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Bonus & RedBox Session December 23, 2010

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The most waited day of the year has finally arrived. It’s the bonus period and we shall be getting our annual bonus rewards and this year, my bonus was a good one which is beyond my expectation. It’s nice to know that there’s $$$ in your bank account by now lol 🙂

Chiam SL, Ooi CM, Tang SY, Myself, Chan HH & Jessie

Jessie, Lim KG, Danny & Tan EH

With bonus in hand, it’s time to enjoy. Oh well, basically it’s not only for bonus but also to celebrate for other reason like celebrate Christmas, Jessie wedding and etc … so we went to RedBox in First Avenue to have a minor celebration as well as to relax ourselves after all year long of working 🙂

Danny, Tan EH, Ooi LL, Yeoh LP & Chua CK

Group Photo With The Santa

We enjoy the buffet dinner which … ok ok la, some dishes is not bad but certainly not all. No complaint though … for fun and enjoy only mah. There were total of 14 of us but some left earlier. Nevertheless we really had lotsa fun that night and we actually were there for about almost 6 hours singing all night long 🙂



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