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Guilt-able Mistake March 31, 2011

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Forgetting someone birthday would probably be the last thing ever happen to me because honestly, I hate people to forget mine. As for that, I try my best to remember everyone’s birthday especially those close friend of mine and normally I would try to give a call on their big day if not a simple wish on FB.

King's Tiramisu Cake

Chan HH With Her Birthday Cake

Chan HH, Ling KE & Yong WC

However today I actually forget one of my best friend birthday, it’s not that I forget it totally but I remember the date wrongly. I felt so bad because people was asking me when is her birthday and I gave the wrong date. Indirectly I caused her for not getting any wishes on the real date instead of today. Probably to you, it’s just a small thing but I hate it actually … no matter how much sorry I say could never rewind back the date. Sigh 😦

Everyone's Waiting For Cake

My Share Of Cake

Happy Birthday Chan

Anyway I did get her a cake that shared among office colleagues and sang her birthday song. Good thing is that we are best friend so nothing was put in the heart. Is she disappointed in me? I guess not, probably she know how much thing got stuck in my small brain lately. Somehow, if you read this, “I sincerely would like to apologize to you, sorry and Happy Belated Birthday ya ;)”


Acer ICONIA? March 30, 2011

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Acer ICONIA, this is the latest gadget Adrian has ask me to search about. From the screen, I can see this gadget is awesome and cool. Imagine both panel is a screen instead of the conventional design of keyboard, this thing would definitely be a hit on the market soon. I’m just wondering what would the price range be like? Would it be very expensive?


At this moment, I can see that it’s running on Intel i5 Processor which on normal notebook should easily cost about Rm2400 so I would expect this to be at least RM3000 then. Anyway, would it be my next gadget? I was thinking of replacing my desktop with a laptop for quite a while now, Acer Iconia … you has been targeted!!!

notes: Image taken from Acer Iconia Site

Andrew & Adrian Are Back March 29, 2011

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Time flies and it’s already about 7 months since my brother last came back to visit then-still-alive grandpa and 9 months for my cousin, Adrian. Now they’re back in Malaysia again.

Andrew Got Me 6 Minutes Maids From QBM

My brother reaches Malaysia first as Adrian got his flight ticket rather late and he did transit at Abu Dhabi instead of direct flight to Malaysia. Since my brother is reaching early, my sister-in-law would be picking him up while I’ll picked up Adrian as his arrival time is just nice for me, almost end of office hours.

FCUK Iron Man 2 From My Brother

FCUK Iron Man 2

We went out for dinner at the Gurney Drive but it was raining when we reached. Nothing much and not many stalls doing business too. We had our dinner under the big umbrella and it was a quick one instead. After the dinner, they left for Sitiawan 😉

Cup Cake Again March 28, 2011

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Today, to my surprise I’ve got another box of 4 pieces cup cakes. It’s nothing special actually. It was just a token of appreciation for those who donated RM50 and above for the Japan Disaster Money Collection and it was given personally by one of the director in the company. Both myself and Ang KT share away our cup cakes among the team members lol 😉

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes

Thanks Mr Lim HK.

Sunday Outing March 27, 2011

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This is the first time we went out for outing since we came back from Macau. Weekend has been like hell with Jane spend most of her time filling up her log book while myself would be going back hometown. Since this week both of us is around,  I thought an outing would be good … to at least relax ourselves after long being held in office pile up.

Manhattan Fish Market

Not wanting to go far, we opted for QBM. It was already quite late by the time we went out so by the time we were there, it’s about dinner time. We had Manhattan Fish Market as our dinner. Ordering one of our favourite but never able to finish set. After the dinner … we just walk around looking for something … something that’s would be important to our life time. If you know, just keep it to yourself ya 😉

March Gathering March 24, 2011

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February has gone, no gathering was held so March is not to miss. We had our so-called monthly gathering this time at Hidden Recipe at Sungai Dua. It has been a while since we really last had meal at Sungai Dua area together lol 😉

Khoo YL, Hong CS & Ong YH

My Tangy Chicken Set

Just as usual, we blow some water … talk about job … talk about nothing and latest would be talk about wedding. It seem like it’s the latest topic on everyone’s mouth. Even close friend is asking when would be your turn my turn 😛 Anyway it’s nice to gather again, when’s the next? Let’s see. This time the absentees were Teh CH and Lau CC 😦

WNX 5507 March 22, 2011

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If you ever come across a Nissan Frontier with vehicle registration WNX 5507, you better be careful. The driver of this vehicle is not certainly but definitely a murderer. How do I know? Story below: –

It was just another normal day. After office hour, I would take the normal route home. When I come to the Bukit Jambul roundabout, this WNX 5507 which was at the center lane then wanted to move into the right lane. I gave two short horn of ‘beep beep’ as I was travelling in speed and this WNX 5507 did not put up signal light to indicate his intention to move into my lane. After moving ahead of WNX 5507, suddenly he speed up and move to my left. There was a car in front of him and when he move slightly ahead of me, suddenly he just hit into my lane without any notice. I was lucky that I’m alert enough to hit the brake or else I’m probably on the opposite road considering his car is so much bigger than mine. I got angry and chase after him, he even look at me with smiling face (still can recall that idiot looking face of him). He did exactly the same again to me after we’ve both move in to the turning to Jelutong Express.

WNX 5507 Nissan Frontier

From the way I look at it, the guy was in uniform but certainly not from the Government. Probably from some escort services company. The car also have sticker that state something like ‘Protection Armoury’. At the back of the vehicle also there’s a sticker of APIS48 on it. Anyone come across with it, just to warn you or it will kill you!!! I cursed you to hell and hope you crash and burn to death!!!

Golden Egg March 21, 2011

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Golden egg … that’s the souvenir given by my colleague, Ms Ooi LW from her trip to Australia.

The Golden Egg

The Comparison Of Golden Egg Against Little Dino

The Chocolate (Before)

The Chocolate (After)

This egg is actually a chocolate egg 😉 and … it was mistaken to think that it’s a pure solid chocolate egg. It was instead a empty filled chocolate but nevertheless, it’s a nice chocolate. Thanks Ms Ooi.

Kerabu Mangga

Salted Fish Kailan

Seafood Tom Yam

Pandan Chicken

At night, I went out dinner with Chan HH at Cherry Blossom on her treat. It’s actually a treat that has been postponed for quite a number of time so finally it’s paid back 😉 Thanks to Chan HH.

McD Big Breakfast March 19, 2011

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Errr … typical Malaysian la so any free stuff there we ARE! McDonald is having promotion on free breakfast meal. All you need to do is just purchase anything worth RM5 and above you’ll get two set of free Big Breakfast ala carte.

Queuing Up For Free Big Breakfast

Queuing Up For Free Big Breakfast

Since this promotion is available until 31st March 2011, I thought why not we too go for it. We went to AutoCity McDonald to enjoy this promotion. Jane’s brother and her mum went over from their house while we depart from the island. When we reached, there were already a lot of people queuing up. We too jump into the line. I bought one Big Breaksfast at RM6.90 before tax to get two free Big Breakfast while Jane bought two cup of coffee at RM5.98 before tax for the two free Big Breakfast.

Jane Enjoying Her Hash Brown

We dine-in with the free 4 set of Big Breakfast while one would be take away for Ah Girl. Throughout the dining, a lot of people is coming in with print-out on their hand. That’s the print out for free Big Breakfast lol 😛

McDonald Free Two Big Breakfast Print-Out

After the breakfast, Jane went home while I left for Sitiawan. It was a nice breakfast but certainly not good idea to queue up if too many people lol 😉

Post Quake Crisis? March 16, 2011

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It has been about 5 days since Japan being hit by the worst ever recent natural disaster and it seem like the situation has not take a better turn especially on the nuclear radiation further add more pressure for the Japanese to act fast. I’m now wondering if this crisis would directly or indirectly hit us?

I guess it’s catching up soon though no news has been spread around but my company is a Japan based company. Although the daily operation still goes on as usual but rumours has been spreading around that something might happen. What would happen? I don’t know … let just pray that everything would be just fine. A real disaster 😦