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Good Bye Mr. Fly May 30, 2011

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Wow … few days after the dead rat in the office was discovered, now we’ve new friend in the office. The BabyMaggot is now fully grown up and is now known as Mr. Fly 😛

Mr. Fly On My Monitor

Since it’s grown up, it’s now having the freedom to roam around … the air-conditioning room of our God-Damn-Office. Buzzzzing around as if nobody business, we’ve got many people trying to kill it but being a smart multi-angle vision creature, it’s not an easy task though. Phakkk … that’s all we heard all day long but Mr. Fly is still making it flying around until at least about 4:00pm when its destiny strike. Ooi PK successfully murdered Mr. Fly while it’s resting on one of the tray.

There It Goes Mr Fly

Finally … good bye Mr. Fly 😉


Recovery In Progress May 29, 2011

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It’s already a day after operation, it’s now recovery period for grandma. Our today mission is to make her to be able to sit up after two days of lying on the bed. We wanted her to be prepared for tomorrow discharge from hospital life especially getting down from the bed. We were worried after such a long period of lying, a sudden sit up would cause her to feel dizzy as the blood circulation might not be going as normal.

Grandma's Leg

Grandma's Leg

However after a round of trying, she doesn’t seem comfortable with it and we decided to stop. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day for her 😉

The Chicken Rice Shop

We went for our lunch at the The Chicken Rice Shop in Tesco. The foods there is kinda nice but it’s quite expensive as well. Not really worth of that for just chicken rice. I didn’t even know if there’s even quarter of chicken portion being served and maybe just slightly more if there were. However the Three Layers Tea drink taste nice, maybe I can learn how to make one soon 😛

The Three Layers Drink

Enjoying The Lunch

Woo KR & Syamil

After the lunch, we went home while I get myself prepared to depart for Penang 🙂 Anyway I wish grandma speedy recovery 🙂

9 Screws & A Metal Plate May 28, 2011

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9 screws and a metal plate, that’s what were the item that has been installed into grandma leg to join back her broken bone. As you can see, there’re 9 screws attached to it to secure the plate and not sure if you can see the broken bone hairline gap, that’s how the bone was broken.

Grandma Bone X-Ray After Operation

Hopefully with this metal installed, everything would be fine. My Johore aunt, Hoi Ting is coming back today 😉

Successful Operation May 27, 2011

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After a quick breakfast with Adrian this morning, we went to the hospital to see how’s grandma condition and would expect to calm her down before her operation schedule between 9:00am to 9:30am.

Grandma Before Going For Operation

It was a heartbreak to see her just lying on the bed as she can’t move a lot due to the pain from the broken bone. I saw the X-Ray file of the broken part and it was not a clean break but vertical with certain degree break. I don’t know how to explain it, just like cut the bamboo, they don’t cut of horizontally clean but slightly vertical that make sharp edges to it. That’s exactly how the bone like now. Good thing was that grandma is still her usual-self and still able to joke with us. Several people came visit her and gave her encouragement words before she was push to Operation Theather (OT) at 9:30pm.

Grandma BP, BPM Reading After Operation

About 2 and half hours later, she came out from OT with doctor declared to us that the operation was a success. She would need to be monitored for few hours to ensure everything is fine for her before she is push back to the patient room. Myself and Adrian accompany her all day long, talk to her and get her some foods and etc whenever she need it.

Dinner @Hei Huang Tornado Cafe

My Honey Chicken Nasi Lemak Set

At the night, it’s our house maid, Kak Mira who is taking take of grandma as its much convinience for her to take care of grandma. Anyway one of the best statement for today was that “Broken leg pain is so much greater than Labor Pain” lol 😉

Coca Cola Lime Glass May 26, 2011

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Hmmm, this time no more order list being pass around like two weeks back. Reason was it’s not Friday and since I can’t make it for tomorrow (would be on leave) to be at hometown to be there for my grandma leg’s operation, we would be instead having it today.

Coca Cola Lime Glass

Coca Cola Lime Glass

This is this week Coca Cola Can Glass, the Lime colour. A real striking colour this week 😉

Grandma Fell, Leg Broken May 26, 2011

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The worst fear thing has happened. I learned about what happened to my grandma from my brother early in the morning that grandma fell down this morning about 6:50am just right outside of her room. The fall was so bad that she actually broke her bone in the process and were in pain throughout the ordeal.

It was luckily that Adrian was around and he managed to sent her to the Manjung Specialist Hospital to get treatment. According to doctor, she would need to undergo operation to install a metal plate to secure the bone and this metal plate need to be specially ordered from KL. It’s a very bad day for her and hopefully she would be fine. I would be going home tonight.

Ms .Net 4.0 Sharing Session May 25, 2011

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🙂 Yeah, today I would be attending to a seminar of Microsoft .NET 4.0 Sharing Session at the PSDC center. With me, there’re another 9 colleagues of mine attending too. Anyway since the seminar only started at 8:30am, it’s not really good idea to go into office first before going, so we decided to have our breakfast at the Sunshine McD.

McD For Breakfast

After the breakfast, we left for the seminar. The hall for the seminar was similar to those hall I used to go when I was in university. It certainly bring back some fond memories to me. Back to topic, .NET 4.0 is of course better then those version before this. It has more features and support more of other programming programs. Learn more of .NET 4.0 from Microsoft website 😛

Just Feel Like Attending Class In University

Chan HH, Lim SL & Chua CK Stay Focus

Little Give Away Item From Microsoft

Attending such seminar is always tend to bump into someone that you might have know. I met with 3 other ex-unimates of mine though one of them is one that I always hang out with. Somehow it’s nice to know that everyone is doing well at their respective company 😉

Real IDIOT Kembara

However my good day today was all but spoilt by the idiot neigbour of mine. I thought this is too much and I decided that I need to log complaint to the security to get this guy to learn how to park his car properly. If don’t know how to park, then don’t park … how could this world has such an inconsiderate plus idiot lawyer (so-claimed-to-be). Real IDIOT!!!

Coca Cola Pink Glass May 20, 2011

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Again this time we send out “McD Order” list but not only restricted to IT Department but also extended to the Purchasing colleagues and we’ve got 16 sets order. It’s a big task, with several of us went out to buy 🙂

Coca Cola Pink Glass

Coca Cola Pink Glass

This is this week Coca Cola Can Glass, the Pink colour.

By the way, I guess 白兔糖 is every small kids of my generation favourite sweet. It’s so unique that the transparent wrapper of the inner layer can actually be eaten … probably that’s the thing that impress us who was then still care-free kids.


Today Tang SY brought a few to office to give us a try of it which is in different flavour. We used to have milk flavour but now what she’ve got us is the red bean and yogurt flavour. Something new huh 😉

Tang SY B’day May 18, 2011

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After the last birthday blunder that happened to me, I not gonna make another one this time. It’s my lunch-mate who is also a lovely expressive girl’s birthday today. A very beautiful eyes she’ve got and great smiles.

The Birthday Cake

Tang SY & Her B'day Cake With B'day Song

As usual, we share the birthday cake and throw a small and simple birthday celebration. Enjoy singing birthday song and also enjoy the cake. We’ve had many different cake since … running out of idea what to buy next lol 😛

Tang SY & Her B'day Wishes From Us

Chan HH Help To Cut & Distribute The Cake

Anyway Happy Birthday to you 😉

So Lazy To Work!!! May 15, 2011

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Damn, today is Sunday isn’t it? What the hell am I doing now? I’m so so so lazy to work le … tell me I’m not the only one working on Sunday and sigh, I foresee this gonna happening for maybe another one or two months maybe, I am not sure but I have the feeling of it though.

The Sunday's Retard

Am I a retard? 😀