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Eat All Day Long December 4, 2010

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Wow … I thought eating would be less in Sitiawan nowadays but I was proven wrong. I started my eating feast the moment I reach home today though it was quite late, about 2:00pm. Started off with lunch with my aunt and sister in-law together with my two little cousins at the Miss You Cafe.

Dinner At Hasnah Restaurant

After the lunch, at about 4:30pm, I had another round of meal because my friend/colleagues, Ooi PK and his wife travel from Penang all the way here to transit their journey to Pangkor Island. This time I brought them the Ah Pek Lee Kou Fuk to have some local hockchew foods. I fetched them to the Marina Island where they boarded on ferry to cross over to Pangkor Island instead of using the Lumut Jetty which usually would be crowded during weekend.

My Little Cousins Woo KR & Syamil

The Naughty Little Syamil

At about 7:30pm, it’s already dinner time. This time is family dinner and we had it at Hasnah Malay Restaurant because my third aunt wanted to taste their famous spicy and sour steam fish. You see, it’s about only 2 hours in between for each meal for me today and I feel like my stomach was bloated by the end of the day.

Our Long Time Neighbour We Used To Call Her Kim Poh

Grandma Chit Chat With Kim Poh

When we got home, we have a special guest waiting for us at home. Our long time neighbour came visit us. It has been so long sinc she came though she can’t really recognize us due to her health condition as well as suffering from alzheimer’s disease. For the whole night, she just kept on repeating over and over again of her story that probably would irritate most people but we do know her condition, so we just bear with it. However it’s nice to see her again and to know that she’s doing well apart from the old age disease. Wish her all the best 🙂