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Durian Feast 2011 June 29, 2011

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Everyone thought that I would be ‘flying Boeing 747’ today because I didn’t not went to office while I’ve ask Chew SK to organize a Durian Feast few days back. Anyway I took an off day today … honestly due to laziness purely and feeling of needing a break from current working life for a while. Anyway back to Durian Feast, the event is still on and even nicer after receiving the news from the ING Insurance side.

My Honda City & Tan CS's Honda Insight

I went to the office to fetch Chan HH, Tang SY and Ooi CM while another two cars would be driven by Tan CS fetching Ling KE, Koed HK and his wife while Lim KG is fetching his wife, Jessie, Lee BL and Danny. Chew SK would be there on his own.

Bao Sheng Durian On The Hill

Bao Sheng Durian On The Hill

Bao Sheng Durian On The Hill

The durian farm is actually located at the Balik Pulau area up the hill. It’s the Bao Sheng durian farm whom the owner of the farm is actually the friend of Chew SK. Just last week, Koed HK and Tan CS just been here and have a lot of praise of its durian, that’s the reason we are here today 😉

Chan HH & Tang SY

Danny & Ooi CM [Tan CS At The Far Left]

Koed Giving Tips On How To Eat Durian

We seperated into two group for the durian makan with Ling KE, Koed HK and his wife, Tan CS and Chew SK in the so-called expert group as they know how to eat durian while the rest of us form another group that just want to eat durian but don’t really know what is what of durian lol 😛

Everyone Waiting For Durian

Ling KE & Koed HK

Tang SY & Chan HH

While waiting for the expert side to choose the durian, we at the meanwhile take the opportunity to snap some photo for memories. Everyone seem to be busy with either camera or phone especially Ooi CM who immediately tag himself to some of the photo taken in FB.

Ooi CM Busy FB-ing

Jessie & Lee BL

Chan HH


Tang SY Nice Effect Photo

5 different types of durian is in place. I don’t really know much of it but I heard there’re Hor Loh, Ang He, Lipan and another two. Two of our durians we spoilt on part of it and we were given replacement of same durian type but smaller one but it’s still worth it as one of the baby durian actually have a lot of filling in it. It’s delicious and don’t know why this year I have the crave of durian lol 😛

The Chosen One

Nice & Tasty Durian

Top Up With Some Rambutan

Our durian makan were further top up with the satay bought by Chew SK along the way up to the farm. He bought 120 sticks of RM0.30 per stick. Kinda cheap isn’t it and I don’t think you can find many place with this kind of price still. The satay also taste good, just nice to have it together with durian to ensure my stomach is properly filled up.

Chew Bought Some Satay

The Satay

The Finished Durian

It’s a great outing today and we seriously enjoy it a lot. Thanks to Chew SK for the arrangement and everything 😉

Group Photo Taken By Lim KG
Learn more about Bao Sheng Durian Farm @Bao Sheng Durian Farm


9 Months Battle – Victory June 29, 2011

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After a long fought battle one two of the insurance policies, finally victory were destined! First of all, I would like to clarify that this has got nothing to do with the insurance company but the damn bloody fcking agent. They (yes, a couple of husband and wife) created the havoc, could not do any shit on instruction and worst, delay my time and put all the blame on me and refusing to help when I’ve gave them so many time and option. Finally I think this is the end of it, I want to hear no shit from them anymore and direct deal with the insurance company instead.

9 Months Battle

After a lot of ding-dong here and there, providing information and running around the Penang branch office, finally it’s a good news for all the effort that I’ve put in. They’ve agreed that it’s due to their agent fault and would do compensation to me accordingly 😉 Great to hear that!

Educational Angry Bird June 27, 2011

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Angry Bird is not only gaining its popularity among youngster with their popular iPhone device but also making it way into some educational exercise book now. It’s pretty interesting though and below is on of the image I’ve got from FB.

Angry Bird in Modern Education Question Exercise

Go go Angry Bird!!!

Birthday Mouse From Hatyai June 26, 2011

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Jane went to Hatyai, Thailand with her office colleagues yesterday but I didn’t follow as I’ve just been to Betong recently and I’m not really fancy of Hatyai anyway, maybe Bangkok would be better choice for me if any.

Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

Anyway it’s just a post on the sourvenir from the trip by Jane on the Birthday Mouse. Of course the date is for both mine and her, 1st February and 27th September.

1st Feb Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

27th Sep Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

It’s quite interesting sourvenir. A key chain that can be put to handphone but maybe a bit too big for it. Maybe on key or just tie it to any casual going bag would be nice. However I would prefer to put it in my sourvenir display area instead.

1st Feb & 27th Sep Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

1st Feb Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

27th Sep Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

1st Feb & 27th Sep Birthday Mouse From Hatyai

Thanks Jane for the lovely gift 😉

Nellie’s Big Day June 25, 2011

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It’s strange but true, I’m actually attending a wedding of a friend, Nellie who was introduce to me about 10 years back by another friend of mine, Cheryl. I’ve never meet her in person all this while though she’s actually staying just around the area of my house in Penang here.

Trinity Methodist Church

Nell's Wedding Ride

I come to know about her wedding through Cheryl recently and just out of nothing, I agreed to attend her wedding reception with Cheryl. Somehow last minutes, Cheryl couldn’t make it and I thought it would be rather weird for me to be there alone but on another hand, I thought maybe I should go ahead without Cheryl as I’ve already promise Nellie that I would be going in one of my conversation with her through MSN recently. Not wanting to give the impression of not keeping with my word, I went ahead. The wedding reception was held at the Trinity Methodist Church that took me quite a while to find it. Luckily I managed to find it after a while 😉

Couple Pair

Nell And Beejay

Nellie was very pretty even the very first time I saw her photo and still she’s pretty in her wedding gown. Good thing was she managed to recognize me and I just took a photo with her and left in hurry as I would be going back to Sitiawan soon after that. Congratulation to Nellie and wish you all the best. Hope to see ya again soon 😉

What’s The Point? June 24, 2011

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It’s pointless to debate why the Bumiputra and Non-Bumiputra privileges but certainly it something I believe should be taken away with not only to give a fairer impression to the nation to the outside world but also for the benefit of the Bumiputra as well.

Big Different For Bumiputra And Non-Bumiputra

The Government should come to realise that if a Bumiputra is able to buy certain price range of property, aren’t they are rich enough? If they are rich enough, why should they earn the privilege? Isn’t it the whole idea of giving privilege is the help the poor to buy? If the Government continue to give away such privileges to those who don’t deserve, it would only do more harm to the country economy growth as well as the Bumiputra growth in total. Don’t mean to be superior but the other race has been doing pretty well without the privilege, why can’t the Bumiputra? Let’s be the true 1 Malaysia!!! Just my one cent comment. Kindly do not tag to any social networking website. Thanks 😉

The Glowing Sun June 23, 2011

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What a sunny day today but it’s just jam everywhere 😦 Anyway took this glowing sun photo using my ‘special’ phone of SEK800i and quite nice isn’t it?

The Glowing Sun

This photo is taken at the junction of Jalan Tengah 🙂

25:30 Hours??? June 22, 2011

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Have you ever come across with any notebook that battery life can last more than 8 hours? I guess not many available in the market but I have one which show me that it can last for 25 hours and 30 minutes!!! That’s way too long isn’t it? I don’t complaint though if it’s for real but I guess there’s a faulty calculation by the system when I plug out the power cable after yesterday meeting in the office.

25:30 Hours

Anyway, that’s not 25 hours and 30 minutes for sure, just a system bugs I would say. Wrong display maybe but whatever, the notebook that I’m using can only last me 3 hours the max 🙂

Formulate to be Mysterious June 21, 2011

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I wonder if GOD ever wonder how HE would ever create WOMEN with such a complicated mind. Even the greatest guy HE ever created could not understand on WOMEN. Is it WOMEN has been formulated to be mysterious?

He Who Don't Understand Woman

Now on WOMEN perspective, saying must be ‘We are just simple being, it’s the MAN who is complicated and make thing difficult. Whatever, it’s arguable and somehow … these creation need each other somehow lol 🙂

Happy Father’s Day June 19, 2011

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It’s strange, it’s just a relationship that ties two person together that we call it dad-and-kid. However due to many reason, not everyone has a chance to earn this kind of relationship ever since and I’m just one of the many. Nevertheless, regardless if your dad is good or bad … maybe a simple wish would make a different.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day 😉