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My Rings April 30, 2011

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It’s month end again and I need to support it. It’s too bad that I can’t attend to my cousin, Vincent’s wedding at Sitiawan. I started the support at about 9:00am and it lasted me for a good 6 hours. Oh course it’s not a straight 6 hours but it took me quite a while this time due to extra checking were required since my company just implemented iFRS project this month.

SK True Love Series Rings

True Love Series Couple Ring

The Crystal Couple Bears

Once the month end completed, it’s time to go back to Sitiawan since it’s actually a 3 days off weekend due to Labour’s Day replacement holiday is on Monday. However before that, I went to Jusco, Bandar Perda to collect my … ta daaa … the couple wedding band ring. I was suppose to have collect this rings last week but due to something, I didn’t managed to. Now I’ve collect it. Nice one huh … don’t you think so? Anyway thanks to Jayson for the lovely wishes cards, that’s very nice and thoughtful of you 😉


Coca Cola Charcoal Glass April 29, 2011

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I’m starting a new collection of McDonald Coca Cola Can Glass which consist of 6 different colours. It look like I would be having McDonald as lunch for the coming next 5 weeks lol 😉

Coca Cola Charcoal Glass

Coca Cola Charcoal Glass

This is this week Coca Cola Can Glass, the Charcoal colour.

Dinner @Queens April 28, 2011

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Actually I have nothing much to write about foods. It’s just some photo of my dinner at the Queens in QBM.

Original Egg Tart & Portuguese Egg Tar

Ais Kacang With Ice-Cream Topping

Baked Cheese Chicken Chop Set

Green Curry Chicken Rice Set

We had baked cheese chicken chop and green curry rice set. The green curry rice set were, ok not bad but would be better if the curry is more “thick” I would say. Anyway, ok la … I don’t expect really nice foods there lol. Average dinner 😛

How Google Works? April 27, 2011

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Just a simple illustration on how google (or any other website) works. Hope with this, all those not so IT guy would learn something new 😉

How Google Work

I’m Feeling Lucky 😉

Sweet From Taiwan April 26, 2011

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Nowadays I don’t only get some overseas stuff when colleague went holiday somewhere, I also got the privilege to get overseas stuff from my colleague’s sister who went to Taiwan.

Sweets From Taiwan

Gula Melaka Plum Sweets

Haha, it’s nice isn’t it? Not something very special but hey, I have it lol, you don’t!!! Anyway it’s a type of “gula melaka” alike sweet that has a plum planted at the core of the sweets. It’s nice and suit me lots because I love plum and the sweetness around the plum helps to balance up the salty taste a little 😉 Thanks Tang SY.

Another Parking Problem April 21, 2011

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Parking in the space has been quite a problem … at least for me when others is not doing it correctly. I hate most when people park their car over to my space as it give me some difficulties to exit from my car as well as headache to worry about other people accidentally hit my car when the door is open.

Big Car More Space Required?

It's On The Line

However my neighbour today park his/her car slightly to my space. I managed to get out from my car but it was not without must careful attention being given to it. I wrote a note to inform the owner of the car about my concern. Hopefully thing would be better from tomorrow onward 😉

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart April 20, 2011

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Ops, no no no, no one is breaking my heart. It’s just the title of the movie we’ve just watch starring Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Gao YuanYuan. Chinese title of ‘單身男女’, it’s a love comedy movie. It’s a nice movie though, not much of meaning but just for the relaxation, needless to think much type.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

By the way, the most eye-catching part of the movie is the Toad and the saddest part would be the Toad was killed in the midst of fight between Daniel Wu and Louis Koo.

The Toad Of The Movie

Have a watch, I would rate 7 over 10 😉

Change Flight Ticket April 18, 2011

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It sound like a good news that my aunt allows my brother to extend his vacation duration by further a week but it’s certainly not easy though to get such information so late as now my brother concern is if there’s any seat for his new flight date.

Mas Airline Counter At The Penang International Airport

Upgrade In Progress At The Penang International Airport

The Road Condition At The Penang International Airport

I went over to the Penang International Airport to check if there’s any available flight for him on the following week at the Mas Airline counter. However everything seem to be fruitless as the flight has been fully booked from 25th May to 28th May. Oh well, it seem like he has got very slim chance of extending his vacation but nevertheless, worth trying. Maybe he’ll check out at the Mas Airline office tomorrow 😉 Good luck ya 😛

Uncle Pat Penang Day 2 April 17, 2011

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Slept late yesterday … err I should say this morning, it’s quite an impossible task for us to meet up with Uncle Pat so early in the morning. Breakfast probably is a no no now. Good thing was that Ah Seng uncle will be taking over them for today round island trip 😉

Bali Hai For Breakfast

Bali Hai For Breakfast

Gillian Happy With The Breakfast

We went to Bali Hai along the road to Gurney Plaza to have our dim sum breakfast. The place was crowded but we still managed to find table. The dim sum however left not much choices as it was already quite late then.

Exotic Animal Exhibition

Exotic Animal Exhibition

After the breakfast, we went to Komtar to look for some computer stuff. Adrian wanted to buy some component and myself just wanted to get a power supply converter cable. There were some exotic animal exhibition at Komtar on that day. I certainly enjoy the snakes lol.

Cendol Stalls @Penang Road

Then it’s lunch time at the Penang Road laksa for Jane and Gillian. Myself and Adrian had the famous Penang Road chendol. We also met the famous MyFM DJ-cum-Actor , Lam Tak Wing but … haha, just another guy lol, better not to disturb people holiday lol 😛

CK One In Gurney

HP Exhibition

Then it’s Gurney time. Actually we’ve got nothing else to do and don’t know where to head to, so Gurney seem to be a good destination lol. At least Gillian and Jane won’t be bored to death.

Boost Juice Bar

Each A Bar

We saw 丁当 having roadshow performance at Gurney. Honestly, she’s not that pretty but her singing ability is awesome. I was impressed by her breath and high pitch voice. It’s really nice and of course I do like one of her song, 我爱他. Nice one 😉

丁当 @Gurney

We met up at QBM after that as Patricia wanted to buy clay for her arts project. We look for several shop and finally found one which is quite near to her requirement. I also not sure what exactly she wanted but try best to help her out lol.

Honda Show Case

The First Generation Honda Accord

The 8th Generation Honda Accord

Uncle Pat & Ah Seng Uncle

Gillian & Ellen + Evil Look Adrian

We had our dinner at Prai at Restaurant Wah Hong. I think for two days I’ve been eating a lot (though not much being mention in the post).

Restaurant Wah Hong

Chao Uncle, Uncle Pat, Meng Aunty & Ellen

Photo of Adrian Taking Photo

Jane & Gillian

After the dinner, they went back to Sitiawan while myself and Jane went to Jane’s mum place and Jusco @Bandar Perda to look for … hehehe, some jewellery 😛

Uncle Pat Penang Day 1 April 16, 2011

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Today uncle Patrick and his family would be coming to Penang for two days trip. Mainly his purpose is to enjoy some local foods, meet up with his friends and cousins as well as to bring her daughter around the island. They reaches Penang at about 1:30pm and met at my place so that I can bring them to their hotel in the town.

Ellen & Gillian

This is the first time I see her youngest daughter who is already 2 years old. Her name is Ellen Kao and just like her sister when she was young, she don’t really get along with strangers like me :P. Good thing is that she didn’t cry lol. We first went for lunch and then QBM for shopping.

LK Optical

After that, I fetch them to Relau where uncle Pat should be meeting up with his old time friend. I didn’t know that the boss is actually son of one of the uncle in my hometown neighbourhood. A nice guy lol. After that, we gathered at my house while waiting for Adrian and Gillian to leave for dinner at Bukit Tambun. Ellen had some great time at my place and started to be friendly to me 😉

The Smiling Ellen

Ellen Enjoying The Macau Chip

Ah Seng uncle joined us for dinner at Bukit Tambun that night. They had some great time catching up with each other while we just enjoy the dinner lol.

Uncle Pat & Ah Seng Uncle

The Ladies Talk

Adrian & Grand-Aunt

I send them back to the hotel after the dinner while we went to Jelutong to have something to fill up our not full yet stomatch. It has been a while since I had 甜水. Nice one and at the same time, Gillian get to try some local famous foods 🙂



Adrian Enjoy His Dessert

Both Adrian and Gillian would overnight at my place tonight, merrier day tonight lol 🙂