hoon

Anyway, still it’s nice to be back home. This time around, aunt Alice still around and she decided to cook us crab bee hoon. She ask her husband’s sister to bring some crab over to my place in the evening and then she taught Meera how to prepare the crab. It’s always nice to eat at home 🙂

Winter Time October 15, 2010

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It’s nice to have company trip but hor … why my company don’t have one?

🙂 Jane would be going to Beijing early next month with her company. The last time, they went to Hong Kong and that was about 2 years back, so I assume they would be having company trip every 2 years. It’s so nice, at least they felt rewarded of their hardwork.

Winter Time

Beijing, as many said it would be freezing cold by November and from weather forecast, this year winter would come slightly earlier so Jane was a bit worried about it. Winter cold is bad, she need to get herself some winter clothing or at least a winter jacket to keep her warm.

Jane Choosing Her Winter Jacket

We went to Winter Time in QBM to look for one. There are a lot of choices for her but she could not find one which is suit for her size. It’s either too small or too big for her … we ended empty handed that day. Will come again soon 🙂

Grandpa 7th Day Prayer October 12, 2010

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It’s already the 7th day after grandpa passed away and for chinese, we’ll held a pray which known as ‘头七’. Everyone was still around then but would be leaving soon as aunt Janice flight is on tonight while Lil flight would be on tomorrow morning. It was just a simple praying session as grandma always keep to thing simple. Just too bad when I reached home, the praying session was already over as the bus I took was late. Normally for 9:00am bus, it shall reach at about 11:45am. However due to the bus driver spend about 20 minutes of teh tarik session at the R&R on the highway, I was late then.

Waiting For Bus @Butterworth Bus Station

Lunch With Lil, Sister In-Law & Syamil

Syamil As Cheeky As Always

There’s another praying session at night. After the prayer, I went home to rest early as I would be leaving for Penang very early in the morning so instead of me, it’s my sister in-law that send my sis to the bus station.

Funeral Day 3 October 8, 2010

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Today would be the last day we’ll ever see grandpa again. After 2:00pm, he would be gone forever and just like fairy tales, I wish he would be in somewhere … somewhere far from suffering without any more worries. We shall take good care of grandma as usual so nothing much to worry about. Just hope he would watch and bless us.

In the morning, we have this chinese tradition of pulling the towel thingy. As the eldest grandson around, I on behalf of my brother to do the pulling. I did for myself and Jane too. There were several I would say ‘respect action’ to do before the 大房 would be sealed off. I put on his favourite watch as everyone take a last look at grandpa. Myself gave him a last kiss on his forehead.

Prayers were held and finally grandpa was carried out from the house. We knew he would be gone forever but we just stay strong. It’s time to sent him to somewhere he belong … grandma did not come along as we worried she might faint as the day was very hot. From our house, we walked under the hot sun to the temple near my school. We then travel on bus to the Simpang Dua cemetery where the body would be buried. I’ve tried my best to hold back my tear for the last few days but at that particular moment, I just couldn’t hold back anymore. I guess the same for Lil as we hugged each other. We then left for home.

Finally everything is over, the final prayer was done at home and we then clear up all the thing. My aunt held a treat for all those that help us throughout the three days as token of appreciation. Life goes on as usual after this … all our attention is on grandma especially when everyone would be leaving and wondering if she able to cope with life without grandpa. I’ll try my best to come back more often then.

As on the other side, Andrew posted another post on facebook: –

Andrew Chee Keong Lau: “出了家里的那扇门,我今生今世也再也看不见你了”
posted October 8 at 12:53pm

Funeral Day 2 October 7, 2010

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As grandpa funeral would not be held for long, only 3 days so it’s really a rush for everyone. Today aunt Alice, aunt Janice and Serena would be reaching too. As a lot of people came to pay last respect to my grandpa, luckily there are a lot of nice neighbour that came around to help with the ‘礼’ item which would be used later.

White Moth In The House

Jane wanted to come too but her office load is too much for her to leave. I asked her not to come as she can always pray for him anytime. It’s the heart that count. After all, she’ve been recognize as part of the family for sure. As for my office colleagues, thanks for the contribution.

Thank you to everyone that came as well as help us during this difficult moment.