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Last Car Service In 2010 December 31, 2010

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Today is suppose to be holiday as declared in respect to the achievement of the National Football Team in winning the AFC Suzuki Cup. Job well done to the young Malaysia Tigers. However, I’ll still need to be in the office to work on the month end closing. Before I went to office, I took my car for this year last service as the milage is about to hit 90k km. That’s a lot isn’t it for a car of 4 years plus.

Mitsubishi Lancer @Northern Garage

As usual, I service my car at the Northern Garage since I stop going to the Honda Official Service Center. The price and service here is much better and my idea is that, what would the different be if Northern Garage detect something wrong with my car compare to Honda as it’s no longer under warranty and all parts to be replaced need to be paid. Therefore I opted for reputable yet reasonable price workshop and stick to it ever since. Just like every other time I’m at Northern Garage, I’ll always come across some nice performance car either here for upgrade or modification on engine’s part. They are just simply pro to do so.

Golf GTI Under Modification

Subaru Impreza STi

After the service, I went to the office. Chan HH was already in office for her month end and to my surprise, Tan SK came in too just a while after me. His job encounter some problem and he’s required to be in to rectify the problem while myself is doing on shipment closing. I finished the month end at about 2:30pm, about the same time as Chan HH but not so lucky for Tan SK. I found out that he only completed his error rectification at about 6:00pm lol 😛

Lim KG & Jessie Teh

Late in the evening is the wedding dinner of my colleague Jessie Teh and Lim KG. I fetched Lim CJ to dinner and it’s was quite jam everywhere. Luckily we left earlier as I don’t have the habit to be late for any events lol. However as you know la, Malaysian Chinese wedding reception would never ever be on time especially for today as many people is expected to be caught in the traffic. The dinner was like a company gathering as Jessie’s dad was previously employee of the company and most of the attendees were either her dad former colleagues or Jessie and Lim KG’s colleagues (yes, both of them work in the same company). It’s a nice dinner and beyond my expectation of having second round somewhere else, now seem like it’s pointless d 🙂

ps: Photo will update only once I’ve got it from Chew SK 😐



1. phoenie - January 4, 2011

haha..wedding dinner = company dinner, cool…
but too bad i miss the fun…TT…
Anywhere, when is your turn?

~ bjlcm ~ - January 4, 2011

When I post this ah, I half expected ques will direct to me … see my title also I put something else d mah hahaha 😐

2. phoenie - January 10, 2011

I wish i can get more angpowSSSS next year a!^^

~ bjlcm ~ - January 10, 2011

Fast fast find one guy get married, then mah can get more angpowsss d lol (but only one time la, no more every year)

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