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Busy Christmas Day December 25, 2010

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What a busy Christmas day I’ve got this yea but … errr … not with anything that related to Christmas though. One of the reason I’m back in Sitiawan was to celebrate my sister in-law birthday (yes, again) and to just accompany my grandma even just for a day or two but it’s better than none isn’t it?

8 Pieces Of Cheese Cake

Sister In-Law With Her Cakes

The day started off with breakfast with grandma, grand-aunt, aunt Joanne and sister in-law. We went to Cheng Fatt noodle shop because grandma wanted to eat there. After breakfast, I was just lazying at home … sitting on grandpa’s favourite lazy chair while watching random channel on Astro. Aunt Joanne came a while later and I went out with her to get her car brake pad change. Then we went to Secret Recipe to get cake for sister in-law. My idea was to get 10 slices of cakes and arrangement is in round shape with small gap in between but the shopkeeper said I must buy 12 only they’ll do it for me. Idiot … so I change to 8 slices instead and demand each to be packed seperately … you know, just to give more job to them 😉 Bad Beejay haha and those cake was on aunt Joanne.

Both Grandmas Enjoying  The Meal

Grand-Aunt, Aunt And Cousin

The Meals

We then went for lunch at … you guess it right I think. Ah Pek Lee Kou Fuk again and this time is for aunt Joanne to enjoy the foods there. Before the lunch was being served, we sang sister in-law her birthday song and ta daaa … my bro ask me to get the ring which my sister in-law saw when going around for ring with me for my proposal. You can see the ring at my Shop For Ring post. What a birthday for her this year with so many people celebrate with her 🙂 Happy Birthday again ya!

The Decoration In The Ballroom

Token Of Appreciation

After the lunch, it’s time to go back Penang now. Wondering why I would go back today instead of tomorrow? It’s because I will be attending my friend, Vincent Lee’s wedding dinner. Initially I thought of pulling out as I realised that most of the people that I know would not be going and I thought I would get real bored then. However come to think again, I’ve already promised him and it’s not good to go against the words that I’ve gave, so I went. It’s not a bad dinner after all, I get to know two new friends and hope will keep in touch soon 🙂

New Met Friend, Shuan, Thong TC & Anselm

Thong TC, Myself, Wedding Couple, Gary, Shuan & Anselm

A tiring day … so after the dinner, I came home and was dead tired.