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Fogging December 6, 2010

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Free & Easy, Friends, General, Interesting.

Fogging has been something real common at my place here as it’s somehow known as a method to stop breeding of mosquito. However due to the timing of the fogging is usually in the evening about our after office hour, today I came across one.

Park My Car Aside During Fogging

The Fogging Team Fogging The Entrance Of E-Park

Just as I turn into my apartment, the whole area was clouded with white thick of fog that cause visibility rate drop to probably less than 10%. I can hardly see and judge if any car is ahead of me or not. I stop my car by the guard house by the entrance to wait for the fogging process to complete.

Why Is The Guy Still There Busy Writing?

It's All Fog Up

Partly also due to the facts that the lift would not be functioning during fogging as the alarm would trigger due to thick fog interpreted by the lift system as fire warning. Often I would here lift alarm goes off during fogging as someone got trap in it but nothing much can be done. I not sure if the security guard have any method to make the lift moving in such event.

Snowglobe From Chan HH

Nevertheless, I think fogging is good to keep the neighbourhood free of mosquito especially lately with a lot of dengue fever cases reported nationwide 🙂