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New Hair Style January 31, 2011

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It has been quite a while since I wanted to try out new hairstyle but haven’t really dare to try it out … just in case it look sucks after getting it cut and hate the feeling of feeling regret and kept on thinking “how good if I haven’t got it cut”.

Myself With Short Hairstyle

However last November, I finally decided to get a hair cut real short by thinking that after all, it’s just probably a few weeks, my hair will grow long and to my surprise, the outcome look … not bad. I kinda like the style so now I thinking of something shorter. I thought I wanted to try out Kiko Macheda Mohawk style but not as short as his la. Now loving my short hairstyle … maybe next hair cut would be even much shorter 🙂


Sushi King Yee Sang January 30, 2011

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It has been a boring day today with myself spending most of my time listening to the Mobile Radio Hong Kong for their ghost story series “挑燈夜談”. It was quite interesting and if you guys are interested, you can actually download the podcast from mobileradio.hk website. It’s much better than PenangHokkien podcast as the topic seem to be very interesting. By the way, I’m a big fans of ghost story so don’t blame me for liking it so much.

Saw A Big Grasshopper Near The Lift

In the afternoon, I fixed the wall light in my room and now the room light is nice again. I also spend my time monitoring office work because this month we have a lot of urgent shipment to keep up with our sales target. Not long later, Jane is back from BM.

Sushi King

Sushi King Yee Sang (Before)

Sushi King Yee Sang (After)

We went to Tesco Focus Point to get her spec which she’ve send over to replace the lense. Still thinking what we should have for dinner, then we thought of Sushi King. Just like last year, we again (myself and Jane) had our yee sang at the Sushi King, E-Gate. This year Yee Sang compare to last year was not different actually, it’s the same … even the price itself 🙂 Nevertheless, I’ve had twice yee sang so far lol.

Saturday @BM January 29, 2011

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I can’t really remember when was the last time I went over the Bukit Mertajam, Jane’s place. Probably about two months back. Anyway I’ll be there yet again, for a few thing. First, it’s facial time … then get my hair cut (super short) and to visit Jane’s parent too.

PGX 2829 - Stupid Idiot Driver Illegally Cutting Into My Lane

The facial was quite long this time, it was about 4 hours session. After about two months since my last facial, it seem like there’re a lot of tiny tiny black head that need to be cleared. It was real pain on the face when they press it. It shouldn’t be the case if it was a year back because I’m so use to pressing it but ever since I start to do facial, I never really press it anymore. Now the skin is not as thick as before, pain!


The Serving

After facial, we went to Jusco Bandar Perda with Jane’s mum. We had our lunch there at the shop name “I LOVE YOO!”. Interesting name especially with it’s chinese name, “老油鬼鬼”. Anyway, actually they are selling fried bread stick or known as “油條” in mandarin, oyster/scallop porridge, soya juice and etc. It’s one of my favourite foods especially for breakfast which I normally would dipped the “油條” into the soya juice. By the way, I think the serving of this shop is nice and worth it if you are trying to find back those kampung style of meal while don’t mind the price is a bit pricey compare to roadside stall. After the lunch, I went to have my hair cut and this time it was really short 🙂 No picture to show though, maybe next time 🙂

New Year Makan January 28, 2011

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Chinese New Year is indeed just around the corner and just like every other year, we would have a makan session together with fellow colleagues and for this year, it’s today.

Yong WC & Chua CK Waiting For Foods

Foods Is Ready

For chinese, not sure it’s a belief or just our culture, we would have what we called it closing feast where normally it’s the company will treat the employee as reward for the hard work throughout the year and also get-together moment. However it’s impossible for the company to treat us, so instead we organize it ourselves and every year, Quah AS would do the arrangment and our job is just to attend to have fun.

Feasting Time

Feasting Time

Danny Is Super Happy & The Rest

Maybe there’s another one next week, who knows but just an early wishes, Happy Chinese New Year to all my fellow colleagues 🙂

My Fav Cup Tuna/Crab Stick January 27, 2011

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Wow … thinking of it already make me drool. It’s the cup tuna and cup crab stick which I haven’t had for ages. Normally we have something we called it the Cup Popiah but we do not have the popiah filling for the cup. Instead of that, I opted for tuna which is my favourite and Jane made some crab stick with mayonnaise as the replacement of filling for the cup.

Tuna And Crab Stick With Mayo In The Cup

Our Simple Dinner

I must thank my grand-aunt for giving me those cup though, wondering if she still have some for me hehehe :p

Sakae Yee Sang January 26, 2011

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Ho … Chinese New Year is just around the corner though not much of the mood is born yet but more or less, we do have some so-called traditional celebration. Yee Sang, a popular dishes for the chinese with the belief that by stirring the Yee Sang as high as possible will bring higher prosperity and luck for the year. The week before, I’ve accepted request from my ex-uni mate to have yee sang at the Sakae Sushi in QBM. However only a four of us make it today. Myself, Ong YH, Khoo YL and Teh CH (he brought his wife along with him).

Ingredient For Sakae Sushi Yee Sang

The Sauce & Cuttlefish Slices

I was late for the yee sang session though as it was raining cat and dog then. I only left my office at about 6:45pm while the time set was at 7:00pm. They started the makan while I was on my way but the yee sang was not ordered until I was there. I was a bit full then so I didn’t have much of sushi then. I ordered two salmon and two handrolls that I shared with Ong YH. We ordered two handrolls was because Khoo YL have Citibank credit card which allows buy one free one for handroll but unfortunately during the payment, the card got rejected for unknown reason so we ended up paying the free one instead hahaha 😛

Yee Sang (Before)

Yee Sang (After)

Fashion Show Rehearsal @QBM

After the dinner, I walk around with Ong YH while the rest had already left. I bought a cup of Starbucks Frappuccino Java Chips for Jane as using the Starbucks tumbler she’ve got for me for Christmas and it entitled for RM2.00 off the actual price 🙂

RIP Raja January 26, 2011

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A very unexpected event took place today and fate I would have to say. Raja, a member of PLC team that taking care of my company warehouse stock met with a tragic road accident and passed away. It was totally unexpected not only myself but all the warehousing member that we were sadden by his sudden farewell.

Just a simple tribute to the guy that I first met when I join in the OM team back in year 2008. I still remember he was so kind to teach me the whole process of their job scope to make me understand the system better thus able to provide better support to them. He is a calm guy that never really raise his voice no matter what happened which is very different type of Indian (don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist but generally Indian do shout and drink … just a general view on the Indian). I would say although he is not the smartest guy but he certainly a guy that put in a lot of effort to get thing done. Still fresh in my mind when he last called me on the 20th Jan (last Thursday) regarding some problem in finished goods receiving program. He was saying that he know if he call me, everything would be fine … the last compliment I’ve got from him. I help him to get the system back and he would normally call back to acknowledge the status even though we all know it’s a definite ok, still a responsible man would always feedback.

However ever since I’ve move Yong WC into OM team, I hardly have the chance to speak to him unless Yong WC is not reachable. A good colleague and friend, it’s a pity on the way he bid his farewell. It’s some idiot no-license driver that dashed out from a junction to the main road that cause the accident. I really wish this murderer (I’m seriously starting to get annoyed by this kind of driver that I think no any word in dictionary is fit to describe these people apart from putting them the same category as murderer) would be put to jail for the rest of his life. Whatever the punishment it would never bring back the dead and certainly intentionally or not, the path of life of people around Raja especially his family member has been changed forever. R.I.P Raja 😦

2011 January The 25th January 25, 2011

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Year by year … it’s already 2011 January the 25th. It’s Andy’s birthday yet again and this time he should be celebrating it with his beloved wife. Already a big boy and have a family by his own now. Nevertheless, still a kids to grandparents that we always get advise and sometimes lecture from them. Nice though, at least we know someone care for us. Happy Birthday to you dude 😉

Biscuit/Cookies Feast January 24, 2011

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Oh well, it you want to compare it with other, it might be little but personally for myself, it’s already a lot. It’s unexpected to have to many new year biscuit and cookies received from my grand-aunt and my ex-teacher.

The Many Many Biscuit

I’ve got love letter (kuih kapit), bee hives, cornflakes cookies, pineapple cookies, deep fried cup (my fav), peanut cookies (also my fav) and etc. Thank you very much.

Sitiawan Tesco January 22, 2011

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Tesco, the latest happening news in Sitiawan and I was wondering, would it be very much different from those in Penang or other big cities like Ipoh and KL. I decided to have a look at it, so I drove there with sister in-law as there’s not much dishes at home, so I would be going for dinner with her later as well.

Tesco, errr … oh well, just another typical Tesco. There’re several shop like Lazio Diamond and also several other shop. Nothing much to talk about because personally I didn’t even make it into the Tesco, just a quick walk around the shop outside. My aunt shop was also there but I guess she would face quite a competition with so many similar business in the same building. Oh well, to me it’s still another typical Tesco in Malaysia. Hope my aunt shop would do well there lol 🙂 Time for dinner hahahaha