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Last Car Service In 2010 December 31, 2010

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Today is suppose to be holiday as declared in respect to the achievement of the National Football Team in winning the AFC Suzuki Cup. Job well done to the young Malaysia Tigers. However, I’ll still need to be in the office to work on the month end closing. Before I went to office, I took my car for this year last service as the milage is about to hit 90k km. That’s a lot isn’t it for a car of 4 years plus.

Mitsubishi Lancer @Northern Garage

As usual, I service my car at the Northern Garage since I stop going to the Honda Official Service Center. The price and service here is much better and my idea is that, what would the different be if Northern Garage detect something wrong with my car compare to Honda as it’s no longer under warranty and all parts to be replaced need to be paid. Therefore I opted for reputable yet reasonable price workshop and stick to it ever since. Just like every other time I’m at Northern Garage, I’ll always come across some nice performance car either here for upgrade or modification on engine’s part. They are just simply pro to do so.

Golf GTI Under Modification

Subaru Impreza STi

After the service, I went to the office. Chan HH was already in office for her month end and to my surprise, Tan SK came in too just a while after me. His job encounter some problem and he’s required to be in to rectify the problem while myself is doing on shipment closing. I finished the month end at about 2:30pm, about the same time as Chan HH but not so lucky for Tan SK. I found out that he only completed his error rectification at about 6:00pm lol 😛

Lim KG & Jessie Teh

Late in the evening is the wedding dinner of my colleague Jessie Teh and Lim KG. I fetched Lim CJ to dinner and it’s was quite jam everywhere. Luckily we left earlier as I don’t have the habit to be late for any events lol. However as you know la, Malaysian Chinese wedding reception would never ever be on time especially for today as many people is expected to be caught in the traffic. The dinner was like a company gathering as Jessie’s dad was previously employee of the company and most of the attendees were either her dad former colleagues or Jessie and Lim KG’s colleagues (yes, both of them work in the same company). It’s a nice dinner and beyond my expectation of having second round somewhere else, now seem like it’s pointless d 🙂

ps: Photo will update only once I’ve got it from Chew SK 😐


Movie Day – Gulliver’s Travel December 29, 2010

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It’s Wednesday … it’s the Movie Day today. Ooi CM asked me few days back if I were interested for movie and I realised that I haven’t go for movie for quite sometimes … without much thought of it, I agreed with two tickets 🙂 It’s the Gulliver’s Travel that we were watching. I went with Jane and together with Ooi CM, Tang SY, Ong SY and another account department colleague.

Gulliver's Travels

Just another funny comedy without any real story line to follow. It’s a movie for relaxation for sure. Just laugh and enjoy without needing to think a lot. Oh … not really worth watching in the cinema actually but it’s just RM12 for two, ok la, no complaint.

My New Adidas Sports Shoe

After the movie, we went for quick shopping with myself ended buying instead of sandal, I bought a casual sports shoe. Jane in turn got herself an Esprit long pants 🙂

Wii-ing Til Shoulder Pain December 28, 2010

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Wii is now the latest toy in my life … just got it from my sister in-law last weekend and now … my shoulder is in pain. Someone told me it’s because I have work out for long but I think it’s too much effort being put into the bowling and tennis game 🙂 I think it’s time to stop a while with the hard work game and go for easier game of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The Wii Console

Wii Joystick & Knuckle

Great Wii-ing moment 🙂

Marks & Spencer Operetta December 26, 2010

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Have you ever wonder how it gonna taste like if you have a whole hazelnut surrounded by a rich praline cream & crisp wafer, coated in milk chocolate & chopped hazelnuts.

Marks & Spencer Operetta

That’s the Marks & Spencer Operetta 🙂 and thanks aunt Joanne.

Busy Christmas Day December 25, 2010

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What a busy Christmas day I’ve got this yea but … errr … not with anything that related to Christmas though. One of the reason I’m back in Sitiawan was to celebrate my sister in-law birthday (yes, again) and to just accompany my grandma even just for a day or two but it’s better than none isn’t it?

8 Pieces Of Cheese Cake

Sister In-Law With Her Cakes

The day started off with breakfast with grandma, grand-aunt, aunt Joanne and sister in-law. We went to Cheng Fatt noodle shop because grandma wanted to eat there. After breakfast, I was just lazying at home … sitting on grandpa’s favourite lazy chair while watching random channel on Astro. Aunt Joanne came a while later and I went out with her to get her car brake pad change. Then we went to Secret Recipe to get cake for sister in-law. My idea was to get 10 slices of cakes and arrangement is in round shape with small gap in between but the shopkeeper said I must buy 12 only they’ll do it for me. Idiot … so I change to 8 slices instead and demand each to be packed seperately … you know, just to give more job to them 😉 Bad Beejay haha and those cake was on aunt Joanne.

Both Grandmas Enjoying  The Meal

Grand-Aunt, Aunt And Cousin

The Meals

We then went for lunch at … you guess it right I think. Ah Pek Lee Kou Fuk again and this time is for aunt Joanne to enjoy the foods there. Before the lunch was being served, we sang sister in-law her birthday song and ta daaa … my bro ask me to get the ring which my sister in-law saw when going around for ring with me for my proposal. You can see the ring at my Shop For Ring post. What a birthday for her this year with so many people celebrate with her 🙂 Happy Birthday again ya!

The Decoration In The Ballroom

Token Of Appreciation

After the lunch, it’s time to go back Penang now. Wondering why I would go back today instead of tomorrow? It’s because I will be attending my friend, Vincent Lee’s wedding dinner. Initially I thought of pulling out as I realised that most of the people that I know would not be going and I thought I would get real bored then. However come to think again, I’ve already promised him and it’s not good to go against the words that I’ve gave, so I went. It’s not a bad dinner after all, I get to know two new friends and hope will keep in touch soon 🙂

New Met Friend, Shuan, Thong TC & Anselm

Thong TC, Myself, Wedding Couple, Gary, Shuan & Anselm

A tiring day … so after the dinner, I came home and was dead tired.

Christmas Gift December 24, 2010

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It’s about 5 months since I last had my car tyre balancing and alignment fixed, it’s about one month overdue which normally I would do it once every 4 months. Since I’m already late for my travelling back to Sitiawan, I might as well get it done before I go for another few more long distance driving knowing that my car alignment is definitely off a bit if not more.

Tyre Balancing In Progress

My Original Brake Pad vs New Brake Pad

Tyre Inflated To Be Filled With Nitrogen

However I did more than expected, my brake pad was almost worn out, only about 15% to 20% left. Oh well, I guess I won’t want to risk my life by saving few bucks on it, so I got it change as well. Apart from that, finally the nitrogen air pump is available again so I got my tyre filled up with it 🙂

My Christmas Starbucks Tumbler

Jane's Christmas Mickey Plush

I went to QBM with my sister in-law in the afternoon as she want to get herself some Shiseido facial product and myself too want to get a Christmas gift for Jane. She’ve got me a Starbucks tumbler earlier. I was struggling on what I should get for her, something that she like but not so practical or useful or something that she can use but probably she’ve already owned. In the end, I got her a big Mickey Mouse plush toy doll. I bet she gonna love it a lot 🙂

Dishes @Azuma

Sister In-Law Enjoying Japanese Meal

I treat my sister in-law at the Azuma as early celebration for her next day birthday. Oh well, we gonna celebrate it again for her tomorrow for sure together with grandma but I thought Japanese foods is nice and yet not available in  Sitiawan, so we I choose to treat her today … and to treat my stomach too 🙂

Bonus & RedBox Session December 23, 2010

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The most waited day of the year has finally arrived. It’s the bonus period and we shall be getting our annual bonus rewards and this year, my bonus was a good one which is beyond my expectation. It’s nice to know that there’s $$$ in your bank account by now lol 🙂

Chiam SL, Ooi CM, Tang SY, Myself, Chan HH & Jessie

Jessie, Lim KG, Danny & Tan EH

With bonus in hand, it’s time to enjoy. Oh well, basically it’s not only for bonus but also to celebrate for other reason like celebrate Christmas, Jessie wedding and etc … so we went to RedBox in First Avenue to have a minor celebration as well as to relax ourselves after all year long of working 🙂

Danny, Tan EH, Ooi LL, Yeoh LP & Chua CK

Group Photo With The Santa

We enjoy the buffet dinner which … ok ok la, some dishes is not bad but certainly not all. No complaint though … for fun and enjoy only mah. There were total of 14 of us but some left earlier. Nevertheless we really had lotsa fun that night and we actually were there for about almost 6 hours singing all night long 🙂

Tang Yuan From Tang SY December 22, 2010

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Just a blink of an eyes and it’s Dong Chih festival again. However for this year, I won’t be celebrating it in respect to the recent death of my grandpa. It’s part of the chinese custom that we shall not be celebrating big festival for 3 years including this one.

Glutinous Rice Balls By Tang SY

However it’s nice to know that even though I won’t be celebrating, yet I still get to taste the glutinous rice balls (tang yuan) thanks to my colleague Tang SY. It taste nice with ginger soup in it which normally is not our method of preparing this glutinous rice balls. Usually we would cook it in syrup with pandan leave but it’s ok, something new and still taste good. Thanks to Tang SY 🙂

Gift Exchange December 21, 2010

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Finally the draft of the insurance appeal and complaint letter has been check by Lil and ready for submission. Today I took another half day leave to submit the letter to the branch office which in turn would help to submit it to the headquarter in KL. Hopefully everything will turn out fine this time 🙂

Everyone Is Gathered For Gift Exchange

Various Size And Type Of Gift To Be Given Away

In the late afternoon, it’s the gift exchange time. Everyone look anticipated and eager to find out what is the gift they are about to received. I’ve known mine, it’s a big towel because it was wrapped in a transparent gift wrapping paper. There’re many kind of gift being chosen such as T-Shirt, decorative item, dolls and etc. It’s a lot of laughter on everyone face and it’s an enjoying moment. Merry Christmas to all 🙂

Buying For Gift Exchange December 20, 2010

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Today is the last day for me to buy a gift for gift exchange and it took me quite a while to find one gift which I think is suitable for Jessie as gift exchange. The value of the gift might be higher than the one set as minimal but I think it’s worth it. Afterall, I believe she would definitely love this gift as a display item for her wedding day which is last day of the year.

Arch Product

The Double Happiness Frame

The Double Happiness Frame

It’s a wood crafted motive in a frame that look certainly class yet meaningful. The one which I’ve got was Double Happiness which represent my wishes for her on her wedding though it’s suppose to be meant for Christmas gift exchange lol 🙂 Nice item and hope she would like it 🙂