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McD Lunch December 3, 2010

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in Foods, Free & Easy, Friends, General.

It has been quite a while since we last eat out during lunch hour. We used to have our lunch out of office but due to hot weather and 45 minutes of lunch time, we decided not to eat out, only once a while.

Ang KT Gave Me A Milk Flavour Lolipop

My Spicy Chicken McDeluxe

It’s a Friday lunch that we Malaysian tend to take it for granted. We normally would prolong it slightly considering time taken for those going for Friday prayer. Today we went to Sunshine McD to have our lunch. It has been so long since I last at because Jane do not have much choice of McD and she can’t have any chicken meal. I had Spicy Chicken McDeluxe this time and wow … I’m Loving It 🙂