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Christmas Gift December 24, 2010

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It’s about 5 months since I last had my car tyre balancing and alignment fixed, it’s about one month overdue which normally I would do it once every 4 months. Since I’m already late for my travelling back to Sitiawan, I might as well get it done before I go for another few more long distance driving knowing that my car alignment is definitely off a bit if not more.

Tyre Balancing In Progress

My Original Brake Pad vs New Brake Pad

Tyre Inflated To Be Filled With Nitrogen

However I did more than expected, my brake pad was almost worn out, only about 15% to 20% left. Oh well, I guess I won’t want to risk my life by saving few bucks on it, so I got it change as well. Apart from that, finally the nitrogen air pump is available again so I got my tyre filled up with it 🙂

My Christmas Starbucks Tumbler

Jane's Christmas Mickey Plush

I went to QBM with my sister in-law in the afternoon as she want to get herself some Shiseido facial product and myself too want to get a Christmas gift for Jane. She’ve got me a Starbucks tumbler earlier. I was struggling on what I should get for her, something that she like but not so practical or useful or something that she can use but probably she’ve already owned. In the end, I got her a big Mickey Mouse plush toy doll. I bet she gonna love it a lot 🙂

Dishes @Azuma

Sister In-Law Enjoying Japanese Meal

I treat my sister in-law at the Azuma as early celebration for her next day birthday. Oh well, we gonna celebrate it again for her tomorrow for sure together with grandma but I thought Japanese foods is nice and yet not available in  Sitiawan, so we I choose to treat her today … and to treat my stomach too 🙂